Remarkable Synchronicity

by Georgi Stankov, October 3, 2013

It has become an established tradition that the messages of GaiaPortal always confirm the content and the information on the ongoing ascension process published on our website, most of the time within 24 hours. This is also the case with the latest two messages of this source published today, October 3, CET (Central European time), which superficially deal with different topics. But upon closer analysis they are two aspects of the same issue.

The first short message is a summary of my basic thesis in my latest article “The 5D Blue Codes of the Void”. These codes were transmitted in August by myself and Carla through the Christed unity consciousness of the PAT and the web of light we built around the ascending portion of humanity last year to the entire human population on this 12th 4D earth that has now reached the threshold of the 5D. This is what I wrote as a summary yesterday with respect to the energetic effect of this 5D blueprint (codes) for the collective behaviour of humanity:

“1) It has raised it to the threshold of ascension to 5D by enhancing an expanded, multidimensional collective consciousness, thus eliminating the past compartmentalized human consciousness of division, separation and antagonism, which was the fertile ground on which all wars throughout the history of mankind thrived so well.  

2) Now the war mongering of the ruling dark cabal as it recently peaked during the Syria crisis is out of the game, after we have won our epic battle in the higher realms as a substitution for the expected global war on the surface of this 12th 4D earth.

These two effects of the 5D blueprint were then substantiated by an overview of the latest political developments on this upper 4D timeline that are leading to an imminent collapse of the old Orion matrix.

And this is what GaiaPortal says today on this same topic:

Separation protocols previously operating on Gaia have been dissolved, and will remain. Supporting grids [for such protocols] have been eliminated, and will not again arise. Structurally sound consciousness has been achieved for this now moment, and all non-constructives are therefore not permitted.

In clear text: The old matrix of separation has absolutely no energetic support by the life-spending force of the HR and can crumble any moment from now on. This event is independent of what will still happens on the surface of this holographic planet, as outer human activities have no influence anymore on the destiny of mankind. It is now entirely shaped by the inner higher frequency realms, to which the PAT in the first place and then the rest of Hue-manity belong.

The second message of GaiaPortal must be read, according to my interpretation, as a powerful “farewell” of this source to humanity. And this is very significant indeed. As I have shown on many occasions, I have a great affinity for the messages of this source and have correctly interpreted them on numerous occasions in the past when ambiguity of the text was in play and I was asked by members of the PAT to do so or did so by my own initiative. Vice versa, these messages have been a constant, reliable companion of our forecasts and ongoing assessments of the rapidly changing energetic situation behind the veil and on the visible earth.

When I read this message early this morning, I had the bitter-sweet sense of finality. This source amply tells us, in conjunction with its previous message, that we have now reached the end of all time and that even the function of this source is now coming to an end. The reason for this is that ascension is looming on the horizon when our eternal mission for this planet as her faithful “conscious companions” (contrary to the unconscious human masses as simple “travelers“, most of them being “free-ticket travelers” as Jahn’s sources have repeatedly characterized them) will be finally revealed to us. We will be the New Earth Keepers, but our individual roles as ascended masters are still not known to us to the full extent.

Èireport Message: To Gaia Collective…

We of Èireport group wish to speak to all of the Gaia collective.

Our place in this realm has been to communicate messages from Gaia to those who might be called “Gaia Consciousness Companions” and “Gaia Travelers”.

We refer to you primarily in two distinctive forms: “Hue-man” (or “Hue-Being”) meaning, awakened to Higher Purpose (aka “Gaia Consciousness Companions”), and “hu-man” (or “hu-being”), meaning, yet to awaken to Higher Purpose (aka “Gaia Travelers”).

As so-called “outer” or 3D-visible changes occur, Hue-Beings are called to follow what may be termed “Higher Guidance” to discern missions and carry out what Gaia is calling for on a moment-to-moment basis.

We make no “according to time schedule” predictions or futur-izations. However, our responsibility to you, as “Gaia Consciousness Companions and Gaia Travelers”, is to monitor Gaia desires and actions requested, on energetic and 3D-5D levels, and pass them to all, via the GaiaPortal portal.

Those who are called to such missions as Hue-Beings, or Gaia Consciousness Companions, will find an ease of acceptance that “the mission” is what is yours to “do”, whatever “mission” means, and whatever “do” means, for you.

Old paradigm systems and timelines “failure” (collapse, dissolution) is certain. The “when” is not ours to state or imply, in any way, as we operate free of the time illusion (domain).

We will state here that we are honored with and by each and every Hue-Being who has recognized and accepted their Hue-Being-ness, and we applaud your courage and resonate with your passion with and for Gaia-Higher-Purpose.

Thank you.

As I have stressed in my article ” Summary of the Energetic Events During the Equinox Portal“, the exact date of ascension will come “like the thief in the night” and will not be announced by our HS or any other source, except indirectly through the visible political and financial events on the ground, Hence  no “according to time schedule” predictions or futur-izations” are possible or desirable.

But there is no doubt that ascension is imminent, after our brilliant, epic victory over the dark archons and their cabal in the astral planes (clusters of parallel worlds) during the equinox portal has opened all doors wide for this event. Otherwise GaiaPortal would not have issued such a comprehensive (compared to the succinct tradition of this source) farewell address to all humanity – to the  “Gaia Consciousness Companions“, who will ascend to 5D, and to the “Gaia Travelers“, who will continue with their incarnation on the balanced upper 4D earth after the final triad of events – detonation of the PAT Supernova, MPR and ID split – will occur simultaneously, as Babaji has recently informed us because there is no time left anymore for a gradual, successive unfolding of these terminal events.

The last fogs” that are now surrounding us on our “ascension platform” and are still hiding the perspective of the New Earth have begun to dissipate in the current “Void” and what we see now is a “path that is smooth and open.” (the Elohim). There is every reason to expect that the current necessary “void” (cosmic pause) after our epic victorious battle with the dark ones will be rather short and that ascension may come any moment in this illusory linear time. Nothing has changed in this respect. The steady build-up in the days after the massive opening of the equinox portal speaks clearly for this imminent probability.

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