Energy Update – Energy Peak October 23-25, 2013

by Georgi Stankov, October 25, 2013

In hindsight, I have now three days with peak energies in a row. Wednesday, October  23 extreme high frequency and intensity waves, beginning in the night. Then on Oct 24, a massive cleansing wave with very unpleasant biting and burning energies as if thousands of needles were piercing my skin and body; cleansing and perception of extreme negative collective patterns of aggression and anger. I had a three-hour midday sleep when I was retrieved in the higher dimensions for important consultations on the ascension scenario. Finally, this night and today Oct 25, I have a very long and massive cc-wave with unbearable headache and the whole spectrum of clinical symptoms that accompany such a cc-wave, which is peaking at this very moment (14.00 pm local time).

Normally I have such a prolonged peak-wave episode always when a MPRhappened on one of the lower 12 4D earths, as this has been diligently documented on our website. First there was always an announcement on my part and then we had the confirmation from our channelling sources. The last time I had such an episode was on October 11th when the MPR took place on the last 12th level of 4D and was then immediately confirmed by the Elohim through Carla:

This time the intensity is even higher than on October 11th and only comparable to that during our epic battle at the equinox portal in the astral planes when we eliminated the gross of the dark archons on this timeline.

I am fairly sure that during these last three days we have had not only a big shift / leap to higher dimensions, but most probably we have induced (initiated) another major ID split or 5D portal, as I dreamt diffusively this night. But most likely we have just triggered the MPR on these upper 4D timelines. It will be very interesting to know what our channelling sources will tell us this time about this significant energetic event that is still ongoing today and may as well continue tomorrow.

Parallel to this energy peak from the Source the sun’s activity is also peaking these days:


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