Opening of the Ascension Gates

The Ascended Masters
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 7, 2013
first published on November 10, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

by Jahn J Kassl and Georgi Stankov

November 9, 2013

Dear Jahn,

I ‘m sending you this message, channeled by Marc from Switzerland, a young man with whom I am in contact and have even helped him recently to get rid of a dark source.

He is not very experienced and his messages do not vibrate very high. He has published several times in the past announcements about ascension, which then did not occur, but we have done this also, hence nothing new.

Today runs, once again, all day long a great thrust to higher dimensions, which I perceive as an unbearable headache and a cc-wave. Normally such a monster wave is associated with a MPR on a near-by timeline. This time it is, however, a massive portal opening for our ascension as the Elohim have just told Carla. She also suffers from this shift, as well as most of the PAT members, as they write to me today. Hence this event is exceptional by any standards and must bring about the change.

Marc’s source also speaks of a “Superportal”, which will soon open. Insofar somehow this message fits into my / our personal experience. The energy flow through my field is usually (always) 2-3 days in advance before it manifests on earth, as I am the nexus / the connection of the PAT to the source. So anything can happen next week and the peak of energy intensity today points to this.

This is only for your current information.


Dear George,

have warm THANKS – will devote myself to this message very soon. The screws are tightened – So let it be,

Love by Jahn

Dear George,

this is the next message I could write in after I got it  – with NOAH – very symbolic… ( Jahn has sent me a photo of his two-year-old son standing next to a street sign and pointing to the text: “No Trespassing”, note George) .

Love by Jahn

Dear Jahn,

No Trespassing“, the great master Noah says on the photo, and refers to the bulk of mankind that has not managed to wake up and got instead intoxicated with trivialities like sleepwalkers on the edge of the abyss. An excellent observation of the human mentality and behavior – dancing on the edge of a volcano – I  have always seen it this way. The illusion of the human “intransigence ” reaches a final climax before it fades into nothingness and the true state of affairs – who calls the shots on this planet and in the All-That -Is – is revealed.

Sobering, uplifting and enlightening, that is how the coming changes will affect people, in a sobering manner for the many slumbering ones and in an uplifting and enlightening manner for the few initiates who will ascend. The esoteric scene will experience its “inner Nazi Party day” and will drown in the floods of the MPR, as if their confusions and failings, but above all, their illusory hopes to ascend with the masters, have never existed.

Then we, the true captains of ascension and the new Earth Keepers, will return to the upper 4D holograms to teach the retarded ” Nebadoniers ” (this comment alludes to the readers of a German esoteric website “Nebadonia”, which publishes Jahn’s and my articles, and is characteristic for their idiotic,comments, full of hatred and rejection of the true masters of ascension) about the true circumstances of heavenly hierarchy. Now they cannot understand it, because most of them have lost their souls already in the floods of the MPR and the turmoil of the NWO on the lower twelve 4D earths and wonder now as soulless, numb spirits on this ascending timeline, before their empty human shells will be incarnated by old souls as walk-ins and their eyes will open abruptly.

A truly tedious process and intolerable to observe, even for true masters like us.


Message of the Ascended Masters

Whenever big events are happening at the eve of all great upheavals, the people, who are unaware of these, but perceive them on a subconscious level, are in a state of paralysis, in a numbness (stupor), which is tantamount to the reflex of “feigning death” (Todstellreflex). They behave so, by carrying on with their daily lives in a demonstrative ignorance with respect to the impending events and stipulate this attitude to savor it.

More of the same, more of the like, is their motto, only not to have to look at the facts. They indulge in their familiar patterns of behavior and behave as if they still belong to this world for an eternity, now that they have been already dismissed. As soon as a man, who deliberately closes his senses for the changes, is made aware by his subconscious about the inevitability of these, this man plunges into a dissolute behavior, only to push away everything in a kind of anaesthesia, until these people face the inevitable.

Then comes a behavior like that of a “rabbit in front of a cobra”, and this is how the great part of humanity is now frozen, because heaven with all its might will descend upon the earth and will separate the ignorant ones of this world from the initiates.

You can bet on: The more ordinary and everyday the way of life in this world seems to be, the closer are the events that are announced to you.

The big light is focused and hits the earth. Great masters arrive now and open the created ascension gates, so that the Event can take place.

The great part of humanity is not affected by the ascension, although they will be exposed to the great changes in a painful way.

The tiny part of the ascended humans will rise to heaven without leaving any visible traces on the earth.

Because that part of humanity, which was breathed at the different levels of being in the lower vibrating realms, will not be able to remember your ministry, and will be able to make use of your blessings only in distant epochs. A blind man is given a new day, only after his eyesight is recovered. And little by little, the people on the far-flung levels and sub-planes of the lower 4D earths will begin to claim their light.

Of these people and of you, masters, we are talking here.

These days, since humanity has arrived in the “Now -Time”, and since the individual realities of human life overlap with each other, as well as the cosmic holograms superimpose upon each other, you will experience the synchronicity of life. Great sages cavort this time alongside primitive humans, Saints stand next to those who follow the trail of darkness, truth and falsehood, love and hate, occur as twin pairs, and for many these are indistinguishable. All at once on this and all worlds

Blessed are those who have sharpened their discernment and have transformed their thought and behavior patterns that lead to incorrect assumptions. After the “masters of this time” will ascend into the light and return to God, they will be sent again to begin with their sacred work in the worlds, which are granted to them by the wisdom of God. A new big mission, another great service of love, a repeated proof that everything in God’s creation obeys the infinite divine principles: the wisdom and the love.

Carried by the longing for God, the masters will reach into heaven, embedded in their longing for God, they will return to the earth. He who does this service is truly sent by God and consecrated by Him in the mystery of all life. Rejoice, your ascension is imminent, and God knows you.

We are
The Ascended Masters.



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