Everything Is Reversed

channelled von Jahn J Kassl on November 17, 2013

first published in English on November 18, 2013 in

I am your shield and protection! I am your refuge and safety! I am your stairs and the light, in which you realize yourself as the light!

I am Babaji

I hold my hand over this mankind. Who except myself is capable to provide new structures to this space-time, to give new reality and breathe new life to it? Who else? YOU, It’s you, you’re meant! Changes that are not comparable to anything, that cannot be derived from anything and cannot be explained by anything are building up. Sublime, beyond any human imagination, the gods of creation are progressing and fulfill their work on this world and on the manifold creations of God

Do you understand the time in which you live, in what a moment of the creationary history you are involved and what moments you co-create? Never before has the concept of the “Awakened Creator Gods ” been more correct than today, as the people awaken in the light that is flooding from the CENTRAL SUN. Those who awaken, who have declared this to happen, those, who are willing and have completed the 108 stages of life. And the 108 stages of life are summarized and defined by one single term:

To live the TRUTH and be TRULY – in all respects and uncompromisingly. No lightful attribute of life, of the right way of life, gets by without truth and truthfulness. Ascension that goes hand in hand with the magnetic pole reversal (MPR) – YES; ascension that goes hand in hand with the awakening of the people – YES; ascension that is without any deeds and only backed by the desire to be in heaven, this –  NO!

Do you know what is important today? Your clear, unambiguous, absolute and irrevocable decision to succumb to God. Under this criterion, or “cheaper”, the ascension will not be offered.

I am protecting you, you, who have decided this, I accompany you, you, who are undecided – because he, who surrenders today to the old game of the time, can only be accompanied on the old, beaten paths, but never released from them. How can it be that everything drags on in infinity? Because the greatest achievements are always built in infinitely long chains of experience and always manifest when no one has any faith anymore and no longer believes in it.

The degree of trust in God is the measure of all things, and in this you can recognize the designated light warrior. The people who are lacking it, are not more than driftwood in the stormy waters of this time.

I tell you: Everything will be reversed! In this world and in the worlds. Do the same as this world and the worlds.

I am


Come to me quickly, hurry up the 108 steps to enlightenment.


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