Energy Update – November 5, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

The last portal “All Saints Day (Nov 1 ) – Solar eclipse  (Nov 3)” was exactly what we expected  – a huge floodgate of Source energies. Actually it peaked yesterday on November 4th and is still ongoing. The last two nights the energies must have been overwhelming for most of you. 

The most disturbing aspect of these energies, at least the way I felt them, was that they were profoundly inhuman, completely alien in their quality and structure and nothing alike to what I have experienced in my prolonged LBP and cleansing activities so far. As if a higher entity had descended in my body structure and felt suffocated by the closed character of my physical body. Hence I was personally really smashed by these massive alien energies from within and also experienced this suffocation in a very profound and depressive manner.

Now it has improved a little bit, but my skin and body feel like burning parchment and as if they are pierced by thousands of hot needles, plus cold chills and a very weird feeling that I am no longer a human being, haunted by the “what am I actually doing here”-sensation.

My gut feeling tells me though that around the next huge portal 11.11.13 until Mid November the big transformation events must take place. I have just received  from Jahn a short and very compelling message channeled by Babaji that announces the imminent arrival of these sweeping events. I will translate this message  and publish it today.

There is a pronounced culmination of source energies now on the ground and the latest message of GaiaPortal which I expected to come in this form has just been issued and confirms my inner assessment. Everybody through whose field and body these energies are now relentlessly flowing must sense this imminent and inevitable energy build-up that can erupt any moment in this reality and transform it within a few days:

Flame grids have alerted hu-manity to its impending dissolution, and hu-manity has in large part responded. Grids for birthing, en masse, of the Gaia Hue-manity proforma community are fully in place, and will remainhu-manity paradigm can not continue, as it lacks energetic support, on all dimensions. Participation of Hue-manity with dissolved paradigms is not supported. Energetics of Gaia current remain stable.

The term “Gaia Hue-manity proforma community” alludes in my interpretation to the emerging of the new cities of light in this steadily ascending upper 4d timeline /hologram, as they are ready since long time and only wait for humanity to reach the threshold of paradigm change and massive transformation. This process has been widely discussed by myself in the last days.

There are two reasons why these cities of light will appear all of a sudden, most probably synchronistically with the beginning of the terraforming events during the MPR. The first reason is that the old paradigm of slumbering humanity is energetically no longer supported by the new waves and is now crumbling at a vast pace, as I recently dreamt of; and the second reason is that Hue-manity is not supposed to participate any more in this old holographic matrix, with which it is no longer compatible vibrationally and hence will move to the new cities of light that now exist on many places on the globe and can manifest any moment.

This event will be triggered by the first ascension wave which will begin with Carla and myself and will be followed closely by other members of the PAT. We are now in the last preparation phase as I was told this night in the dream state and, according to my impression, all the energetic conditions for ascension and the big change are now completed and ready for a go.

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