The PAT Confirms Huge Fluctuations of the Earth’s Magnetic Field Before Its Imminent Pole Reversal

Letters to the Editor

November 18, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to write to confirm that the first time I checked my compass (on Saturday, I can’t remember what time) that the North Pole read roughly the same as what has been reported here on the website between 15 – 20 degrees in an easterly direction. However, when I checked again yesterday, this was not the case and it was back to its original position – or therein about. I then wondered if this fluctuates back and forth before it actually flips completely – (where I have just read your confirmation that this is the case). I have set up my compasses in two different places where they will not be disturbed and will keep checking to see how this progresses (I have two).

I’ve also had confirmation from my higher-self or guides that this will be a seamless transition for us in terms of not experiencing any of the disastrous consequences this would have on a 4D timeline. In a semi-lucid dream state it was very apparent how this will take place for us.  One of my students that I teach was showing me how this will transpire in this hyper reality – virtually, we will just move in consciousness and body to a different timeline, he showed me that it’s very simple and easy. It is apparent to me that some of the kids I teach are aware of this at a sub-conscious level – actually, many of the kids I teach are amazingly bright and very aware, but (I think) unable to express many of their own perceptions for the same reasons that we gave up trying to long ago.

In love and light,

Hello Dr Stankov:

I can confirm that the magnetic north pole is located 25 degrees to the west now, I checked today in the afternoon with my marine compass and was 20 degrees to the west, remember I am located in Miami ,USA and the movement towards Siberia of the magnetic pole produce a reading to the west here in Miami, but the interesting think is the rapid fluctuation in  just a few hours, in love and light.

Pedro Rodriguez

Dear Georgi and all PAT’s:

I built my home on my ranch on basics of Feng Shui and a North-Southalignment. Now I can also confirm and with a compass, that we have an approx. 20 degrees difference. It went eastward…

Love & Light to my PAT family:
Dorina T., Mexico

Hi George,

The effect I am seeing on my compass, pointing around 20 degrees east, is at odds with calculations by NOAA at the following website, showing (if I am understanding it correctly) a calculated west declination…just fyi

Mike in Florida

Lieber Georgi ,

Sobald ich gestern deine Nachricht gelesen hatte, hab ich das auch überprüft.Ich schaute immer nach Südwesten und jetzt nach Süden … Also ja,  20 Gradverschoben. Jetzt muss ich mein Bett wieder umstellen :) hahaha …



Dear Georgi,

As soon as I read your post yesterday, I’ve also checked. I always looked to the southwest and now to the south … So yes, 20 degrees apart. Now I have to change the position of my bed again … hahaha :)


Veronica, Bavaria


To George

Magnetic Pole Shift. A response from a DAILY PAUL subscriber on my post of your first article today.

Bob Fallin

Now that’s weird…

Submitted by dollar371 on Sun, 11/17/2013 – 15:49. Permalink

Placed my hunting compass which has an hourglass configuration when opened next to the sink (flat edge) at the back of my house. This orients the painted North on the compass straight out the back of my house. The back of my house is oriented roughly to the North. So this should have this compass pointing roughly north also.

A few hours ago when I read this post I checked a reading and the compass was at exactly 20 degrees, that is, a little right of the due north reading. I figured oh well, I didn’t get this house exactly square to the North and South as I had intended when I built it.

Now the weird part. A few minutes ago I checked the compass again and it is now reading 70 degrees. That is a 50 degree change in just a few hours.

Like I said, weird.

Dear George,

Two to three weeks ago some interesting developments started for me. But for now I will focus on the developments relevant to the rapid shifting of the poles.

Just a quick explanation of the symptoms and how they changed for me:

First I developed, aside from the usual (but usually not too heavy) symptoms, a strong right shoulder pain. With moments of higher and lower intensity, but it took at least two weeks for this to go away almost completely. This finally happened almost a week ago, so this lasted about two weeks.

Also, my sleep schedule was heavily affected. For the last two to three weeks, I either go to bed after sunrise, or I go to bed earlier, but don’t reach a deep sleep before seeing the new day. This caused a lot of exhaustion and forced me to sleep a lot more during the morning, day or early evening, to catch up. The same happened this night as well. I went to bed relatively early, but had no deep sleep or prolonged deep sleep before at least 9 in the morning. It gives my body some rest but the head does not get the kind of rest it needs.

