Urgent Energy Update – September 22, 2013

by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson

September 22, 2013 , 15.00 GMT

Dear Carla,

I hope you could sleep well this night.

I was hit by another powerful ascension wave similar to the one yesterday about two hours ago (12.00 GMT) and had to have a nap, drifting away again. Now my skin is in flames and my palms and soles are burning under the incredible energies that flow out of them. The whole muscle structure is rigid again. I am feeling how I am  pulling the PAT and the whole first ascension wave candidates upwards – heaving them to the 5D in my web (network) of light as the Cosmic Fisher.

I even considered for a moment that you might have ascended finally, but it does not feel so yet. I will know it when it happens. Give me a sign that you are still alive as a human being when you wake up.


Dear Georgi,

I am here.

This was an incredible night of visuals and sensorys that were very impressive. I slept through the entire night, which was a first in many months.

I am aware of two occasions, where I was ascending and where both times, many beings, angels, came instantly to my side and energetically escorted me lovingly back to Earth. It was not yet time to go.

I was aware of some kind of “final arrangements” being discussed and prepared for at the same time as I was ascending, and you were taking part in those discussions, because I was aware of your energetic presence at all times. I believe the whole of the PAT and first wavers were there with me as well, in another area, while you were in the next area discussing the details of the whole process. This dream was long, lasting about 2 hours.

Right now I feel completely knackered, as though I’ve been hit by a train, so I confirm this huge energy wave has hit me as well as you.

What I’m getting is that we are not to have expectations for a date or time, that we should not discuss dates and this will unfold only according to divine Will.

There seems to be a requirement for the element of surprise woven in all of this as well. I’m not sure why this is the case, but I guess the “why” is really not important.

I have a headache too, but it’s not a migraine for which I am thankful. Energies are flowing steadily from my palms and soles as well.

I will take it easy again today to rest up after this strenuous night.


Dear Carla,

thank you very much for this comprehensive energy account. It is quite informative and confirms my experiences as well. I would suggest that you continue to repose and not do anything today.

I am now in a huge energy vortex and feel very much nauseated, but without a headache, which is a good sign. The upward movement for ascension is present all the time, heading to a climax.

I agree that it is impossible now to predict the point in linear time when this will occur. One must be relaxed as in this state one facilitates the flow of energy and the fluent passage through the inner ascension portal.

Let us see what tomorrow will bring.


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