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Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 30, 2013
first published in English on November 1, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

by Georgi Stankov, November 1, 2013

This latest message of Asana Mahatari is of utmost relevance because it once again highlights the massive descent of old souls and angels as walk-ins into the existing majority of empty human shells on the upper 4D holograms. Basically it is so that the old Orion imprint of these human bodies is very resistant due to diverse, deep-seated patterns of fear that can be brought onto the surface only by shock experience in situations of deep crisis. Normally this fear patterns are stored in the deep compartments of the cells, in the human DNA-strands. In order for them to be deleted and removed, they must surface first. This is possible only through massive anxiety-provoking events such as the MPS .

That is why the MPS takes place on many upper 4D holograms in order to give these soulless beings with dark imprints the opportunity to be redeemed and healed by such a catharsis. The new souls are thus no full walk-ins. They behave like the soul of a fetus. Namely, she remains not fully incarnated as long as the pregnancy lasts and incarnates into the body of the newborn shortly before the birthing. At this moment the veil of forgetfulness falls. Before that the soul adapts to the body of the child in full consciousness and at the same time it also handles other tasks or simply wanders around the earth and meets with other incarnated soul siblings and slowly gets used to the future incarnation.

This message shows one more time how complex the process of ascension is and on how many different levels it occurs simultaneously. It is the most exciting story in this universe, as at the same time the ascension of an entire planet, including its population, takes place. And this happens not just once, but on many parallel 4D holograms at the same time. And all these energetic processes must be carefully coordinated and harmonized with each other.

It is truly a mystery of precision and yet this cosmic undertaking will come to a glorious conclusion when this timeline, on which we now reside, will find without great cataclysms its way to the upper 4D as balanced earth and to the 5D as the New Earth.

For most people the illusion of immutability will be maintained to the very end, and only to the few enlightened light warriors such as the PAT some hidden processes behind the veil are revealed, so that we know why we have to wait so long and so that this never-ending waiting does not completely worn our patience thin. Then, what a man understands, is half as bad, as Asana Mahatarihas already assured us, than the perennial uncertainty that now plagues the rest of the light workers and throws them into depravity.


Karl’s dream, the brother of Jahn and director of the publishing house world of lightOn the night of October 28-29, 2013: I sit and drive with Jahn in a modern, standard car. Before us we see that a car, an old Citroen (the famous duck) comes skidding. I step on the gas and we pass by this accident safely. Behind us we see how this car turns over, rotating around its own axis. Then it bounces into other cars, while other cars pass by unscathed. A pile-up is the result. We want to call the emergency service, however, we cannot reach anyone. Until we give up and continue to drive in the knowledge that there is certainly someone who has managed to avert the emergency service. Overall, we see that, despite these many accidents, there is hardly any bloodshed and the “great drama” fails to manifest. (end of dream)

This dream is precisely tuned to the events of this period and examines the current and new status of the ascension process. The cars indicate to the light vehicle, the cosmic vehicle (merkabah), the light body. Karl and Jahn sit in a standard car, which means that they have brought their light bodies up to date and will make it through this situation well. The old Citroen points to the lack of equipment of the light body and thus these people are skidding and they have accidents.

Here, these accidents go off for most people lightly, while others drive by unscathed. This means that the body shells of the people are now brought into good condition. First by accidents, which generate the necessary shock, so that a serious healing can be initiated. All light warriors, who have done their homework. remain, regardless of what kinds of accidents happen in their environment, unscathed.

This dream also points out to the “walk-ins” because before the new souls incarnate, the existing body shells and fragments must be healed by and large. This scene also shows that there is nothing left to do for the ascending humans, except to be aware of, except to observe very carefully – which is symbolized by the behavior of Karl and Jahn in the dream.

Even the attempt of assistance fails because there is no one at the other end of the phone line to receive the call, because the vibrational differences are too big and because the accident takes place already on another, lower vibrating level. This shows that here the worlds are already separated and sealed and thus there are no more links between them.

The fact is: this world separation occurs in relative peace and the new souls create, wherever it is reasonable and before they adapt to the bodies, at firstsome “accidents”, so that they can find a suitable home place to dwell. “Suitable” means that they take precautions to encounter an intact energy field of the physical body. That means in the last consequence: there will be a lot of “accidents” and radical changes. Worlds will truly ascend and worlds will fall and the people will experience twists of fate that they could have never imagined even in a dream.

It is important to know: each angel, who now seeks a temporary home in a previously soulless body, adapts it to his reality by generating through accidents in the body structure “states of shock” that force any kind of healing. This will be done in relative mildness and the great dramas will fail to appear (in the dream this is symbolized by the lack of bloodshed, despite the pile-up) Enough on this topic.

It is essential to understand that the present time summons up everything. Angels who incarnate in existing bodies or even create for a certain period of time their own body in order to make this experience. Angels who oscillate all the time between these two possibilities .

The fact remains: this wonderful time will now produce new fruits on the tree of life. The incorrigible must now give away, because the love wins and the light prevails everywhere. Although the multiple death of all those almost soulless body fragments is a daily affair now, the horror stays away. And while the great events of all life roll on, the great cosmic drama fails to manifest in the incessantly new-created upper 4D holograms.

I am what I am
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