Since a few days, three to four, there is another thing happening as well. Over the past few weeks, my already low eating habits were affected, but now I experience often a strong nausea and my stomach rejects most foods. And perhaps I now digest foods a lot faster, because at times an hour after eating I can already feel an empty stomach. At least this is very irregular, I have a near constant hollow feeling but also a rejection of most foods. This in combination with sleeping problems and headaches makes for some of the most erratic days.

Why this explanation of LBP symptoms which everyone no doubt experiences in some way? Well, I suspect my fields are very affected by the erratic magnetic pole movements. The change that happened to me 3 to 4 days ago may be related to the movement of the magnetic poles, which could mean this fluctuation is already happening for several days. If this is all correct, it should also be easy to gauge when the “stasis” occurs. I do not think I have a compass in the house, but my fields are working as a compass. So if I notice any big change, I’ll let you know.


Dear Daniel,

your symptoms indicate that you have now fully entered the most intensive phase of the LBP which is compatible with the increase in energy intensity from the central sun during the last week. Of course they are also aggravated by the erratic behaviour of the earth’s magnetic field.

Hence the whole picture fits very well into what is now happening with the earth and its core. The changes are big and beyond anything humanity and Gaiahave experienced so far, as Babaji tells us in his latest message, which I will publish today.


Dear Georgi,

I just awoke from a 3-hour nap this afternoon and immediately checked for any updates on your website to see what was happening, as I haven’t needed to nap like this for numerous weeks.  I am very tired every day now, but today I couldn’t keep my eyes open and my body was unusually weak and ached.  My usual daily nausea has been almost unabated today, making it all the more difficult to function.

I just received your email moments ago with the new update about the new moon energies, the imminent MPR, and the cc-wave that both you and Carla experienced today.  I immediately want to corroborate my LBP symptoms are the worst today that they have been to date.

On another subject, I spent hours this morning trying to locate websites that would support physical evidence of the current magnetic North Pole location, but couldn’t come up with anything substantial. I sent an email to l’Observatoirede Paris, but so far have received no answer as today is Sunday.  If they offer any substantial evidence in the next day or two, I will certainly forward it on to you.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your update.  It helps so much to know that these awful symptoms indicate the growing reality of an imminent MPR.

With greatest love,

Dear Alice,

there is a pronounced peak in the energies in the last few days and most PAT members also complain about various symptoms. I also experience the energy quality as very unpleasant – there is a huge cleansing wave ongoing now and the magnetic fluctuations are affecting our bodies also very hard. But this seems to be the last phase before the MPR takes place, most probably this week.




Dear Georg,

thanks for your uplifting words. It is always nice to hear such encouragements for they act like balm on our soul. Now for some material facts. I just had to go and buy a Geo-Triangle (which use geometry students in their classes).

My office window looks out to the former federal palace in Berne and the road is perfectly straight, (with state visits we set up a camera with a huge tele lens and we can see more than half a mile straight down the alley to see the cars approaching) aligned to the west with a slight offset  to the south by 15 degrees.

Now the needle of my compass (certified for Orientation Runners by Kern, a famous swiss precision tools factory). Now if I align my Compass to the geographic north deducting the 15 degree offset angle I get a crazy reading the magnetic needle of my compass points to the West to 326! Which means that an offset angle of 35 degrees to the geographic north is fact. the usual magnetic declination is 1,33 degrees EAST (positive Declination) so the reading is astounding…

So far it would be interesting to have the magnetic field measurements how much they are changing…

so long from Berne, Switzerland



Dear Bjorn,

I have just discovered that the compass needle changes the position with respect to my proximity with a declination of almost 40-45° within 30-60 centimeter distance from my body. Then I found out that there are peak and trough lines, where the needle changes rapidly the direction within only several centimeters of displacement  It is behaving like crazy, the earth’s magnetic field has profoundly changed in the last two days.

It could be that the earth magnetic field has almost vanished now as expected shortly before its reversal and the compass needle responds mainly to our personal magnetic fields which must have augmented in the meantime.

This is at least my explanation of this phenomenon.

With love and light


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