Even Soccer Match Result

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov, September 28, 2013

September 27, 2013

Dear George,

This “stillness” is driving me crazy because can’t figure out what is currently going on. What I am getting is that parallel 4D 12th hologram has been created as a lifeboat for ascending candidates.

While on the original 12th earth war already blew out and dark ones somehow managed to postpone again our ascension during this last portal. During dream state, this morning I got the following information:

“On the earth with ascending candidates, war on astral level between dark and ascending portion of humanity started. We, the PAT, are involved only as couches because they need to liberate themselves if they want to ascend.

What are your takings on this and what are other members reporting?

Weather here in Melbourne is rapidly changing from one extreme to another.

Energies I experiencing are rather calm. I am still doing (in limited way) my daily job and designing new loudspeakers only to pass the time, while my mind is pondering over current ascension affairs.

With love and light,

Dear Boyd,

just yesterday I discussed with Carla the possibility of a war having broken out at the 12th level, while we have moved to upper interim levels and cannot witness it. But I cannot tell you this for certain. Carla will ask the Elohim for an answer what has happened and I hope to receive this message very soon.

It seems that there has been another delay of our ascension during this portal as Carla was asked to ascend on Sept 21 by Adama and then when she ascended the next night she had to return back and since then this guy and the Elohim have disappeared. They always disappear when there is another setback and they have no answer. Hence your information seems to be correct. I also do not get anything from my HS, which is a clear sign that the HR are at odds one more time.

However, we did not experience any calmness these last days – quite on the contrary. I was engaged in massive cc-waves with ascension test runs and huge cleansing with a peak yesterday when I was attacked severely by dark forces and have to combat them a lot. Actually this fight began on Sept 19th and I had cc-waves with a headache on a daily basis since then. This was a very intensive portal opening, similar to the two in December 2012 and much more dramatic to my surprise, as I thought that we have done the job already and I am immune to such dark attacks as I am already on the 5th level of 5D or even higher .

This night I had for the first time a surge of positive energies associated with an inner confidence that we have won. Indeed, I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling of triumph and being engulfed with a significant wave of energetic empowerment of highest and most intensive vibrations that invigorated my body and gave me the strong inner conviction that we have finally won. I have not had this kind of feeling for a very, very long time, actually only before I began with the LBP in 1999 on other occasions.

Before I woke up in the night, I dreamt that I have become an indisputable heavy weight world champion in boxing after I have knocked down the two Klitchko brothers and there was no contender to challenge me anymore. This was a very comforting dream after the very depressive mood during the last whole week and in particular yesterday.

Hence something must have changed for the better this night and I hope to learn more soon.

This is all I can report for the moment.


Dear George,

Thank you for proper response.

My ascension dream, with a pushbike (on 22.9.), I took sharp left turn (almost U-turn). Now it is obvious that I was misled and I didn’t realize this during the dream.

Seems to me that dark ones outsmart the light forces again. Hence Adama and the Elohim cannot be found before HR make a new plan and figure out what they are going to say.

Congratulation for beating both Klitchko brothers and claim the title back after HR lost it on 21.9. After all you are the Captain and your name is also associated with boxing.

In a dream this morning the gang of light wasn’t so successful. Their guns were keep jamming up and I spent most of the time fixing and reloading those guns. Instead of bullets they used magnetic discs and they are very efficient.

Have fun over coming weekend and kick some more asses.


September 28, 2013

Dear George,

Seems that your boxing match made imprint on my mind.

Dream: Both of us (this is only second time that I meet you in dream) are watching soccer (football) game between Brazil and Yugoslavia. It turn out that we (the PAT) are coaching the Yugoslav team. Two of us are enjoying the game. Our team plays surprisingly well and final result is 0:0. Considering the mighty strength of the Brazilian team, we are pleased with the promising progress of our boys.

To me, Brazil is representing the young souls, while former Yugoslavia is representing the old souls, who felt asleep and lost touch with current ascension affairs or got mired by the dark ones, what is definitely the case with Slovenia.

For me, this dream fits well into the theory of liberation on their own for the ascending candidates. This may be the final war on the soul level, where we assisting as a teachers-coaches.

It fits into original scenario, where we ascend, return and than lead the ascending masses. Obviously this is a watered-down version, where we assist on soul level or even one of parallel earths.

There is a bottom line that we are still here in this carbon bodies with mushroom brain.

Did Carla get in touch with her guys?

Did HR’s come with some explanation yet?


Dear Boyd,

This is indeed the actual situation and after Jahn’s sources told us many times that only very few souls have qualified for ascension, the HR are now trying in one last huge effort to save some more. That is why there was a delay in our ascension scenario around the equinox portal when Carla was first informed that she will ascend and then did ascend, but returned immediately as the time was not ripe.

When you read the latest GaiaPortal message which appeared as a second message yesterday – two messages on one day from this source always indicate a change in the plan – it also confirms that some last efforts are now made to save more souls as when ascension will come, this will be definite and then their destiny is sealed for eons of time.


I have not got any message from Carla this morning, although I expected one and most probably she has difficulties to contact the Elohim.


Dear Boyd,

I have just written a report on the energetic events during the equinox portal. While writing it, I came to a further, more precise interpretation of your dream, which I would like to share with you.

The even result in the soccer match between Yugoslavia and Brazil symbolizes the balanced 4D earth, where the still dark entities will live side by side with the more enlightened entities, but will not intrude in their lives as was the case on the old earth.

Otherwise, your interpretation is absolutely correct: The dark ones are the population of incarnated young souls that have now entered the age cycle of adult souls. They must still release a lot of darkness that has been amassed throughout their long cycle as young souls, mainly as perpetrators in order to clean their past karma.

The adult souls have now entered the age cycle of the old soul, where they have almost finished with the resolution of their karma and will now have incarnations on the new balanced 4D earth that will be dedicated to the light and their spiritual growth, till they can also ascend to 5D.

The even result in the soccer match points to this outcome.

The most important fact is that the war (the game) between the dark and the light took place for the 12th 4D level not on the earth’s surface, but in the astral planes, so to say, symbolically for what was initially supposed to happen in the space-time of this timeline. Hence it is logical that you have dreamt that this soccer match occurred in former Yugoslavia, which no longer exists on the map, but is of virtual character now.

This is a huge victory for the forces of light and the fact that we as couches are very much pleased with the even result points out to this favourable outcome with regard to the actual distribution of the forces in combat – the overwhelming superiority of the dark forces in numbers during this end time.

We will be the future Earth Keepers for this balanced 4D earth and we must be very pleased with this new more positive ascension scenario than actually expected only several days ago, which represents an even distribution between light and dark from the very beginning on the balanced 4D earth. Now it is no longer necessary to achieve this result through the establishment of the NWO first and its abolition through painful and blood-thirsty revolutions as the worst case scenario also foresaw for this timeline according to the warnings of Babaji and other Jahn’s sources.

This is the victory we achieved this last week during the equinox portal, when we won our most decisive battle against the dark cabal, of course as usually at the expense of another delay of our ascension date. But I think that we can live with this solution, as it would have been very disappointing for us to work so hard for the salvation of humanity and to have such a meager result at the end as envisioned by Jahn’s sources and by ourselves, observing the catastrophic situation on the eleven lower 4D earths and the current state of affairs on this 12th 4D level.

I personally got very much depressed by this negative perspective in the last weeks and now I feel much happier and satisfied for the first time than during the long period of drudgery on behalf of humanity.


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