My Vision of the Coming MPR and the End Time Drama

by Georgi Stankov, October 11, 2013

Yesterday around 17:00 pm local time, I was retrieved for about 15 minutes from this earth, Superficially I had to lie down and sleep, but I was actually away in other dimensions. This happens to me every time when important decisions have to be made in the higher realms.

When I woke up, I immediately received I a very vivid vision. First I saw very sharply with my inner eye a detailed geographic map of the United States and North America, as if I would scroll in an atlas. Then all of a sudden this map rotated clockwise by 90°, while at the same time I received a message from my HS that the MPR was coming. This vision was very clear-cut and very impressive, as it was free of any additional details.

It is noteworthy to mention that on that same day I was considering very thoroughly all possible scenarios for the End Time, now that everything is in a constant flow and the situation changes by the minute. I was urged by my HS to do so after I had an email exchange early in the morning with Joe from South Africa. He wrote to me about his dream (nightmare) of a devastating nuclear war:

Hallo George,

I hope you are well. Had another lucid dream. This was a nasty one.

I was in Namibia in a very flat area that has a mountainous outcrop at about every 60 – 100 Kms (During the colonial times the old German “Schutztruppen” used to sit on those peaks and used a Heliograph to beam Morse codes to their compatriots 100 kms away). Near one of those little mountains I was walking along the main road (dirt road with little traffic). As I was getting near this mountain, nuclear explosions started to hit the mountain. More and more explosions. It seemed to be the start of a war. The enemy was nuking those mountains, so that they could not be used as observation posts. I turned around and tried to get back home, I started to feel very weak as the radiation of the nukes were hitting me from behind, and I wished I had covered myself with aluminium foil. I kept going until I managed to stagger home. The bombing of the mountains seemed very profound and I could see the mushroom clouds. End.

Do you think that the NWO will resort to nuclear to prevent our ascension? Maybe it was a bleed from a lower time line?! If this seems to be too far out, just dismiss it.

in love and light,

While writing my response to Joe, I realized that it is time for me to make a new assessment of the current situation as much has changed energetically in the last days, since we won our epic victory over the dark archons during the opening of the equinox portal Sept. 21-26. To this I will say more below.

Dear Joe,

let me first state it clear that neither a nuclear war, nor any other atrocity of the dark ones will hinder our ascension. Whether there will be a nuclear war remains to be seen.

We were told by Babaji that the war has been averted with respect to the Syrian crisis but that a huge war is still in the making and will inevitably explode. This message was given on Sept 11, but afterwards we fought a huge epic battle in the astral planes during the equinox portal and thus changed the course of the events in favour of the light on this upper 4D earth.

Since then my guess is that there will not be a devastating war on this upper 4D earth as it is now destined to experience a smoother transition. What will definitely come though and will bring death to billions soulless human beings that now walk upon this earth, will be the MPR, which almost everybody forgets at some point in time in his considerations, although I reiterate it now for two years like a mantra.

Even if you read the latest message of Babaji to Carla with respect to her call from the HS to leave Vancouver, it is clear that the MPR will cause huge transformations of the geography of the earth and will devastate and depopulate vast stretches of land.

Hence your nightmare may as well refer to a parallel timeline, of which there many now, where this has happened.

I dreamt this night that now all souls from Celestria come in physical light bodies to our timeline, which actually vibrates in the lower 5D as to support us in our last epic battle with the dark ones that will also trigger our ascension.

Hence a big confrontation is imminent and it cannot be wholly excluded that it may escalate to a nuclear war before we ascend, but this will not touch us in any way.  


After this correspondence, I addressed one more time my HS and asked with vehemence for further information on the ascension scenario. Two days ago I was already urged very strongly by my HS to undertake some research on Michelle Obama’s and her daughters’ biographies, which I immediately recognized to be forged for the public. Then I was informed during my research that Michelle Obama is a male that has undergone a transsexual operation and is now a tranny (shemale).

I must specify here somewhat as a physician. There are essentially two forms of sexual transformation from a male to female (surprisingly there are almost no examples of the other way round): 1) a hormonal and 2) a surgical transformation. In the first case the transsexual person preserves his penis and its functionality, while in the second case this male organ is surgically operated and an artificial vagina is created. It has nothing to do with the normal female organ but is only for aesthetic purposes. This is what Michel did when he was 17-18 years old and became Michelle to marry later on Obama. I am following this kind of operations since I visited Florence in the early 80s where there was a famous hospital at that time that made the first transsexual operations in Europe and the central park Cascine of this city was full of such shemales as prostitutes. This impressed me as a young medical doctor very much at that time and I informed myself thoroughly on this topic. Michel Obama must have changed his gender at about  the same time – 1981-1982.

