Rescue Squad on 4D / 8th Level

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 3, 2013
first published in English on September 6, 2013

translated by Georgi Stankov

Catastrophic Scenario on the 8th Level of 4D Erde


I am in a kind of barracks / boarding house and the message that it is now beginning to unfold reaches me. I put on two trousers and insert everything into my pockets that I believe I shall need because I am fully aware that I will never return back again to this place. When I get out, I realize how the nuclear dust is spreading in an invisible manner. I do not see any people, just above me I see ” space ships” and more of them are coming all the time. This I perceive as neither positive nor negative, but as very neutral.

Then I see someone digs on an icy place in the earth, and uncovers two human bodies, that of a child and an adult man. Both are alive and very much jolly, just totally disabled and mentally retarded because they cannot coordinate their body limbs well or speak clearly. The entities from the spaceships who watch this are amazed and shake their heads, and think to themselves: “And such creatures have lived here on the earth? “

Then I take my necklet, I always wear (Christ consciousness 9, from the legacy of Atlantis, which protects, i.a. from atomic radiation, note, JJK ) and put it in my mouth as to be protected from the atomic radiation; and I am pondering if I will be now picked up by a spaceship or if I’ll die before I ascend. ( End of dream )

Loved ones,

We proceed to interpret this dream image. The “barracks / boarding house” point out to the social system under which the people currently suffer / suffered. That Jahn sees himself almost alone in this house shows that the people are no longer interested in this system and shows that many people have already arrived at the new levels of Being.

Nuclear radiation refers to the destruction of this world, in which Jahn dwells, through nuclear energy. Spaceships, neither “good nor bad “, shows that this is a “a rescue operation of the survivors,” that is, the people who will survive these destructions will be evacuated.

The icemen point out to the emotional and mental retardation of humanity that had to experience this situation, their physical and mental disabilities show their insufficient heart evolution. The astonished question “these people have been living here?” Indicates how inconceivable for these entities, who have never incarnated on such a low level like the earth, the fact is, under what (terrible) circumstances a person must strive towards awakening here.

Jahn awaits his fate, means, this world is abandoned in whatever way, and only the sick and unwilling beings still remain there, as the fact indicates how the two moronic people are full of joy to be alive and are left behind by the rescue squad. The level at which this is happening is the eighth 4D hologram. Jahn waiting for the death or evacuation means that both options are possible to leave this plane. (End of interpretation)

Certainly very sobering, but the events that have long since created new realities on the lower levels, are now pushing into the upper 4D holograms. Observe the very fact that in Fukushima radioactivity is still released in enormous quantities. When this fact was made known by the spiritual light levels and this source months ago, only a few paid attention to it. And although the spiritual world has neutralized a great deal of harmful radiation to ensure an appropriate transition (without shock) of the ascending entities into the fifth dimension, the oceans begin to be affected by this radiation. It is needless to mention that the food intake of animal origin (fish, note, JJK ) is therefore inappropriate.

“Nothing learned”, and in fact, this is how the situation presents itself now, and also on the upper frequencies of 4D a lot is on the verge of breaking out, since this level must also be freed from the empty or only with one or two soul fragments equipped beings. Jahn was switched onto this plane after the correction had begun to give testimony before the people, before it happens here.

And this dream image shows one further fact, the already depopulated world has succumbed to nuclear radiation or has been evacuated (by spaceships). This means for all ascending humans: Do not worry for a single moment, because for you is taken care of in every conceivable way. The events of the End Time are getting closer and closer and before they quite reach you, you will find yourself in heaven.

With this message from the light, I assure you of the presence of your light siblings from Being. Ascension and descent are truly closer than one assumes because the pitfalls are widely spread until the very end, before the big journey can commence, however, they will be overcome by all who have long since made their decision for the light.

We are with you, near to you, and we are humans among you –

The Ascended Masters
and I am

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