The Arrival of the Incarnated Angels

by Georgi Stankov and Jahn J Kassl, October 29, 2013

translated by Georgi Stanklov


This publication contains a very intense exchange of information with Jahn. It is of utmost importance and scope, because it reveals for the first time the new developments in the last phase of the ascension process that have been previously discussed only on this website and have never been mentioned by any terrestrial or excarnated source whatsoever. This is because one can only understand this latest information and integrate it into existing knowledge on the basis of the multidimensional ascension model of Gaia and humanity, as developed by myself.

It is the outstanding characteristics of this website to carefully integrate all the true facts and information in a coherent, gnostic system of knowledge and at the same time to detect all false statements that hinder our search for the big truth and to eliminate them immediately. The great mysteries of the universe can only be tapped truthfully if the analytical, axiomatic, all truth integrating approach of the new theory of the Universal Law and Gnosis is consistently applied and observed in every moment.

All current intellectual and other mental practices lead to fallacies and false gnostic insights. This is the only reason why the esoteric scene has so miserably failed – their representatives have never learned to think logically and axiomatically and have instead hidden behind their tangled feelings that they glorify in their arrogant stupidity like false idols as the “wisdom of the heart”. Sancta simplicitas! Therefore, they will not ascend in their vast majority and the new findings on the latest developments in the ascension process presented in this article will be of no relevance to them at this time.


Dear Jahn,
I have read very carefully this last personal message of Asana Mahatari to you regarding your light readings in 2014 and thought a lot about it. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it raises more questions at this time than it answers, especially with regard to your personal destiny. I will discuss this in more detail, because the topic is of vital importance to us all.

First of all I would like to confirm Asana Mahatari’s news that the MPR has already begun on the upper 4D holograms / timelines. The energy-episode on October 23 to 25, of which I have reported to you, in fact, led to two MPR and ID splits of two upper timelines as the Elohim have then confirmed to Carla immediately:

after I announced this event before that:

The day before yesterday and yesterday there was another very strong cc-wave with energy descent from the source, which is typical of a MPR, so that I assume that a third MPR has already taken place on another upper 4D-timeline. Now we have to expect that very soon this timeline (4D hologram), on which we now dwell, will be haunted by an MPS and then the first major wave of ascension will have to take place, as we do not need to experience this event, as Asana M. underscores one more time in his last message.

And now I come to the many questions that he raises in his message, perhaps with intention and care, so that we continue to think and ask.

If he says that you will perform your light readings in 2014 as healings from the vibrational level of the 5D, does this mean that you are then already ascended and will be performing these healings in your light body from 5D or is it meant that you still remain in your biological body and that these cures will be then carried out by other light sources? I think that this is a key question for you and that you have the right to obtain clarity about it.

Then comes the next question. The people who will visit your healings in 2014 must be obviously other people than those who now visit your light readings. This is clear from the remarks of Asana Mahatari and also from the fact that these people obviously need healing before they ascend and thus are likely to stay longer in 4D until they are ready for that. I assume now that a portion of your current participants will participate in the first ascension wave and are therefore largely healed.

From this I conclude that the first big wave of ascension must take place before 2014 and because of this the composition of your group of participants in your future healings must change. This fact once again calls forth the question of whether you will ascend with the first group, which will also include some of your current participants, or not.

Hence these are basic questions that your sources, in my opinion, have the obligation to answer, so you can get the necessary clarity in order to be able to fulfill your duties adequately. I have repeatedly made the experience, also with your sources, that if one keeps certain contents in a limbo of uncertainty that he will not get any binding and precise answers. But if one asks exactly, then one always gets more accurate answers. And perhaps this is the main purpose of this message and not the ostensible information that you will perform healings instead of readings from 2014 onwards.

In addition comes another aspect of general relevance that this message and your previous messages pose, to which we need accurate answers.

We already had MPR on all 12 4D earths in the last 5 months since the 8th in June. Then two more MPR came on the upper 4D timelines on October 23 to 25, and most likely a further, third MPR the day before yesterday and yesterday. All these MPR lead to massive death toll and many soul fragments have returned after this death experience to Celestria (upper 5D). The soul fragments of the survivors stayed in their vast majority on the 3D dogs’ earth or on the lower catastrophic 4D earths of the NWO, as reported by your sources.

This means that hardly any souls remain if no supplies as “walk-ins” would take place. In fact, we see the constant creation of new holograms on the upper 4D, which are filled with people, so that they remain the same as the old earth. Most of them are soulless empty shells as your sources have assured us. But if it continues like this, there will be actually no soul fragments anymore on these constantly emerging new holograms, except the souls of those who will ascend anyway.

But this makes little sense, since we will have at the end the upper final, balanced 4D earth emerging from this timeline, where all potential ascension candidates will be residing after the MPR in order to qualify for ascension at a later time during this incarnation (probably after many years) or in future incarnations.

This means that  actually these days there must be a constant supply of new soul fragments that incarnate as walk-ins into the empty shells of these people in order to participate in these end-time events.

There are two good reasons for this assumption, which have not been discussed by your sources so far, with the exception of a few walk-ins in heads of states.

1) All-That-Is always operates under optimal conditions. I have defined this as the “law of optimization“. In this particular case, as many souls as possible must participate in these holograms and make their appropriate experiences there, so that these creations can fulfill a purpose.

2) It is a well-known fact that there were many more candidates for an incarnation at this time on the earth, than could actually be considered. This high demand is due to the knowledge of these souls, what great opportunities there lie in participating in an incarnation on the earth at this time in order to further evolve.

