The Language of Silence

by Georgi Stankov, May 24, 2012, copyright 2012

This term has two connotations:

1)  The Language of Silence is the language of the soul which is most active during her conspicuous silence –  this is the most common silence that bothers so much most human beings on their alleged way to enlightenment and makes them so unsettled and susceptible to all kinds of esoteric crap. This holds true in particular for my temporary silence in the last few days on this website.

2) The sequential wording of human language is no longer in the position to adequately express the complexity and simultaneity of all energetic and cosmic processes that shape the destiny of mankind and Gaia behind the veil. In the NO-Time of the higher realms that is now irreversibly entering our reality, human words are reduced to empty shells. Thus the information content of human language approaches asymptotically the zero value of human muteness in the absence of telepathic abilities in the broad human population.

Nowhere can one study this phenomenon better than to read the esoteric junk that is now engulfing all New Age websites and mires the human minds of the few “enlightened” human beings on this planet. After that one only wishes that human species were not born with the ability to use written and oral language – especially oral language, when one considers the idiotic contents of most videos on YouTube.

Any discernible person can immediately notice the remarkable discrepancy between the immensity of the coming big events, which many light workers intuitively perceive, and their inability to put these inner perceptions in an adequate semantic and linguistic form that is able to satisfy even the modest intellectual standards of this primitive human race.

There is a simple truth that has not been grasped by all humans: You cannot make a reliable and comprehensible prediction of your future, unless you have established a clear-cut and precise view of the present situation in all its complexity and inter-dependence. We all create in the Now, but any true and durable Creation affords in the first place a full understanding of the energetic tissue of the Now as to know how to change it in a meaningful way and achieve a better version,

For instance, you cannot channel the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy about the current Orion monetary system based on debt and inform the people about the new interim financial system which we, the first Ascended masters, will introduce in the second half of this year, unless you have an immaculate financial knowledge as to why, and how, and by whom this debt was created in the first place and what gargantuan proportions it has reached in the meantime.

It is needless to say that the entity Sheldon Nidle who channels this superfluous source for many years with an a astounding perseverance and a remarkable lack of any intellectual endeavour has absolutely no idea of economics and finance. This ubiquitous ignorance about basic issues that does not hinder the people to chat about them is the primary source from where all human confusion stems  – not only in esoteric circles, but throughout the whole human society.

The most depressing aspect of this observation is that even the only really critical and competent journalist on financial affairs worldwide, Max Kaiser from RT, does not have a clear idea of the Orion fraud and why it was instigated in the first place as to dumb down humankind in the End Times, given his relentless, iterative attacks on the CEOs of big banks as the alleged perpetrators of this fraud and not as the deplorable human puppets of the true off-world powers, while at the same time this man is fully neglecting (or ignorant of ?) the real nature of money.

Lets us put it bluntly: There are only a few people on this planet who have realized the true energetic nature of money and know what should be done in a logical and irrevocable manner in order to change the course of this civilisation in the few remaining months from now on, And all these knowledgeable people must have studied my works. Outside this website and theory, there is not a single source of clear-cut perception of the role of money in the cosmic energetic context of All-That-Is and why the Orion empire has introduced this idea on this toxic planet. Precisely, why money is the chief source of toxicity on this planet.

Now let me continue with my succinct analysis of the esoteric junk on the Internet, which I had the time and leisure to read and evaluate in the last few days. My conclusion is that all light workers have still not grasped the most elementary truth about human intelligence:

You can only express your thought patterns through words. But before you start presenting your higher dimensional, spiritual ideas that you receive from your soul, you must first establish a logical linguistic system of presentation that is congruent with the Logos, the Universal Law of All-That-Is. Otherwise you get inevitably lost in the semantic translation of the complex energetic processes that shape your reality into the sequential wording of your ideas which currently seldom exceed the level of most primitive esoteric trash.

When one scrutinizes the current channelling and other sources which represent the whole visible inter-dimensional dialogue of humanity with the higher realms that shape our reality, one must inevitably come to the conclusion that the value of this exchange of information is null and naught, and that one should better resort to the conspicuous silence of the individual soul in order to learn more.

If we have to define the greatest deficit of humans on the eve of the most dramatic evolutionary leap of mankind, it can only be the poor intellectual propensity of all humans to comprehend complex energetic processes and their mutual interrelationships at numerous dimensional levels and to present them in an appropriate and acceptable linguistic form.

This has not only been the greatest failure of human science so far, but also of all esoteric teachings, which were initially introduced  to bring deeper Knowledge  (Gnosis) to humankind, but instead have only contributed to a greater intellectual confusion in the New Age scene and elsewhere. Of course, I can substantiate these abrasive conclusions with infinite, irrevocable proofs and examples from the numerous esoteric sites on the Internet, but I assume that most of you have the same feeling and apprehension. And yet, this ubiquitous confusion creeps even in the minds of some of my readers as judged from my latest correspondence.

You cannot make any sound prediction about the imminent future of humanity, unless you have made a precise analysis of the present situation. You cannot talk about ascension, unless you  have reached a full understanding of the LBP and have had extensive personal experiences with it.

You probably remember the futile discussion I led with Ute who insisted that kundalini is the driving energy force behind the LBP and ascension and how she had no understanding at all about the opening of the left brain portal, which most of you have experienced before or since 11.11.11 because she has not yet made this experience herself.

By the way this website is the only source, where you can read about the left brain portal and learn more about its paramount role in the later phases of the LBP. Only recently some individuals have reported about similar experiences, however without knowing anything about the function of the left brain portal as I have explained it in my three articles on the LBP and in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” written as early as 2001.

