Why the Sunday Revolutionaries and New Age Gurus in the West Will Swelter on the 4D Earths of the NWO After Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov and Jahn J Kassl, September 9, 2013

Dear Jahn,

the last message of Babaji “Realignment of Ascension” is of very high information value and the most revealing of all so far. It has literally caused a feeling of bliss with me while reading it. Why? .

Because it confirms one last time, how rightful all my predictions about the future evolution of mankind have been from the very beginning, which one can easily find out when one reads my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” from 2000.

The key point is that I come from a dictatorship and know exactly what that means and what an effort it affords to go as a dissident through the cleansing power of total rejection and ostracism without making any compromises and still preserve your rebellious spirit alive.

It is not enough to take part in a demonstration on the streets and then return back home with a hoarse voice, in the firm belief that you have already accomplished a great sacrifice for peace or democracy, only to fall for the rest of your life in deep slumber as all the “revolutionaries” in the West extensively do – and only this.

Or, as your sources say – he, who sleeps in a democracy, even if it is a fraudulent one, wakes up in a dictatorship. I was awake very early in my life in a dictatorship and remained awake in the gloss and sheen of the western pseudo-democracy. So I have always been all western “progressive” and “enlightened ” people miles ahead.

In short, the vast population of incarnated souls in the Western world will wake up, or are already awake, on the currently ten lower 4D earths of disaster in the brutal dictatorship of the NWO, whereas many citizens of the former communist countries, who have gone through the dictatorship, now have the real chance to ascend or land at the highest 12th level of 4D, where they will not experience the NWO but a balanced 4D earth, on which light and darkness will exist side by side, without major conflicts, as we have extensively discussed since March last year.

This message confirms my fatal diagnosis on the western population, which was unable to wake up from their Orion enslavement and effectively implement their rebellious energies to promote their spiritual growth.

Therefore, it is my inner satisfaction that now it is happening as it should happen. These people must be pulled through the mud of the NWO, so they can grow up to be responsible citizens and then possibly qualify for ascension in a distant future.

This is particularly true for the mass of the German population in Central Europe that has never woken up from their “millennial sleep of the just”, despite two world wars and many other disasters. The hope that was placed by the higher realms in this human population is therefore not fulfilled and they will follow the ghastly fate of the large numbers of contemporary young souls in the USA, UK, etc., exceptions included.

This issue was close to my heart after I have translated this message today and now watch the last throes of the ascension scenario of this collapsing holographic 4D image of an earth  – more out of boredom and less so in excitement, because I see currently only pale deja-vus from earlier leaden times.


Dear George,

I thank you for this detailed account of the histories and timelines of the events.

Yes, it is indeed so that the “Sunday afternoon revolutionary”, as Konstantin Wecker sang in his famous song “Willy”, has contributed absolutely nothing to the change. This also holds true for the “Sunday afternoon light warriors ” who do not contribute anything to the growth of the new world. And so it is happening now that the broad human masses are awakening where they did not expect it to be possible for them.

For me, the current process of heaving and ascension continues to be unspeakably exciting, and also the messages that I wrote today in the afternoon and in the night allow great expectations (or even more!) – As soon as I have gained the necessary distance to them (the content is not familiar to me, since I was quite taken off from this reality) I ‘ll edit them and send them to you – until Tuesday evening at the latest.

Now I send you love and the blessing of God,


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