How the PAT Anticipates the Impending Ascension and the MPR

Letters to the Editor – November 20, 2013

Lieber Georg!

Habe heute eine kurze Nachricht und Vision erhalten zum Aufstieg aus der geistigen Welt und von Gaia:

“Die Zeit der Entrückung ist da. Mutter Erde zieht jetzt die Zügel an.”

Meine Vision: Während ich draußen spazierengegangen bin in der Natur, erschien ringsherum plötzlich eine neue, strahlende Welt (5D) in die ich mühelos eingetreten bin.

Bei weiteren Infos werde ich sofort kontaktieren.

LG und vielen Dank für Deine Mühen (Webseite)

“Dear George!

Today I received a short message and vision of ascension from the spiritual world and from Gaia:

The time of the rapture is here. Now Mother Earth pulls on the reins.

My vision: While I went for a walk outside in nature, suddenly a new, radiant world (5D) appeared around me and I entered it easily.”

When further information are available I will contact you….

Joon, Germany

Dear Georgi,

On the day before yesterday I managed to meditate. Suddenly I heard a voice: “Thot“.  I concentrated and said: “I am listening to You, Thot Potentate.”
I shall come at night for you (my family and me) and I take you to a safe place, as I collected my nation before Atlantis sunk and took them to the land of Khem.”

This message confirmed my earlier dream, in which spaceships came from clouds directly to our window, and three men got off. The commander told me to “pack, because we have to go!“. Because of great happiness, I could neither cry, nor talk.

Our friend channelled Agarthans a month ago, and they told us that they thought about our accommodations so much, and they made a decision that in the beginning we will live on an island, separated from Telos and other cities of Light.

I think it is because we have to learn so much about 5D life and protocols of cities of Light.

I hope we will meet you soon in the Light.

kind regards
Ferenc, Hungary

Dear Georgi,

Just a quick note to tell you, that I woke up at about 3 am  today  and started meditating. I saw  beautifully shining ,golden, spiral energies going down (looked like ribbons or streamers) and a statuette of Buddha floating amongst them.

I went back to sleep and woke up in the morning feeling extremely joyful and relieved. This feeling is still inside me. I’m always in a good mood, but this one  is something new for me.

I’m sending this fantastic feeling to you.

With love and light,
Dana, Poland

Dear Dana,

this wonderful mood indicates the coming of our ascension and that of Gaia. Read my latest post of today. Your elated feeling is also confirmed by other members of the PAT. This is the most valid indicator that we are on the cusp of something wonderful – our ascension.


Lieber Georg,

ich verspüre eine leichte Euphorie (ohne Grund) Es ist wirklich schön und sollte das Gefühl bleiben und steigen, dann ist es  so weit. Ich beobachte die Kinder. Wenn die Kinder die Energie aufnehmen, dann werde ich mir ganz sicher sein. Ich erkenne das sofort aber, weil Kinder sehr lebendig sind, werde ich mit meine Prognose warten. Womöglich ist das, wie ich sage, der “Kuss Gottes” noch bevor wir das Geschenk auspacken dürfen!

Liebe Grüße und Licht und Liebe
Malgorzata Sherina:-D,
Dear George,

I feel a mild euphoria (without any reason). It is really nice and should the feeling increase then it is time (for ascension). I watch the children. When the children absorb the energy, then I will be quite sure. I recognize this immediately but because the children are very much alive, I’ll be waiting with my prediction. Maybe that’s, how I say, the “kiss of God” before we can unwrap the gift!

Best wishes and love and light
Malgorzata Sherina:-D, Czechia

Dear Georgi,

After reading your latest post, I decided to send to you information on a dream last night. Also in my last email regarding a dream on the 17th, I stated the pole shift had begun complete with physical symptoms of headache, nausea, and ataxia. I have read that some people feel earthquakes before they happen, perhaps I have been feeling the core shake. The dream last night had to do with the “Paradox”, how every thing can change yet remain the same. The dream had much to do with space-time. I know you are an expert in this area. Please excuse any perceived inaccuracies as I am just relaying experience.

A few weeks ago, I saw an unusual cloud formation across the pond from me, low on the horizon it was the shape of a corkscrew, and as it rose to the heavens, it became quite large. I thought it might be a portal. Last night in my dream, I saw it again. All night long I had story after story showing examples of situations where everything was just a little bit off. I would be in a situation with people looking for something, and I would say, no it is just a little bit to the North don’t you remember? Then came the diagrams and drawings of spirals and circles explaining to me about time in the Matrix. Each day is the same just moved slightly on the circle of space to appear as time. In the world of form we create the new day through expectations of what we intend, hence a newly created day although it is the same day.

