Ascension Vision

by Dana Wrobel and Georgi Stankov, November 11, 2013

Dear Georgi,

How can I thank you for your formidable work? I’ve been connecting with you for the last several months sending Light and Love since I discovered your blog. Today I’ve felt a strong urge to express my deepest gratitude for sacrificing your life for the good of Gaia and humanity in writing (to be honest, I don’t feel so fluent in English as to express myself in this language, so I beg your forgiveness for any mistakes).

While writing to you, I realized it was 11.11 on the computer clock, so I stopped and started meditating. I saw the planet Earth from the bird’s eye view perspective and on the right a big oval portal that looked like a half-opened eye in horizontal position. Then I saw  something I can describe as a very delicate mist, raising from the body of planet Earth and connecting with the mist visible from the ajar portal. Everything was in shades of blue, the Earth, the portal etc.

I heard the words in English, which surprised me because I’m not a native of English – I’m Polish:

Light Body of Gaia has connected with the energies of Supreme GOD through the Mega Portal. The process has been accomplished.

I asked who is the source of information, the answer was: THE ELOHIM. I asked  them to repeat the message once again and it came as clear as for the first time, not distorted, not changed. I also asked whether I should send it to you and it was confirmed.

The vision was a bit more extended; I saw gold seeds being sown on the Earth from the space, on each one there was a capital letter M (“miłość” in Polish – “love” in English). The seeds grew very rapidly, giving the crops and then they were sown again and again.

There was also one thing I remember very vividly, I saw humans with only one gold heart chakra (after the process of merging of all the rest ones).

Thank you again for everything and for your time. I know that your wish is to ascend as promptly as possible, so may your wish come true. I do hope I’ll join the Family of Light in no time too.

In Light and Love,

Dear Dana,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time and for your appreciation of our website.

It was an excellent idea to share this powerful vision and message from theElohim concerning the ascension of Gaia and humanity after the lastMegaportal of ascension was opened on November 9th.

Although this event has been now mentioned in a number of other channelingsby other sources, most of them in a rather disguised form, it is always a great satisfaction and consolation to have this kind of direct confirmation as yours on the basis of a full understanding of what is actually happening energetically in the higher realms and on this upper 4D timeline behind the veil. Actually, this veil does no longer exist for us, the PAT, but only for those people, who still reject all these dramatic cosmic processes and events that now shape very effectively the destiny of this planet beyond human recognition.

Let me assure you that your English is excellent and that you need not apologize about it in the future. The Polish word “milosc” also exists in Bulgarian and Russian language as “milost” and means “compassion”, while we use for love the word “ljubov” respectively “ljubvi”. This as a comment between two Slavonic people. I can understand a little bit Polish, as I studied it at the university in Sofia more than forty years ago, but I cannot speak it as I have no practice.

Your vision is so powerful that I have decided to share it with the PAT and will publish it today.

Let us hope that this vision will manifest very soon for all humans in a visible manner and the end of this dreadful Orion reality will finally arrive.

At this point my HS makes me aware why we had to come to this earth and experience the utmost form of separation, trapped in a physical vessel – in order to realize how much we miss the unity and the freedom of simultaneity of the higher dimensions of All-That-Is. And then I remembered that this simple truth is encrypted in the first lines of the famous epic Polish poem “PanTadeusz“, written by your famous poet Adam Mickiewicz:

“Litwo! Ojczyzno moja! ty jesteś jak zdrowie;

Ile cię trzeba cenić, ten tylko się dowie, Kto cię stracił.

O Lithuania, my country, thou
Art like good health; I never knew till now
How precious, till I lost thee.”
(translation by Kenneth R. Mackenzie,)

Substitute “Lithuania” with the “higher realms / dimensions”  and you have the same meaning. By the way, there is a congenial translation of this poem in Bulgarian by a famous Bulgarian poetess, whom I had the pleasure to meet shortly after the Fall of the Iron Curtain, when I was able to return to my country as a political emigre for the first time and shortly before she died. She made this translation, as far as I remember, before WW2 as a student in slavistics. 

I remember when I saw the premiere of the film “Pan Tadeusz” by  AndrzejWajda in Munich in 2000 and how most of the spectators, being of Polish origin, were disgusted how unfavourably this famous film director has depicted their country fellows. They somehow cherished the idealistic illusion of the Polish people as fierce fighters for freedom and democracy, but the actual reality as presented very truthfully by both, Mickievisz and Wajda, did not seem to fulfil their naive expectations of the “glorious” revolutionary Polish past, where all patriots sacrifice their lives for the motherland. Rather, most of thembehaved like drunkards and the destiny of Lithuania was left to the hazard. I assume that most of them have not properly read this book, although it is studied at your schools. 

The Poles were so very much disappointed, almost in a shock and nobody acclaimed this wonderful film when it finished, as is the case in such a film premiere. There was instead a dreadful silence when the film ended. I must add that most of the Polish spectators were also emigres as the author, who wrote the poem in Paris full of nostalgia (home sickness) for his lost native country after the division of Poland and could not bear to see their national ideals being smashed in such a pitiless manner by two prominent, honest Polish artists.

I had just entered the last most intensive phase of my LBP at that time and was very much interested in human behaviour and reactions from this point of view. In particular, when the people, who have spent their lives in total denial of the reality, are all of a sudden confronted with the naked, merciless truth and hugely enjoyed this spectacle of collective Polish consternation. It was very much like in the famous fairy tale, when the small boy cries loudly – “The king is naked” and all the people wake up from their blindness and can no longer see the alleged beautiful king’s clothes.

Why am I making this detour in Polish literature? Because we shall very soon experience precisely this same reaction on a global scale when we, the PAT, shall ascend and appear in front of humanity as the new creator gods and will shatter into pieces the old, closed Orion mentality of the masses, believing to be a closed civilisation of mortal biological creatures.

Just as true literature expands human awareness, so shall the mission of the PAT. At least this is how I have always seen my duty in the first place as an educator and illuminator of humanity. My detour in the Polish literature was just a pretext to contemplate on this fundamental issue in the current  End Times.

By the way, there is an interesting recent channelled message that also addresses this topic, which now seems to be of key relevance in these last calm days before the storm:

This is my ultimate plea for the absolute necessity of the MPR and the deluge to come very soon on this upper 4D timeline as to awaken the people from their cataleptic state of somnambulists and transform them through shock therapy into conscious sentient beings, even at the expense of massive terraformingevents. And I must say that I am fed up of being presented by the usual New Age cowards as the “doom and gloom prophet”, only because I have the guts to look at the ugly visage of this rotten, decaying Orion world and to know that it must be destroyed first, before we can create heaven on earth.

With love

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