Last Epic Battle

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 6, 2013
first published in English on October 8, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

People come into the light and come to the other side of the veil. And the light warriors who remain expect the last major tasks. In accordance with your orders, you will now bring about the final facts. Be courageous, brave and consistent in their implementation. Because the dark powers do not give up and still have the power to surprise you as their “souls” were enriched by fragments of the evil.

This means that many dark ones now leave their physical existence on this 4D/12th level. And they leave (usually unintentionally) to the remaining on the earth “warriors of darkness” their “essence” or their last soul fragments. Due to this fact, the latter gain access to new forces and are inspired to new maliciousness. This message has nothing to do with the fact that the demons were taken away from the people, because this is another (astral) level. These statements relate only to the rulers of this world, who extract their last personal gain in form of energy and strength from the death of many people.

An unusual but important message, because: Never again shall the light warriors of this time, the light warriors of the first hour enter unprepared into a battle and be surprised by the dark princes, so that they are wounded and ultimately hurt.

This means: Get ready for the grand finale. Be sure that you will be accompanied by us in all aspects and guided on the theatre of war and even more, we, ourselves, are the ones who will draw our sword of light from the sheath and thus stride along with you into this battle.

Herewith we describe: The last epic battle on the planet before it is all decided for all – without any rest. I speak today as the commander of the Galactic Federation of Light and as the light itself to you. As the one, who at the behest of God will terminate all the old and hidden games on this level creation. Right now.

I am

October 8, 2013

Dear George,

thanks for these explanations, which I can only confirm. It comes again to this very point.

As for the “unpreparedness”, I see mainly all the light warriors being addressed, who are not really, like us, in the first row of combat, because these ones can very often neither properly assess the persistence, nor the power that is inherent to the dark ones. Very often, I see this when I talk to the people, I perceive it during the light readings in the collective energy patterns of those present, also in the letters that we receive or even in the global human collective. For me the message that here we have to do with the most epochal event, where light and shadow, good and evil meet one last time, has not yet arrived 100 % in the minds of many light warriors, even in those, who continue to walk courageously and fearlessly with us,

Whether people like you or myself were mentally prepared for every “attack”, is here, in my view, not so much the point, what is meant is that many people have closed themselves on the subtle level for the strength and mentality of the dark ones, they have underestimated them (or have slipped into vague fears, which paralyzed them) and thus were always caught off guard and on the wrong “left foot” (A German saying for being surprised,,note George), as these forces come again and again – truly, these  “undead” attain (steel) always new energy. To present it in a nutshell:

The darkness summons its power again for the last (hopefully!) stroke and we shall fully obliterate it  – destroy it! This is too an act of transformation and has, of course, nothing to do with an ostensible meditation upon a cushion, though only by the unflinching devotion to our own issues, it is possible for us to see through this (darkness).

The spiritual levels will keep us now, as it breaks down for me, closer to the actions and plans of the dark ones, what was previously not really possible, because the light warriors of this time were not ready for the whole truth. “The truth should be reasonable to all people”, but what good is it if no one listens, because it is so inconceivable that it simply cannot be digested by a “naive” spirit!

Another fact is also sure for me, and here I agree with you completely, that it is not over yet. Even if all target lines are met, the finish line itself is not yet passed by us and what is of particular importance for me is that we are the last ones that will exit this level. Thus there is still much to do in fact.

With respect to the developments in the USA, I see many possibilities. It turns out anyway that Obama has missed the attack on Syria and since then he is classified by the dark ones as a failed and consumed NWO salesman. It is a fact, that the Empire needs a “major crisis”, so that it can install the NWO. Whether it is the debt crisis? I am not so sure, at least this crisis could generate a far greater crisis, and there I am thinking of a “false flag” attack in their own country (800 FEMA camps, of which 300 are fully ready, suggest to this possibility).

But these are only speculations on my part, the “final battle” is in any case in progress and the message that I will send you in the following (see above) shows that this has yet to come after the next ascension wave – after the “cosmic break” – is complete, and I will be surely not participating in this wave.