There is a knowledge of abstraction and a knowledge of experience. Both are needed to comprehend the current inner processes of evolution of mankind. Most of the light workers have no abstract knowledge at all and they apparently have no personal, intimate knowledge of the ups and downs of the LBP you all have gone through during the last months. This is the main reason why most light workers currently have no real idea of Individual Ascension and how profoundly it will affect humanity very soon when  the new gods – the First Ascended Human Masters – will begin to walk among mortal humans.

Subsequently, they cannot envision a comprehensible End Time scenario and get lost in the relativity of the numerous esoteric suggestions and chaotic concepts. Ultimately, they become an easy prey to the broad mental confusion in the Esoteric Vanity Fair.

For instance, many light workers eagerly believe that some clandestine arrests done by anonymous obscure forces will bring about their liberation without themselves doing anything concretely against the system, as the recent Wilcock’s articles written with an incredible naivety perspire, Their  broad popularity is the litmus test for the overall lack of common sense among most people.

You must be completely ignorant on basic economic, historic and political issues as to be attracted by such a low-quality publications and to cherish any hopes from reading them. In this condition you are inclined to believe in a highly improbable future version of global enlightenment that should be achieved through Draconian arrests and by establishing the same old Orion justice you can watch in numerous Hollywood trash thrillers.

This is but a further continuation of the dumbed down Orion mentality of the present-day human species in a new esoteric disguise. The old matrix that has produced this primitive civilisation still encourages this kind of attitude and false expectations in the New Age movement.

Another example: Outside the PAT, there is no understanding at all about the three-earth scenario and the tremendous implications this decision of cosmic proportions will have on the destiny of mankind and earth. How could one pretend to be an enlightened being in the current End Times, if one does not consider this basic information.

Even the CAC-group, which first received this information, has not yet grasped its importance, just as they have still not realized the role of the LBP in individual ascension. They do not even consider personal ascension a possible reality in the coming days as Callista and her channeling lover recently showed, although CA has repeatedly made this esoteric sect aware of this key event.

In other words, as long as you are not fully in the LBP and enjoy the knowledge of personal experience, your brain is shut down and you are not able to grasp even the most widely discussed issues in the esoteric scene. This is  what I call “practised human ignorance”.

You can only make a reliable future forecast, if you are able to establish logical correlations and comprehend the complex inter-relationship between different social factors and energetic processes. A quick analysis of the esoteric literature on the  Internet  reveals though that this mental ability is non-existent in the New Age circus.

Let me illustrate this conclusion with another basic gnostic concept that is practically not understood my most light workers, including Sue, who has made this term a title of her website   –  multidmensionality.  There are very few people worldwide who can really grasp the energetic nature of multidmensionality and how it it is achieved within All-That-Is. Without this basic physical knowledge of abstraction, you are unable to imagine what an inter-dimensional split is and how it can be accomplished.

Without a proper, abstract idea of an inter-dimensional split, you will not understand what will happen in the next few days with this planet. Instead, you will be attracted  by such esoteric junk as the “three days of Darkness” which is but another horror vision of the future and thus very similar to the fear based Christian idea of Rapture.

In other words, without an educated logical mind and a modicum of scientific understanding of wave theory and how superimposed energetic wave systems behave in a physical manner, you, as an esotericist, are condemned to wonder with blind eyes in the current New Age jungle. You may believe to have touched God’s essence, but in fact you have  only “grabbed the balls of Father/Mother/God of Hermaphroditism” to paraphrase a Bulgarian saying with respect to another popular esoteric junk website, the so called “Galactic Free (of Brain) Press“.

I do not want to become too cynical, although this is the only appropriate reaction to the current debased level of intellectual discussion among the self-proclaimed “enlightened elite” of mankind. However, If one has to make a key conclusion as to what all human beings need most in the current process of transformation, it is undoubtedly a profound new kind of intelligence.

It is a fundamental esoteric blunder to believe that humans need more love, as almost all junk channeling sources suggest these last days, as “love” is simply a circumscription for constructive interference and the establishment of harmony of infinite energetic systems and patterns and thus a “conditio sine qua non” in the higher realms of All-That-Is. But what all humans will definitely need very soon in order to evolve to transgalactic beings is the substitution of their extremely limited carbon-based brains with a new crystalline hard and software program of a much higher intelligence, before they can start to realize the current disgusting situation.

This is also the reason why the planned gradual awakening of mankind was cancelled by the higher forces and why the whole change will now come through a massive cosmic intervention – the inter-dimensional split. It will de facto eliminate this primitive and energetically extremely limited species, known as “homo sapiens“, and substitute it with a new energetic form of existence that will comply with the cosmic rules of civilized social behaviour.

Knowing this fact, one does not need to indulge any more in a self-pitying exhibitionism as Wes Annac recently did with respect to his unreflected comments on my articles, but simply acknowledge that the quickest and most radical way to eliminate his ego is to admit the stark fact that he has no brains and that his mind is still operating like the famous one hundredth monkey.

From this point of view, all esoteric efforts and incredibly arrogant advices that circulate on the Internet and tell you how you should properly behave as to progress spiritually are myriad manifestations of the one huge New Age Ego. They  are mere aspects of the profound human illusion on this planet and an evidence as to how negligible all human aspirations really are.

What is left after this annihilating conclusion? Not much! When human mind and psyche perennially fail, man has only his will at his disposal to achieve his eschatological goal – to leave as soon as possible this interminable illusion, which is human life on Terra, and start existing in a completely new form – as Ascended Master  – in the infinite reality of All-That-Is. In the interim time the only feasible solution is to resort to the Language of True Silence.

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