Be Vigilant: Dark UFO Sightings on the Rise Prior to Our Ascension

by Bradley B. and Georgi Stankov, September 24, 2013

Regarding “False Flag” post & recent visitation

Dear Dr. Georgi –

Greetings from Los Angeles, CA.  I hope this note finds you healthy & happy…

I have been following your website for the last year, and I thank you wholly for your time, energy & spirit for both it, and your work, in general.  It takes dedication and bravery to follow your path.

The recent “False Flag” post was like a punch in the gut. You see, I have been visited 3 times in the last 7 days, and last night there were 5 objects in the sky. I was able to see them with binoculars last night, and although I couldn’t clearly make it out, I did not “feel good” about it. It was not “warm and fuzzy”, as we say in America.

Something about it wasn’t right. I had been told by several people to be careful – but, these objects stay in the sky near me for 2+ hours, and respond to light – so naturally, I’m fascinated by them, and assume they are working with The Light.

Your email confirmed what I felt. I must be very cautious, and frankly, if they are working for the Dark, I would like them to go away.

Sir, could you suggest how I may go about telling the difference? I do not want to be associated in any way with them if they are Dark, and I certainly don’t want them to harm me or distract me from my work.

If you & the PAT have thoughts on the matter, I would be honored to have them.

My deepest respect.

Dear Bradley,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and for your appreciation of our website and my work on it. I have announced that I do not respond to emails anymore, but I am making an exception in your case

Now to your important question. It is obvious from what you write that you can already discern dark from light sightings / UFOs. The best way to check them is to use your lightsaber and to point it at such objects and then to urge them loudly to give you a proof that they are from the light and display Christed consciousness. If they are from the dark side, they must disappear immediately.

But I can assure you that there are not UFOs from the light that you will normally see as they do not appear visually. Hence in  99% of  all sightings we have to do with flying objects of the dark ones.

With love and light

George –

You taking the time to write me back is first an honor, and second, a bit of an odd relief.

These “visits” began last Sunday, returning on Wednesday night, and again last night (Sunday). They/it are back outside now, as I type…

It is important for me to tell you that I met someone through a close friend on Saturday, who said he had government clearance, and had done “operations” in places like Angola. We had an interesting chat about my “visits”. He then asked me several questions, which I will write here…

Him: “I think I know what this is that you’re experiencing. Have you recently undergone any changes?”.
Me:  “Yes, I’ve been working on my spiritual life very heavily for the last 9 months”.
Him: “Do you feel like you know things, or you’ve come to an understanding about how things may work in the Universe?”
Me: “Yes” (at this point, I’m stunned almost beyond speech)
Him: “Well, these things in the sky know that you know these things, and they want to learn more about you. That’s why you’re being visited. It’s not a bad thing – matter of fact, many of the people that get these kinds of “visits” turn out to become very wealthy (said with a laugh). It’s called The _______ Project…”.

This shook me to my core, as you can well imagine. My 3-D life is becoming a science fiction movie script, and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel. On one hand, my false ego feels wonderful that I am “special” enough to be contacted, but given how close we are to the end, simply anything is possible – both good & bad.

An old Asian proverb states, “The dragon is most dangerous just before it’s death”, and that’s important to remember in these times.

To assume all things to be Light in the End Times is naive. I refuse to be taken advantage of; I have simply worked too hard, too long to be distracted at the very end by something shiny in the sky.

I will indeed gently (but firmly) confront these entities with Christ love, and state my intention to work only with beings of The Light.  If I feel they are of The Dark, then my lightsaber will be unsheathed and my voice shall be raised.

Reality seems less “real” every day. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher & guide through this illusion.

Love & respect to you, George. I look forward to shaking your hand on the other side.


Dear Bradley,.

this person you have met is really an agent of the dark ones and you should immediately stop any communication with him and at your discretion even tell him directly why. They are trying to turn some of us to their side in the very last minute and for whatever reasons they have considered you a suitable candidate for this dark op.

It was a very good idea that you informed me about this incident. By the way most of these sightings are holographic images and they are only used to mire the people as announced by Asana Mahatari in his last message. I will even consider publishing our correspondence as to warn the PAT about this eventuality.

With love and light



I concur.  I will indeed avoid him, and if I do re-encounter this person, I will very calmly tell him that I only work for The Light, and have no desire to work for The Dark.

The idea of these entities in the sky being holographs would explain how they appear to me.  Not solid, more like light and liquid mixed together – ever changing, ever morphing.  They could be easily dismissed as stars to the untrained eye.  But stars don’t move and respond to light, do they?

In closing, I mentioned that “it” is in the sky as I type this, with another (larger) one off in the distance.  After your last message, I became genuinely angry that I was being seemingly targeted by The Dark.  I went outside and calmly addressed it with your suggested Christ consciousness and in few words told it “I do not work for the forces of the Dark.  With Christ love, remove yourself from this plane, if representing Darkness…”.

While addressing it, I felt a surge of energy go through me from top to bottom.  That said, it’s still there as I type.  Maybe I wasn’t firm enough about my position:)…

A thousand thanks for your guidance in this (rather serious and surreal) matter.  You have been a great comfort & wealth of knowledge.

Respect to you, George.


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