Day of Light

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 21, 2013
first published in English on October 22, 2013 in


Together with my family we stay in front of the house and look at the sky. A sky like this we have never seen before. The colors are intense, as there are not of this earth, the blue is stunning and the clouds look like painted in the sky. The sun shines in a way that is unknown to us here. We are absolutely fascinated and we say to ourselves: Now we have entered the new world. And I myself am quite surprised that we have simply passed through the door as to enter into this new world. How easy, I think to myself. (End of dream)


This dream image is self-explanatory in all and only requires the acknowledgment of the spiritual hierarchies, which are responsible for the ascension of humanity. And this is hereby given. Ascension is only a step away, and it is only necessary to go through the door into the open air and to view the new heaven.

This scene describes that for the ascending humans ascension will be easy and very natural. Simply to step outside or to go into the next room, to look at the new environment and to know that you have arrived.


I perceive in the last days a very clear and beautiful sky. Again today, a mild and sunny autumn day at almost 20 degrees Celsius in Vienna, it can hardly be more beautiful, and yet the colors in the dream were of a different quality and of another world. (End of report)

Yes, this is something completely different and new. It is important, and herewith I will conclude this brief message that acknowledges and affirms everything that has been recently said with respect to ascension, that you should joyfully expect these miracles. Shocks will be only there, where they are needed to catapult the people from the old ways, for someone who is, however, familiar with the many details of the ascension process, which have already been given to you, and evolves with this vibration, needs only the certainty that the day of the light is very close. And this certainty is presented here again.

In infinite love for my brothers and sisters, who are one in God


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