The End Game

by Georgi Stankov, October 9, 2013

There is no doubt that we have entered the last most decisive and vulnerable phase in the history of this mankind. Sweeping transformations of Gaia and humanity have been just announced for the group and for those who will ascend first, and all prophecies since eons of time for this civilisation are now coming to fruition. It is one thing to know that you will ascend some day and that Gaia will move to a higher dimension, while the old earth will be vastly destroyed under your feet, quite a different thing to receive an urgent personal call from your HS that this time has already arrived.

In such a situation, one has to follow his inner voice without any hesitation, in full faith in the unlimited power of the divine, but also not to allow to be pushed by the ego-mind that still pretends to be in control of this reality in futile 3D actions, whereas this 3D facade has already crumbled. Only yesterday Alice wrote to me about a similar incident when her unconditional compliance with her inner angelic voice saved her life:

To confirm again, I will never put down my light saber until we are all safely ascended. It is one thing to have an intellectual knowledge about Archangel Michael and his powerful legions of light, but it is quite another to have directly experienced the power and love of this amazing being, as I did  in 1984.  I had just relocated to the headquarters of Mark Prophet’s Summit Lighthouse (which was located just outside Los Angeles at that time), where I was to become a member of their staff to assist, in whatever way possible, to spread the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. As I was descending in an elevator at the Los Angeles airport (I was the only one in the elevator), I stood close to the elevator door to make a quick exit.  Suddenly, I heard a most remarkable voice saying, “Stand back!” The voice startled me, but I immediately stepped to the back of the elevator.  As the elevator came to an abrupt stop at the ground floor, a 2” plate of solid glass came crashing from the ceiling to the floor of the elevator exactly where I had been standing. I would have been killed instantly had I not immediately obeyed this voice.”

After we have already detached from this reality and have firmly moved as a group to the fifth dimension in vibration, spirit and emotion, it is no longer possible for us to sustain the tedious efforts associated with our waning 3D responsibilities for family, friends, and beloved ones. The temptation is still big and the tension that arises from the fact that we can no longer reconcile these two realities that are now swiftly drifting apart may be too much of a burden for anyone of us to bear.

I am just mentioning this challenge, so that you all consider it and then eliminate it by dedicating your life in full faith to the omnipotent forces of the divine. Our faith is now under proof when the change has really become urgent. The impending sweeping events that will profoundly transform the surface of this planet are already underway and will affect every single life  – of the many, who will leave this planet through a death experience, and of those, who will stay unharmed and will ascend.

We have to face this blatant truth in full consciousness and without any fear whatsoever that distorts the clear view. But also without any remorse or false attachments to past habits and obligations to the very last minute. From now on every incarnated soul is responsible for her own survival. In other words, do not follow the example of most pregnant women, who, shorty before giving birth to their child, begin to cleanse the kitchen and the whole house under the hormone surge in the pre-partal phase, only to end up in birth pangs. I am fully aware of the fact that it is easier to utter such a recommendation than to follow it ardently. But this is how it is and will be.

From now on, nothing that will happen at the societal level will have any impact on us and on the destiny of humanity and Gaia. It is already sealed by a divine order and all eventual events – be they the demise or impeachment of Obama or the establishment of an emergency state in the USA and the world over  – will have no impact on our ascension. In the meantime, the last epic battle with the dark ones is still ongoing, but this is no news, as it goes on like this since the very beginning of linear time on this earth, and for us, since the beginning of our incarnation on this most toxic planet.

The current dichotomy – the schizophrenic state of being a mighty omnipresent ascended master and still a humble limited biological being  – in which we now spend our last days in this illusory reality, is highlighted by my correspondence with Debra from yesterday:

Dear George.

I’m doing rather well. The last two days I was a bit depressed, but this has lifted since I went to work this afternoon to teach a class. It’s so important for me to continue to engage a little bit with the world. 

After writing the reply to you I felt very empowered and had to sit in meditation to ground the intense light coming into me. I may have connected to your portal, I think, and then also transferred this protection to my own. Thank you for that…


Dear Debra,

my portal is very powerful indeed and that is what makes my life so strenuous in this reality still in a physical body, Recently, I bi-located /materialized in Carla’s apartment for more than an hour. However, I cannot remember this event, but Carla saw me very vividly. I have had a long discussion with her about ascension strategies.

Hence it is possible that my HS has also beamed myself to Berlin to your apartment too. I hope, you do not consider this as too much of an intrusion in your personal life as I cannot control it.


Dear George,

Yes, I read about your bi-location briefly in your email exchanges which you published! Fascinating. Of course I don’t mind the intrusion, but my take is that as I was writing the email I had you very strongly in mind and I connected to you telepathically, and thus your portal, which is one and the same. So not like you were in my space, but that we meshed because I became suddenly energetically pulled out of my body. I imagine this to be probably your perennial state of being. Such energies that you feel like you’re being ripped out of the fabric of space-time. Is this so?


Dear Debra,

This is exactly the normal sensation which I daily experience, that is why I have such difficulties to dwell in this reality as nothing attracts me anymore and even my mind cannot concentrate anymore on human affairs.

Yesterday, for instance, I had the inkling that Michelle Obama is a transsexual and was born as Michell Obama, a male. He changed his gender at the age of 18. Then I checked a number of videos and publications /bios and this seems to be rather probable, as there is a lot of uncertainty and awkward facts or gaps about her life and that of her children.

She also definitely emanates the aura of a shemale and her physical stature is definitely that of a transsexual, as my clinical eye suggests  – powerful male biceps and male 0-legs (bowlegged) with thick thighs, male kin etc. and then her posture and movement. As a man, she must have been an excellent sportsman /American football and this is still evident and contradicts her biography of a studious girl, who has not done any sports at all. In a recent video I saw her even out-powering physically Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball star, in a training with children at the age of 48.

But I cannot even concentrate on such a simple investigation, although my HS tells me that my suspicion is true. Poor Obama, he has fucked a tranny all his life, in case he has not had extramarital affairs, and his daughters are adopted, allegedly they were birthed with the help of a close family friend who was a gynaecologist. The two girls really look genetically completely different. His dark masters have him fully in their hands, not only due to his foreign nationality, which is high treason according to the US constitution, but also due to his rotten sexual and family life.

There are even well-founded rumours that the woman, who was killed by the police in Washington DC in her car several days ago, was Obama’s lover and the baby that survived the shooting is his child. The woman has been lured to Washington by Obama or his dark stooges to be killed as she talked too much about this connection. Or it may as well be the first act of his dark masters to demise Obama from power, first by scaring him and then eventually eliminating him, as he no longer serves them as a “NWO salesman”. This is all part of the current desperate criminal plots of the dark US cabal before they will be totally defeated and destroyed by us – the light warriors of the first and last hours. 

I know I digress, but I try to stay anchored in this schizophrenic reality and it is so difficult for me. Not even such a story excites me anymore.

George ”

But, nonetheless, the next days will be the most exciting and dramatic days in the long history of mankind and this earth and we will definitely be the main protagonists in these events. In fact, we are already, but this time in a visible manner to all people.

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