GaiaPortal’s Latest Message is the Ultimate Message of Ascension

by Carla Thompson, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013, 20.11 pm CET

Dear Carla,

what do you think of this latest message from GaiaPortal:

“Fires of Higher Light emblazon Portals upon Gaia Earth surface. Each Portal is emblazoned. Softening occurs as Hue-manity embraces the Fires. All of Gaia surface awakens to Higher Dimensional Awareness in short order. Summation of lower dimensional constructs is dissolved. Primary focus returns.


Dear Georgi,

This is the ultimate ascension message if you ask me.  It means many things to me, however here are the major points that I am getting intuitively:

1.  The ascension portals are now opened everywhere, all over Gaia.

2.  These portals are illuminated now from key activations coming from the Central Sun.

3.   With the recent delivery (last Wednesday) of what I call the “Pulse of Divine Order“, the newly activated Divine12 Strand DNA Blueprint, is now attuned to these illuminated ascension portals. The attunement acts as a beacon for those of a fully activated Divine Blueprint, initially the First Wavers and subsequently, the second and third wavers.

4.  We shall be seamlessly and effortlessly guided to these ascension portals.

5.  I see the “softening” as a drop in resistance to the new energetics of the Fifth Dimension, which embraces the letting go of lower dimensional aspects.

6.  I also sense the “softening” as in a softened cervix, prior to the delivery of a newborn baby, the Birth of New Life.

7.  All lower dimensional expressions, including the First, Second, Third and Lower Fourth Dimensional expressions, shall be, at once, “rounded up” to the next prospective level of expression, as the ascension unfolds.

8.   I am getting that tangential awareness expands as an aspect of our divinity.

In a nutshell, we are almost home.

With love,

Dear Carla,

excellent interpretation. I am glad that I asked you about your opinion on this latest message from GaiaPortal. I will refrain from any additional comments on my part as not to dilute your interpretation, which is obviously inspired by your HS. But I must only add that I see it the same way, though not so eloquent.




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