The End of Our Earthly Mission

by Georgi Stankov, November 11, 2013

We are coming to an end of our earthly mission – to my estimation this month. It has been a rough ride for all of us and you have done a formidable job. I could not have been more proud of you and I am talking now as somebody who has had a very intensive contact with all the PAT members. and has been feeling the pulse of this enlightened spearhead of humanity on a daily basis. At times, I received and answered without any exception more than 60 emails per day in the average. I kept this pace of personal exchange for almost two years amidst exhausting ascension test runs, unfulfilled expectations and disappointments due to perennial delays of our ascension date because of the deeply slumbering humanity.

What did not kill us, has made us stronger. But the last relentless waves have taken their toll on myself and I could not keep up with this intensive way of communication with you anymore. And it is, in fact, no longer necessary as you all are already ascended masters after your transfiguration in August and are now only one step away from heaven. But this endeavour was worth every minute of my life and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming emotional and intellectual support that carried me and our common undertaking on behalf of Gaia and humanity over many dangerous shoals and rough seas to the ultimate safe harbour – our impending ascension and that of Gaia and humanity.

Now, the more turbulent life will become on this upper 4D hologram this month, the easier and smoother our departure will be. I do not even need to make you aware of the fact that you must stay centered and have full confidence in this glorious Event, as many channeling sources recently reiterate till total constipation. You all know what to do and how to do it. Period!

Just follow the motto  – less is beautiful. The less we do and the less we succumb to the last impulses of our waning earthly ego, which still faintly demands the high authority  over our 3D lives, the better we are off. Physical immobility in every sense, coupled with intellectual curiosity and emotional agility are the Jacob’s ladder that will connect us these days to our HS in anticipation of our final transfiguration into light bodies or even into formless light of the Source.

Then most of you will ascend beyond the 5D and even the bliss of the New Earth will be just one facet of your multidimensional life. We will very soon travel through the entire universe to report to other souls and ascended masters about our legendary victory over the darkness that was deemed impossible to overcome by most experts and light warriors of ascension in this universe, given the initial overwhelming imbalance of power in favour of the dark Orion-Reptilian masters of this most toxic planet and the dumbness of the human incarnated population.

But ultimately we showed the cosmos that light can prevail everywhere, however, not the “light and love illusion” of the compromised New Age movement, but the uncompromising  discipline of clear, logical thinking and the absolute honesty in expressing our feelings as has been advocated and paradigmatically practised by all PAT members on this website. What has been our common life practice as wayshowers of humanity in the past two years, only now seems to become relevant for the rest of the LW community as Hilarion points out today:

The importance of a disciplined mind cannot be underestimated as you accept and adapt to the many unexpected events that will keep humanity and their planet riding the waves of transformation.

This  has been our motto ever since. That is why, while the rest of the LW will still have to prove that they have qualified to “become dwellers of the higher dimensions“, you have already earned this privilege and do not need to do anything anymore, but stay relaxed and enjoy the show from the front row. The whole esoteric crap of the past does not make any sense any more, just as any verbal communication is rapidly losing its relevance and will be substituted by immediate telepathy and inner knowing.

This also holds true for this website. We have outgrown its function as medium and platform of the PAT. From now on our discussions and publications will be our heritage to the remaining humanity in the upper 4D holograms, where we shall return as  ascended masters very soon. This website will be the most important documentation that we have really existed as vulnerable human beings and that we now exist in the higher dimensions as creator gods, from where we shall coordinate human life for ever.

This archive of human ascension must continue to exist even when many inhabitants of these 4D earths begin to forget the big Event of ascension this year and start to accommodate themselves to the new conditions of the balanced 4D earth, thus accepting the perspective of a distant ascension, perhaps in thousands of years from now on. What we must now fully comprehend is that nothing gets lost in All-That-Is and has an important function to fulfil, even if it may take a lot of space and time before the results can manifest in the lower 4D holographic worlds, while we have in the meantime begun with the creation of new galaxies as the New Elohim of this Universe.

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