The past five years, I have with great intention, lived my life the “Middle Way” as the Buddha teaches, as an observer with no stress as to if it is good or bad. I think that binds us to the world of form. I think the spiral cloud was a sign of returning to Source. I think most people create each day in the world of form and do not allow for letting Source flow through them and direct their day. This should be the goal of every human life that has not been remembered. For me everything remains the same, yet every thing has changed. What has changed is ME. The people around me have not changed, although I have tried. The world situation has not changed, it has always been so. I have changed because I wanted to remember who I am, and what this plan has all been about. I am grateful for my experiences and for understanding the Paradox. I know it is only understood through personal intention and choice, and that is my reason/Divine Plan for being here at this glorious time. Have a wonderful day.


Dear Jennifer,

this is an adequate parable to solve this paradox. The nature of all paradoxes lies in their ability to reveal fundamental inconsistencies and blunders in human thinking. Hence each solution of such a paradox is a solution of an inherent inconsistency in  human thinking. Some are partial solutions, others are of more general character. It is impossible at first glance to find this out. Some solutions lead to new paradoxes that must be resolved again. This is how human awareness expands and evolves.

With love and light

My daughter Miranda’s Dream that keeps repeating:

“The country is in chaos there is no form of law or government, people are stealing, raping murdering each other, gruesome scene. I am in our home in the country with my two brothers and sister. There are people wearing hideous masks climbing the mountain towards our home, instantly a metal shield envelopes the entire house, we are standing inside with our guns waiting for them to break through the metal walls, I wake up.”

Thank you for your diligence and work

With love and light

Lieber Georg,

ich lese jeden Tag deine home page, auch in der englischen Sprache.  Im Juli und August  beobachtete ich jeden Tag meinen Kompass in meinem Sommerhaus. Jeder Tag war dieselbe Anzeige und auch nach der Rückkehr nach Riga blieb es so. Gestern war ich in dem Sommerhaus und überprüfte mein Kompass. Mein Zimmer ist im zweiten Stock. Er zeigte etwa 20 Grad nach Osten. Nach einer Stunde überlegte ich, den Kompass nach Riga mitzunehmen, und habe ihn jetzt im ersten Stock, um zu überprüfen. Jetzt zeigte er etwas 10 Grad nach Osten. Das bedeutet, das meine Beobachtungen dieselben sind wie diejenigen der anderen.

Am 19.-20. Oktober war in Riga die  III Internationale Konferenz über Image Medicine. Ich schrieb Dir im Frühling über diese Konferenz. Ich hatte einen theoretischen Vortrag. Ich erzählte über W. Tiller, N. Kozyrev, M. Lavrentjev, P. Garjajev, V. Poponin und beendete mit deinen Arbeiten (zum Universalgesetz).

Ich warte auf den Aufstieg.

Herzlich Andris aus Riga.

Dear George,

I read every day your home page, also in the English language. In July and August I watched  every day my compass in my summer house. Every day was the same ad, and after returning to Riga it remained that way. Yesterday, I was in the summer house and checked my compass. My room is on the second floor. It was about 20 degrees to the east. After an hour I pondered to take the compass to Riga, and put it on the first floor to check it.. It showed some 10 degrees to the east. This means that my observations are the same as that of the others.

On 19-20th October the Third International Conference on Image Medicine  took place in Riga. I wrote to you in the spring about this conference. I held a theoretical lecture. I spoke about W. Tiller, N. Kozyrev, M. Lavrentjev, P. Garjajev, V. Poponin and finished with your work (on the Universal Law).

I’m waiting for the ascension.

Cordially from Riga, Andris.

Lieber Andris,

ich danke dir vielmals für diese Angaben und Bestätigung  zur Verschiebung des magnetischen Nordpols. In Wirklichkeit pendelt zur Zeit das Magnetfeld der Erde sehr stark, so dass keine vernünftige Messung mehr möglich ist.

Ich freue mich auch zu hören, dass du bei deinem Vortrag meine Theorie des Universalgesetzes berücksichtigt hast. Du bist den anderen Wissenschaftlern weit voraus, aber das wird sich sehr bald auszahlen.