Therefore, one must assume that when so many souls were retrieved from the lower twelve 4D earths and at the same time constantly new 4D holograms are built, currently an exponential increase in new incarnations as walk-ins into empty human vessels must take place. Although I got this information from my soul about 2 months ago and wrote about it several times, it would be very useful if you can learn some more details about this topic from your sources:

How do the higher realms manage to create so many new holograms, unless they are incarnated with new souls, so that there can be an optimal use of these holograms, where many excarnated souls can now make their valuable experience in body with the ascension process in its last phase in order to rapidly evolve?

While I was writing these lines, my HS told me that I had to make this analysis as to promote the dialogue and to raise the level of our understanding of the recent events  as Asana M. has auspiciously mentioned in this message. Hence we were prompted with this message to think further and ask specific questions that will then be answered very soon. This is how an equal exchange of information between us and the higher realms must proceed from now on.


Dear George,

I thank you sincerely for these words …. Now to your questions and the confirmation given by your HS that we look forward to new developments, which will bring us clarity by emploing the human “question mode”.

My individual contracts will definitely play out, at least at the beginning of 2014, still in the physical body. This is always internally “recorded ” by myself. A change into light body will be announced to me in a timely manner. Until now I could fully trust that all my individual steps in the evolution to God were made timely, unambiguously and widely known. Insofar I see it at present that the current or a similar timeline will still remain the same for many light warrior, at least at the beginning of 2014. For beings like you and Carla are, in my view, other ” laws” are valid, because of your specific orders. I myself also cherish, with respect to my personal orders an innate “curiosity” and I demand, the way I feel it, all the knowledge I can get from the spiritual world  – and this has never been denied to me, it has been given to me not always right away, but at the right time.

I am very grateful that you have, so to say, representative for me (and indicating at the bigger picture), posed these questions in this mail and I see some of them already answered and everything that is still open will be given.

Probably due to the abundance of my messages I only rarely enter a “query mode”, because then I would probably lose myself in the question-and-answer game and will no longer be able to listen in the silence that reveals, far away from my mind, the mysteries of creation. This particular working mode, in which I always keep balance between the active questioning and the skillful expectation of the answers, is a true blessing for me and makes it all possible.

Yes, what does this mean for the overall ascension process and how does it work out with the constantly created new holograms – to this now directly ASANA MAHATARI ( see Appendix message, given at 15.00 pm, then pause and continued from 21.00 pm) …

Now , it is 23.14 o’clock, and I read on your website (using Google translate) the following sentence: ” …when new worlds are created and destroyed within the blink of an eye. ” And I remember that I almost got an identical statement today “…because truly, worlds are now ascended and worlds go under“.  “This was actually the main reason why I (George) decided to write this urgent update as to warn you to expect some more turbulences and pain in the last days of October, which seem to be of pivotal character for our imminent ascension.”

Thus, I have decided to send  this message to you now as it is, and not read it again. Maybe this is a guide that shows us the way to all final and finite events that will come.

With Love and Gratitude

The finale of the Final Phase
Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 28, 2013
first published in English on October 29, 2013 in

Freestyle Program of Ascension

Loved ones,

it is obvious that this unique process of ascension has been expanded and enriched again by an essential facet. The “obligatory program” is finished, now follows the “freestyle program of ascension.

Indeed  all the now newly created holograms of the upper 4D earths are either equipped with “walk-ins” or “incarnated” by high angelic beings who have never incorporated into a physical body, in order to keep the energy and to promote the ascension of the people who are present there.

Many beings could not be considered for (incarnation) for this “time of all times”, this is now done in full scope, and it happens that the dark ones are now being starved of energy at the levels of 4D, because they will not find the necessary number of 500 thousand human souls in all upper 4D holograms.

The slavery is over. Only the lower 4D levels and all 3D levels were seized in various grades or completely by the dark machinations. A one-time grace period has begun. Continue to have faith.

It is important, and this justifies and requires all your questions with which you come to us, it is important that you understand why now this new “time loops” are created and why the ascension of many, who are so desperately waiting for this event, will occur within this kind of dynamics.

All new holograms are inhabited, incarnated with souls and equipped until enlightenment can unfold at these levels. The ascension of the light warriors of the first hour, those who have fulfilled their specific orders, remains unaffected by these facts. Affected are only those who have yet to do and act as a man among men, in physical and yet “unfinished” nature. It is also important to know that nothing has been changed in the individual orders, these will only be reaffirmed or made known to you now, because the waiting for the salvation is grinding down the will of anybody who does not know the causes of the waiting.

This first message on this new (ascension) dynamics should lift you up, because truly, worlds are now ascended and worlds go under.

Your orders, beloved Jahn, go on initially in a “linear” fashion before the linear structure is removed. This requires that you be patient, and as a master of this you will perform very well. We will contact you again about this and other new developments. We are close to you and we are with you.

The ascension process goes into the finale of the final phase. We have performed our obligatory program and now we get the opportunity to present in the finale freestyle program once again all our abilities, the love and devotion to this divine project.

Many angels have never looked through the eyes of a man, they know not what a physical body feels like, and this is now made possible and accomplished at the upper 4D earths. With this, the universe expands again and the dark forces are deprived of the ground for their ill-doings on the here mentioned levels of being.

The process of ascension receives its “fine-tuning”, in the manner that the wishes of those are met, who were not originally approved for the journey on this earth because they come from other planes of existence or because the number of incarnated souls was met for this time of change on the earth.

This means the true completion of the ascension process, since even those potentials that were previously unaffected, can now be considered. Be ready – anytime, stay true to your orders because the great cosmic bow is now completed.

In infinite love


Further literature on walk-ins in 4D holograms

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