When I wrote about this to Debra on that same day and then published this story on the next day, I was at odds why a normal heterosexual man – at that time I still considered Obama to be heterosexual  –  would marry a tranny. It did not make any sense  to me. Then another member of the PAT wrote to me in response to this article and told me that my information on Michelle Obama being a shemale is spot on and is confirmed by rumours that Obama is a homosexual and has regularly visited gay baths in Chicago when he lived there. But he could not provide me the links. Then I made another search on the Internet, now urged even more intensively by my HS than before, and found what I needed – the Wayne Madson Report.  Now I had the full picture of the dark events around the White House as they unfold these last days.

What I did in fact was to profit from our growing abilities nowadays to have an access to all kinds of information first hand from our HS as we are now all able to read the Akashic chronics and then to validate this information with already existing data on the Internet and in the mass media. The reason for this is that the PAT has moved  firmly to the 5D while waiting for our final transfiguration, while I have moved together with Carla to the 6th dimension already.

I knew now for sure why Obama has married a shemale – in order to hide his homosexual life in front of the American nation as to be able to realize his political ambitions. As you have read in the Wayne Madson report, he was helped all the time by his shadow dark masters who selected him very early for his destination – to be their puppet in the White House during these End Times and promote the policy of the NWO. They needed a fully compromised and highly ambitious person who also reaches to the far left in the political spectrum as to mire the masses after the disappointing Bush era. Then they took care to kill all witnesses that might revealed the truth about Obama’s past.

Please observe that I have nothing against homosexuals, except that I am heterosexual. I am only revealing here the fundamental lie around which the Obama’s myth was created by the dark US cabal and how the masses were mired worldwide to see in him the new savior  – of the NWO. Of course one could have thoroughly read his first speeches as a candidate for presidency to know that this man is a fake, as I did at that time, outraged by the fact that about 500 000 stupid German citizens gathered and listened to his notorious speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 2008 in a campaign to make him popular in Europe that indeed created an abominable Obamania on the old Continent.

After I found out that Michelle Obama is a tranny and that Obama is a homosexual, actually bisexual, who has married her only to hide his past homosexual life and associated murders of witnesses to promote his blood-thirsty carrier as a politician, I finally added a new piece to complete the Obama’s riddle: The execution of the young black woman in Washington last week by killer squads of the dark cabal. There is every reason to believe that this woman was a lover of Obama, whom she met two and half years ago during his visit in Connecticut and that the small one-year boy that survived the shooting is his son.

At that time Obama had to visit a local dentist due to a tooth problem where he met this young very handsome and confident dentist assistant. The fact that many MSM reported that this woman has complaint that she has been observed / spied by Obama’s agents in the last year seems to confirm this assumption. Hence it is quite probable that she was lured to Washington by the dark killer squads of the already functioning shadow US government as to be killed. They might have told her that Obama wanted to see her and his son. Why would this young lady travel from Connecticut to the capital with her one-year old child for no apparent reason as her family confirmed?

She was then executed in front of the Senate and immediately several notorious lies were put into circulation by the authorities about the actual circumstances of her death that were later rejected by amateur videos. Hence we have every reason to consider this event as another staged black op. For instance it was officially announced that this woman fled away from the police and crashed several of their cars on her flight through the capital streets. In fact amateur videos published on the Internet that have recorded this incident show how a policeman deliberately crashes his car in the street blockades for no apparent reason only to cover up this cold blooded crime.

I am not going to give you any links now as I do not want to pay too much attention to this incident, but only to show how my thoughts about the end time scenario evolved in these last days and how they were subsequently confirmed by my HS. Please remember that we have entered the time of immediate creation and unlimited direct access to information from our HS and do not need to do extensive investigative work anymore as to find out the truth. We have now all the information within us and through a direct access to the Akashic chronics. If you have realized this single fact, then this elaboration has fulfilled its purpose.

When I put the pieces together, a distinct, broader picture began to emerge in my mind. The first unlikely scenario is that Obama ordered the murder of his lover as to cover up his extramarital affair and the fact that he has an illegitimate son. If this had become known to the public, this would have eliminated him as a politician, now that he has hit an all-time-low in his popularity in the polls. To this speaks the fact that his child is still in custody and the grandparents and his aunt have been rejected to have access to the child by the authorities without any explanation.

But it is much more likely that the dark masters of Obama that put this caricature of a president in the White House want to eliminate him in a desperate effort to announce martial law and establish a full-fledged dictatorship in the USA. For this speaks the fact that the dark US cabal has manipulated the Congress to vote as early as 1976 an obnoxious law – and now listen very carefully – that is not possible to be offset by any subsequent law whatsoever. This legislation provides for the immediate suspension of the legislative power in the USA and the constitution and the establishment of a total dictatorship. Senate and House of representatives can be immediately suspended by a President’s decree. This law also provides for the building of a “shadow government” (yes. they use exactly this word in this legislation), so that the citizens will not even know the names of their dictators.