Nach all dem, was sich so in diesem Monat ereignet hat, haben wir begründete Hoffnung, den MPS noch in diesem Monat  zu erleben und dann wird die große Wende und unser Aufstieg kommen, auf die wir alle so sehnsüchtig warten.

Ich wünsche dir Alles Gute in den wenigen Tagen, die uns noch auf dieser Erde verbleiben.

Liebe Grüße

Dear Andris,

I thank you very much for this information and confirmation of the displacement of the magnetic North Pole. In fact, the Earth’s magnetic field oscillates currently very strongly, so that no reasonable measurement is impossible.

I am also pleased to hear that you have included my theory of the Universal in your presentation. You’re way ahead of the other scientists, but that will pay off very soon.

After all that has happened in this month, we have every reason to hope to experience the MPR later this month and then the big transformation and our ascension will come, which we are all awaiting so eagerly.

I wish you all the best in the few days that still remain to us on this earth.


Hello Dr.Stankov-

As always I am avidly following these developments. Our metaphysical world is really small as compared to the masses.It is interesting that David Sereda made the pendant used by Carla. He and Fred Schute- a Sedona jeweler who developed the Intrinity – were interested in my energy devices a couple of years ago and even a couple of years before that.The attached email is simply a proof of that.

It all seems to be rapidly coalescing as these kinds of beings come together for this energetic event.

Of all the info on the web – I resonate most with yours and the symptoms your group experiences. We [my wife+I] go through these energetic things at precisely the times you and Carla and company are describing. Very few of the famous in Sedona do, as they are busy having a good time and selling the “Lightworker Carnival”..

One more thing I will note. I have been going to say this for a while although I am certain you are already aware of it.The dark ones are specifically interested in anyone who is/may be able to leave this dimension because they are trapped here without any energy of their own as they are parasitic.. They build/create nothing. They only pillage and steal. They seem to use all available etheric as well as physical means to follow us and our progress. By that I mean satellite and on the ground surveillance by the military and corporate reptilian interests. I have been told that I was here before and got out of here but came back [for reasons that sometimes seem insane to me now.]. They aren’t about to have that go on again. So at least some of the energy that my wife and I feel as bombarding is satellite and other physical corporate/military/et surveillance. I close now. I am sure you are very engaged.

Sincerely all the best Georgi – You and yours are deeply appreciated.
Highest regards, David Wade Hampton.

Dear Carla,

By the way on November 13 /14 there was an explosion of the comet Ison and this may have been the trigger of your (our) procedure to open the pineal crown-chakra of humanity: Check

Physically, ISON’s tail is about 12 times wider than the sun. So, when the head of ISON plunges into the sun’s atmosphere on Nov. 28th, more than 15 million kilometers of the comet’s tail will still be jutting into space behind it.

Because so much gas and dust is spewing from the comet’s core, it is impossible to see clearly what caused Comet ISON’s outburst on Nov. 13-14. One possibility is that fresh veins of ice are opening up in the comet’s nucleus, vaporizing furiously as ISON approaches the sun. Another possibility is that the nucleus has completely fragmented.


Dear Georgi,

With regard to this explosion of comet ISON, yes, it’s possible to have been connected to this whole event of the Sun Portal opening and the pineal gland procedure.

Didn’t you actually dream of an explosion over the past few days?


Dear Carla,

Yes, I indeed dreamt of an explosion and also read somewhere that the comet Ison is a catalyst that will trigger reactions from the sun during our ascension process. The timing when it will touch the sun with its tail is Nov 28th and this is significant also.


Dear Georgi,

I experienced super high flying energies today and was certain liftoff was here. It increased at noon, then another surge through 1:00 and building up through 2:00 pm and up through 4:30 pm (Nov 19). It dropped a bit after this but is rising again sharply tonight. I feel great bliss.

I hope your dreams held great promise of a brave new world ready and awaiting us all.

With love,

40 min ago

Dear Georgi,

I remember now that Adama and others (Ascended masters?) came to me tonight, just as I fell asleep for a short nap. Did you happen to encounter them in your dreams, by any chance?  I was aware that they were talking with me, but I can’t recall what about.

I will try to tune in now, and maybe go in a journey to Telos. They have been in my fields for the past 24 hours. I’m telling you this because it may trigger something for us, I’m unsure what.


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