Big Cleansing Wave

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 11, 2013
first published in English on November 13, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Last 3D Intermezzo

Scene I: “When you’re dead, you’re in the earth” Out of nowhere, my beloved son NOAH says early this morning this sentence to me, while playing. I then reply: “Yes, my body is in the ground, but where am I still? “He thinks and repeats: “In the earth.” Subsequently, I have to go to our basement. Basically, a place where none of us really feels comfortable. NOAH wants to come with. When we reach the cellar, a great fear comes over him and he clings with all his strength on me. “Let’s go, go, go …” he exclaims, whereupon we immediately leave the dark cellar.

“Big dog” says Noah to me and I see how he rigidly fixes a point behind the wooden screen door, which provides a view into our basement. I ask:”What color has the dog” “Brown”, says my son. “Did you tell him to go away?” I ask then and NOAH: “Yes, go away, I told him” He repeated this phrase constantly in sequence like a mantra, even then, when he tells repeatedly about the incident to his mom after we returned to the apartment. “And the dog is gone”, I ask.  “Yes, gone … ” says Noah ... ( end of first scene)

Loved ones,


What is this and what did NOAH see? “When you’re dead, you’re in the ground.” This indicates a perception of the 3D world. Because there the awareness of the immortality of the soul is hardly pronounced. NOAH had direct insight this morning into this plane. There, the death is experienced as the ultimate end. ” …You’re in the earth.” It means that a person remains on the earth and can not ascend.

Why NOAH goes with at least a part of his consciousness to this level and is linked to it, we shall learn shortly.

“The dark basement” refers to the deeply repressed life issues, to the unsolved psychological injuries. “The scary brown dog” confirms this, and shows that this is the “3D planet of the dogs”, on which, as already announced, a great part of the people remained. But what has all this to do with the current reality of ascension?

1) These days the people, who live on the upper 4D levels, redeem themselves from the unresolved topics of their 3D time. The deepest-seated fears, doubts, the deep-seated hatred, the most serious injuries from the many 3D existences are now redeemed. This causes absolutely contradictory perceptions of that time. While the ascension is already underway long time ago and more people are increasingly coming closer and closer to ascension, the discharges also become bigger and bigger. A tension that is unique and can only be understood if one is willing to look and think far beyond the linear horizon.

Due to the big portal openings in the last days, it is now possible for all the people who are basically ready for ascension, to heal their deep fears and pain. The higher the vibration, the greater are the possibilities of healing because for these cures this kind of vibrations is necessary, because without this light inflow those areas were still in the safe protection of the unconscious (dark basement). That is to say, this process of healing could not happen earlier, because the vibration for this is only now reached. Therefore, do not be surprised if these healings are accompanied by discharges that may seem hardly conceivable to you.

2) ” The death of Jahn” shows the second level of this scene by making you aware again that the dark forces continue to try to prevent the ascending humans from ascension, so that they remain on the earth (“you are in the earth). This is now happening in such a way that they want to take possession of certain fragments of the soul. If we cannot sway the whole being already, we want at least rob some parts of his soul, is the current motto of the dark forces.

The completeness of the soul segments is indispensable for the ascension, because this is the only way how you can get into your light body. The dark ones know this and meticulously work on their goal to steal the people some of their soul segments. This is possible only where the people still carry big unredeemed issues within themselves and therefore there is now this unique opportunity to resolve these issues in a radical manner. It occurs in people who have collected all their soul fragments and are cleared in principle, but they are stuck in their spiritual evolution because they mistakenly believed to have redeemed everything.

It affects many people, who have given up their attention to the current events, in the belief that it was all done already, or ascension would be endlessly protracted. Furthermore, soul segments get lost when the trust in God is lost, and when the confidence in the fact of the now imminent ascension is also lost.

For this reason, the light warriors of the first and last hours are being hit by a massive wave of darkness. Wherever possible, they will fuel doubts in you or you will be faced with unreasonable demands that will debilitate you, or you will be simply worn down until you give up .

3D dog, go away!” This is the slogan of the current time, because a large cleansing wave has reached this level, and there emerge again chains of events that were believed to have been overcome long time ago. As long as these issues are not redeemed in humans, this battle is raging and I tell you, this will be a brief battle, because the people must make their decisions immediately.

Like a rubber band that is stretched at both ends on and on, until it suddenly tears at a certain point, this how the forces of darkness and light, the unredeemed levels of 4D and the healed level of 5D stay now opposite to each other. And the crack means that these levels are solved, separated and that all these distortions for the ascended ones come to an end.

In a complete surprise, the darkest pages of human existence will be now revealed – the light makes it possible. The patterns of behavior and injuries, the wounds of 3D that still exist in the minds of the candidates for ascension now come to the fore and will be healed. People who did not want to accept these healings have already gathered on the “3D planet of the dogs”, those people, who were willing to face these issues, were admitted to the upper 4D levels and the healings are now underway.

The greatest healings always come when the highest light quotient is achieved, and that is the case today, at the transition of mankind from the highest level of 4D to the first 5D level of Being.

Scene IIIt is afternoon. After the sport, I am visiting the wellness area of the fitness club. In the sauna the second row is full of sand – gravel and dirt. A condition which in this perfect club that is extremely fussy when it comes to cleanliness, is absolutely stunning. (End of Scene II)

This shows that dirt is where you hardly expected it, and this comes up there.

In summary: Be vigilant and remain loyal to your ascension path. Trust in God! Reject any doubt in you, for your confidence in your ascension provides the necessary thrust to this process. When you are faced with doubts, see through them and let them go (“Go away … “), and know this It is still not done, it has not happened yet, even though with every new portal opening people of this earth change into the light and become light. Until it is your turn, until the call of the creator reaches you: Stay alert!

I am with you, ASANA MAHATARI

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