The Big Bang

The Central Sun
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 15, 2013
first published in English on November 17, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Preface: More on the Opening of the Crown Chakra of Humanity by Carla, Her Friend and Myself on November 13, 2013
by Georgi Stankov 

Jahn channelled this message from the Central Sun only two hours after he had received my report on the opening procedure of the pineal gland chakra of humanity, which Carla and her friend in Vancouver, together with myself in Germany, accomplished on this auspicious day of November 13, 2103. On this day the gods of the Central Sun and of this solar system, Helios and Vesta, approached Carla and her friend on the beach and urged them to be conduits of this huge energetic injection from the Central sun that opened the crown chakra of the ascending portion of humanity to their higher selves and will hugely augment their clairvoyance and clairsaintience as necessary prerequisites for the coming sweeping revelations and awakening shortly before our Ascension. I already published an article on this dramatic event yesterday. This a follow-up evaluation that gives you some new insights into this pivotal event prior to the occurrence of the MPR and all the big changes that will materialize on this timeline this fall.

Carla has just written me a follow-up comment to this most dramatic event after she was able to process all its repercussions at all levels. I will publish her letter before Jahn’s message as it highlights some aspect of this message from the Great Central Sun:

Dear Georgi,

I really didn’t do the event justice as I didn’t record everything in detail, something I usually do immediately after it happens, while it is still fresh in my mind. I had no pen and paper with me, so I was meant to just integrate the energies first, within my system, before doing anything else.

However, now I have a couple of things I would like to add to this report.

I checked within the Telos Books to determine who Helios and Vesta are, and they are referred to the “God-Parents of this Solar System” (The Seven Sacred Flames, page xxii).

I also would like to mention that two weeks before this event, I had attended a Mind, Spirit and Soul event, where I found the silver pendant used on this special day. The gentleman who made it, David Sereda, had imbued it with frequencies of our Sun, and this must have been the tracker needed for us to begin the download. I will be contacting him to let him know what has happened. 

One final note, after the pulses entered the crown chakra and flowed down toward the pineal gland, it continued on down through the spine, activating a natural coil present there which I understand to be the energy structure used to fuel this new energetic system. This is why prana breathing is so critical now, as it draws in the frequencies from the Sun and other photon light, which is drawn in to the crown chakra, and into the spine/ coil or the pranic tube. This is why we can actually live off of the Light, as it fuels our mitochondria and our new energetic system of the 12 Strand DNA Blueprint. 

Georgi, I am sure you also have something to add to this.

So, overall, the 12 Strand Divine/ Ascended Master DNA Blueprint has now been activated in all of Humanity (those who are here to have it activated, about 50% of us on this timeline). There will be many interesting days to follow.


Dear Carla,

thank you for this additional comment. I will publish it today when I have translated and prepared Jahn’s message as a preface to it. My interpretation is that all these procedures and transfigurations coming now from the Central Sun concern in the first place the masses who are now rapidly being prepared for ascension, but not the PAT. We have undergone these transformations long time ago and now only serve as conduits for these energetic procedures to be anchored in the broader population. This is also what the message from the Central Sun which Jahn channelled tells us essentially.

But nonetheless this information is of great value and importance for all those who now enter for the first time the pains and pangs of the LBP and prepare for their ascension to the lower levels of 5D. The PAT will ascend, respectively has already ascended, much higher, hence one must read this information with this knowledge in the back of his mind.


Message From the Central Sun

In the middle of the greatest bustle of the people the BIG BANG will happen. The developments to bring the ascension to the level of its manifestation  continue. On all time- and space-lines the conditions are created, so that the people we expect can return to the light.

Currently, a “hologram alignment” takes place. That is, the ascending ones receive the 5D hologram structure. The energetic and electromagnetic alignments are in full sway and the preconditions are in place that ascension can be completed at the technical level. All the people who go into the light, will now be supplied and outfitted with the special 5D energy structures.

This means great exertions on the human bodies. Fatigue and pain may occur, completely atypical and new to most people who have so far been largely spared from physical impediments.

The visual, auditory, and sensory inner channels are not being opened. That is to say, the dreams and visions receive a manifestation of power on an unprecedented scale. Additionally, the following comes clearly to the fore: the ascending humans raise from the other beings, by becoming completely insensitive (refractory) to their attacks or their expressions of love. This occurs at a different level and is thus “distanced ” and perceived only from afar.

This world cannot harm you from now on. Even before you will be actually raptured, you will be severed from this world and your environment. A wonderful new life feeling shall arise, since you truly are “Untouchable”; above all, the dim light and the dark shadows of now sinking worlds will not touch and reach you any longer. Your energy field and your new electromagnetic structure preclude this.

Nothing remains as it was, all is heading towards the light or is repelled by the light – it is the time of truth. This is what now happens on this earth and you are receiving now from the CENTRAL SUN the all-changing light pulses that effect your transfiguration into the light.

Relieved, raptured, removed from this plane of existence – without much furor, and yet so impressive that nothing in the world will and can exceed this experience. God is the anchorage of the people. Life will be returned to you. The Light has won.

It is announced to you, from –


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