Urgent Energy Update – October 28, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

We are nor yet out of the woods. Precisely, the ascension process is now running with full force. After the massive energy episode on October 23-25 when two MPR and subsequent ID splits of these timelines took place at two near-by upper 4D timelines/ holograms, as already reported on this website, on late October 26th and the whole day of October 27th another powerful cc-wave round commenced, which points out to the occurrence of a third MPR on another upper 4D timeline.

This night I dreamt all the time that I am doing a lot of cleansing. At one time I had to cleanse a huge, deep well with very smooth walls like a vase and its walls were very dirty. Then I flooded the well with water to cleanse it better, but then I forgot how to stop the flow of water and there was a huge flooding. Could this be a symbol of the coming MPR with a deluge on the timeline, where we now reside? Most probably, yes, as my HS indicates.

Then I continued cleansing in the dream state, after a big party in big rooms had taken place, where there were a lot of half-empty flashes and glasses with alcohol and everyone knows what a shit it is to cleanse such a chaos after a wild drinking party. This dream vision symbolizes the irresponsibility and devastating character of the old Orion system, which we now have to profoundly cleanse prior to Ascension.

Anyway, the energies were so immense in the night that I thought  I would ascend immediately. Now my body is very rigid due to the intensity of the waves. The split head and headache from yesterday and the day before are however gone. Then  early in the morning a sudden and very powerful wave of collective existential fears hit me with such a might that I thought for a moment I would die. It was very much the same devastating wave I experienced on June 8th (and will never forget it because this is my worst nightmare) when the first MPR hit the lower 4D earth and the sense of despair emanating from the participating souls in this disaster was indescribable and my whole body was shivering with these vibrations of animalistic anguish. I am still under the spell of this most unpleasant wave of today and this latest experience convinced me that we had another, third MPR on another upper 4D timeline. Now the spiral of MPR is coming closer to our timeline with each day.

Then I had a conversation with Carla on skype (early morning in Vancouver) and discussed this latest flurry of massive existential fears that had flooded my field and Carla confirmed this same dreadful experience during this whole night. During our skype talk, the Elohim came and confirmed my assessment that another third MPR has taken place and that the next days will be very turbulent as a lot of cleansing and restructuring of the new worlds will take place.

They referred in particular to my multi-stage propulsion rocket model of ascension and reaffirmed one more time that with each MPR we make a huge ascension leap to higher frequency levels. When I asked if we would experience the MPR on this timeline, the answer was that we shall ascend before that and will not notice anything, just as we now float over the lower tumelines that crumble under our feet when the MPR arrives. But we are participating as multi-dimensional entities in all these processes and as empaths feel the surge of collective fears very strongly.

During this conversation I mentioned to Carla that I have received today a message from Asana Mahatari channeled by Jahn that also confirms the beginning of the MPR on the upper 4D holograms. This message was channelled on October 26th, one day after the first two MPR had occurred. It also announces  that new 4D holograms are incessantly being built, like a huge mushroom, and that new distributions of souls are happening these days. I will not publish this message, as it is of personal character and deals with the organisation of the future light readings, which Jahn will perform in 2014 from the 5D vibrational level.

In this context, I wondered how the HR create all the time so many new upper 4D timelines, unless there is a constant supply of new souls to incarnate in the current empty human shells that constitute the majority of humanity on each upper 4D hologram as to mimic optically the old earth. Otherwise we would have upper 4D holograms without any soul fragments anymore due to the fact that most of these souls have either died during the MPR on the lower 12 4D earths and also in the last several days on the upper 4D holograms and thus have been retrieved to Celestria, while the other soul fragments of the survivors are living on the catastrophic 3D and 4D earths of the NWO that are completely sealed from our current, steadily ascending timeline.

The creation of new holograms makes only sense if constantly new soul fragments are supplied as walk-ins as to make use of these new holograms and their experiences in the End Time of ascension and thus fulfil the law of energy optimisation. Otherwise this whole creation of new holograms makes no sense, if they are populated predominantly with soulless empty human images. This is exactly what I received as an information about two months ago from my HS when I visited the palace of the Bavarian King Ludwig in Chiemsee and pondered over this problem. I have published about this insight on several occasions in the past.

While presenting this line of argumentation to Carla on skype today, the Elohim told her simultaneously that this is indeed the case and that we now coach many new souls that have just incarnated in empty human vessels (as also reported by Jahn in his dream “Soul Transfer in Individual State Leaders) in order to make these auspicious experiences with the MPR in the End Time prior to ascension as to progress on their evolutionary path. However, they are very much terrified by what they are currently experiencing on these crumbling 4D holograms. This explains the flurry of dreadful collective angst that passed through my field today and which I assume many of you have also experienced very intensively yesterday and today.

The Elohim told us that the next three days will be very hard as we are now in the peak of huge cosmic transformations when new worlds are created and destroyed within the blink of an eye. This was actually the main reason why I decided to write this urgent update as to warn you to expect some more turbulences and pain in the last days of October, which seem to be of pivotal character for our imminent ascension.

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