For my daily awareness, the knowledge that we are now made aware from the spiritual light levels of the impending nastiness of dark ones on its eve is very important, because I thus enter all encounters, observations and situations in my everyday life much more consciously and I am aware of the comprehensive protection that is given to me, more than ever on every occasion. Because carelessness opens the door for the dark ones and I think now that many light warriors, due to this ongoing developments that are expressed in the last messages, are on alert and never put their lightsaber in the nook or simply drop it.

I suspect, and herewith I complete these considerations, that the dark ones will commit the “great crime”, whatever it may be, and that we, who will have to hold on to the very end, will be raptured in the very moment, at which our tasks are fully met and as announced – MPR will come .

I also thank you for informing me that I was (have been) also recently harassed by the dark ones. This situation is known to me for quite some time and as you write correctly, it deserves no further elaboration. The knowledge that it is so, is sufficient to always keep upright my permanent protection.

One observation I would like to share finally to this “new topic” with you:

Since the message of October 6, 2013 “LAST EPIC BATTLE “, I feel a new strength in me – far from any uncertainty or fear. I suppose the universal protection and the forces of light who are loyally devoted to me in millions is an instantaneous truth for me now. For although this is known and conscious to me since long time, I have never had such an immediate perception, such a feel for this reality. This shows that something significant is in the making – it is an indication of this, and I want to inform you, and possibly also the people who will read these lines (in case you will publish this correspondence).

Why? Because I am convinced that all the light warriors of the first hour, all the people out there, regardless on what continent they live and where they serve God and the light, are provided with a similar kind of protection! All the warriors armies of light are put on service for us, and to heighten our awareness and always maintain it in this state is more important today than ever.

With these words, I look forward to the greatest moments of our global and individual history and I am connected to all those, who stand on the side of the light, even if they do this at the last moment of their existence, and because of a single clear vision.

I send you strength and the blessing of the One

in love

Dear Jahn,

I thank you sincerely for this detailed disquisition of the current situation, I agree 100 % with you. I wanted to reply yesterday, but then I decided to wait till you send me the message “Last Epic Battle”.

Your elucidation of the mental condition of the lightworkers is absolutely correct and accurate. There are very few who are willing to look the truth prima facie and to fully grasp and internalize the great battle between the light and the darkness that is raging on this toxic planet. This presupposes a great deal of courage and the least light workers have developed this courage in themselves.

In addition, their souls do not inform them about this fact  – their inner connection to the truth is capped. They are provided with pseudo-information out of the mothballs of “love and light ” and are constantly deceived, so that they should not wake up in immense fears and then immediately want to leave this earth. The motto of their HS is  – rather a confused and ignorant warrior on the earth than an enlightened coward who immediately leaves this planet upon awakening and is thus no longer available for the final battle.

This deliberate deception of the light warriors was discussed in the 90’s by various channels, but since then there is a complete silence on this critical topic of earthly existence and the light workers are lulled into false idyllic notions.

Thus, this unrewarding task to combat the forces of darkness consciously to the very last moment remains reserved for just a few light warriors and they have to render twice and thrice the required performance and sacrifice in order to make the bet, that has been hidden from the slumbering lightworkers by the dishonesty of their souls.

But we can no longer change this fact and therefore it is logical that now the heavenly forces have decided to provide us with all possible assistance, so that the final epic battle is not completely carried out upon our shoulders, as has usually been the case in the past.

Personally, I perceive the final battles to be much more enjoyable and easier than was the case 10 – 8 – or even 2 years ago. I am thinking first and foremost of the horrible months after the opening of stargate 11:11:11 and then until Christmas 2011, as well as throughout the whole year of 2012, which I still have in memory today as one veritable hell on earth. In this respect it can only get better from now on, and what actually happens on the ground will no longer be our “beer” (German slang for “care”).

Lots of loving greetings

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