Cosmic Light Bell Jar

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 28, 2013
first published in English on October 31, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Ascension Hologram and Magnetic Grid Match

Love, grace and divine light – are in the world you now find a daily truth. Without time, without space, immersed in the eternal presence of God, in the ALL-IS-GOD reality. You are expected, your arrival is imminent – the ascension process reaches new expansion and you will gain, one after the other, the all-knowledge again. 

I am the Love

Why is it so crucial that you live on your exact blueprint, that your actions match your blueprint or that your life runs exactly on track? Because your individual blueprint is the exact mirror image of the cosmic blueprint of this world that is in the process of ascension. In order to be locked in the ascension process and be fully embedded in it, it is necessary to stay in complete resonance with it.

It is good that you understand how the micro – and macrocosm interact, how they play together and how they cannot do without each other. It is good that you understand that the one thing and the other, and the small relationships cause the big events.

Each person who acts on this timeline of the upper 4D-holograms, who is truly present here by transferring his consciousness onto this timeline, has recorded the exact “schedule” of his ascension in his cosmic blueprint. And this life plan requires actions and decisions that go in conformity with it. This means that a life in the “arbitrariness” or dedicated to wrong activities is exactly the opposite of what is now required. Therefore, it is urgently needed now, and while there is still an opportunity, to make the necessary adjustments in your behaviour.

On a very close day, the following will happen:

The cosmic blueprint of this ascending world will descend upon the people and will lock with their blueprints. Like a vast light bell jar, the new world will descend upon you and will lift you up. This cosmic light bell jar that will carry you into the new world, recognizes from the light pattern and the magnetic grid, which a human being displays, whether this entity is entitled and ready to go along.

If someone lives in negligence to his original divine orders, that is to say, he neglects his blueprint, his being acquires a vibration and an energy structure, which cannot be recognized by the “cosmic light bell jar” and this creature must remain on the ground. This is a level that needs to be well understood, so that you are aware in every moment of the importance of this pointer: to live and fulfil your orders – under all circumstances  – with the necessary dedication.

Each human being can be identified by his vibrational pattern. When an entity lives contrary to his orders, his vibrational pattern changes and he can no longer be recognized by the “Ascension Hologram”, which is an exact mirror image of all the energy grids of the people who are ready to ascend. And for all the people, who now slip into big worries, whether they live within or outside their divine matrix, It will be made clear at this place: Anything that feels absolutely right for you, and any decision, which has come into being without any compromises and which has been taken without the ego-consciousness, is a clear indication that the person is exactly on track.

Every person who makes decisions on the basis of general considerations, which means, to do it all right and thus not really satisfy anyone, is a step in the wrong direction, and this emanates clearly into his life pattern, into his energetic structure. Those people who worry, do rightly so, because they are uncertain and vague, and these are the people, who are admonished by their inner voice again and again to breathe a new direction in their life.

You are constantly exhorted by the inner voice to repent, to return to your blueprint, and these people already suspect that something goes wrong in their life and they ask themselves the legitimate question: “Will I be able to ascend”

Everyone who lives exactly on the trail of light, who boldly dedicates his life to God and subordinates everything to his ascension, is absolutely certain. We are not talking about those who live in a kind of “ascension hubris”, that is to say, who indulge in a rather haphazard life and believe that because of God’s love, in case of emergency they will be also heaved and therefore they need not contribute anything to it.

He, who loves and trusts, who fearlessly equips his actions with the signature of his blueprint, he can look forward to the great feast in God’s heaven realms.The preparations to this event are completed, the perfect will enter the new world – the love triumphs, the light is All-Over. The world is heaved and man is healed. Successful is your life, when you have fulfilled, for what you came here. You are hallowed, because the salvation of the world has been fulfilled in you.

I have come to remind you of your orders. Correct your life, as long as it is still possible to correct it – accomplish the true realigning of your life and live and love this decision.


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