This all points out to some feverish efforts of the dark cabal to eliminate Obama and establish the martial law under the pretext that the current government shutdown and the impending default of the US state due to a blockade of the GOP to raise the debt ceiling in the House infringes on the unobstructed governance of the country. This creates a situation that allows the announcement of martial law and the implementation of the 1976 legislation, which very few American know that exists. It is a long-term planned coup d*etat by the cabal for the end times. I deliberately do not give you any references in this elaboration, as I am fed up with these atrocities of the dark ones and find it too tedious to insert them, but also because they will very soon cease to exist, just as this digital Internet when the MPR will come. But you can check on the Internet if you wish and you will find plenty of information on this issue (e.g. check the website of Paul Craig Roberts or global research).

It is obvious that the dark master of Obama want to get rid of him and have decided first to scare him by killing in front of the whole nation his lover, just to show what they are capable of. It is no coincidence that one major MSM source reported that Obama has commented after he had learnt about the killing of his lover that he might have been this victim, officially alluding to his black skin colour and the quickness with which the US police fires and kills black US citizens,on duty, which is a statistically confirmed fact. Then the killer squads entered the Senate to announce the end of the siege and that they they have killed the perpetrator and all the senators applauded these notorious assassins as if they have saved the republic. So much about the profound moral decay of the American society nowadays.

Since then and even earlier, when Obama cancelled unexpectedly and in the very last minute his trip to the Asean Conference, he must be hiding in the new bunker on the west side of the White House, which was built from 2010 to September 2012 as a secret operation center for the Doomsday (!) and according to various sources cost between 90 and 350 million dollars to the US tax payers. This information is given in an official website of the White House (check by yourself).

Now Obama knows that his days are numbered. If the Congress does not agree to raise the debt ceiling, which does not solve the US debt problem at all, but only prolongs the agony of this dying superpower, it is highly probable that martial law will be announced. In this case Obama will disappear and a shadow government of anonymous people will start to govern the USA in a dictatorial manner. There are already  a number of voices from the prestitutes in the MSM and from senators and House representatives in favour of this dictatorial solution. Make no mistake, the USA is already in default and no artificial raising of the debt ceiling will save it from bankruptcy. This may happen as early as next week.

Now why am I telling you all this that was revealed to me by my HS in the last few days? In order to better understand how the End Time drama will actually unfold in the coming days and be conscious and enlightened observers.

Independently of these considerations, I received yesterday the notion from my HS that the dark US cabal will most likely not be able to start a war or establish the NWO or martial law (state of emergency) in the U.S., even if they plan it, because since yesterday they are energetically totally isolated from the rest of humanity. They exist, so to say, in a total vacuum (void) and all their negative, dark plans are no longer transmitted by the new crystalline grids of the new earth (see also GaiaPortal). They simply fizzle out all their negative plans into Nothing, without reaching the people or being able to materialize in any way.

Then, this morning I had a conversation with Carla on Skype and she read to me some lines that were channelled to her by the Elohim yesterday and they had described exactly this same process, without myself having reported this perception to Carla.

The Elohim say that from now on the energetic connections and grids of Gaia, which establish and regulate the communication between the people, are able to convey only thought patterns of love, truth and of the highest creation, i.e. they resonate only with this higher vibrations, and all dark forces are completely blocked and can no longer reach and harm us, the people.

I have to mention that yesterday afternoon, after my nap, a massive energy boost to higher dimensions took place. Carla was also informed that both of us have firmly ascended now to the 6th dimension and this information completely coalesces with my perception. The whole group of first ascenders are also steadily rising over the last few days and are already in the 5D. This is definitely true for the whole PAT. We are now only waiting for our final transfiguration into crystalline bodies.

By the way, while writing this article I am hit by another huge cc-wave with a massive descent of source energy which has the potential to trigger the announced MPR. Hence stay alert.

Based on this information, the following vision is now taking shape in my consciousness with regard to the end time drama. It is no longer necessary for the final events to commence with a devastating war / state of emergency, etc. or with a massive financial collapse, but simply with the MPS and the accompanying natural disasters that will cause “epochal transformations” of the earth’s crust as reported by Babaji in his latest message to Carla . Before that he assured us that all timelines are now exhausted because of the many delays in the ascension plan, so that the MPS and all other final events will occur simultaneously.

Therefore, while one should continue keeping a close eye on the events in Washington and elsewhere, one should know for sure that the cosmic scenario has taken its course independently of what the dark cabal will decide to do, as they are now completely paralysed in their actions. This upper 4D earth has definitely passed the threshold where the cabal may play any role. This is mainly our achievement after we won an epic battle in the astral planes against the dark archons and demons end of September.

Insofar everything seems to fit into this scenario, which means that the old system will simply implode and disappear without any confrontation, as it happened with the hegemonic communist system in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in 1989.

The only thing that I cannot tell you with certainty is when the MPS will come, but there is increasing evidence that it will be very soon, possibly this weekend or next week. We must patiently wait and enjoy the privilege to watch this spectacle from the first row.


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