The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, September 6, 2013

Departing from my recent elaboration on the final details of the ascension process, I would like to deepen your knowledge by presenting the well-known mechanism of propulsion that is used in multistage rockets to launch satellites in space. This is a simple model that can be used to explain the process of ascension from a physical point of view. This approach will hopefully eliminate all false ideas and interpretations of ascension that may still lurk in the recesses of an old fashioned human mind.

The phenomenon “propulsion” is an application of the three Newtonian laws of classical mechanics as I have explained them thoroughly in volume II on physics, chapter 3.2 “Newton’s Laws” (page 105) and in chapter 3.3.,”Work and Energy in Mechanics” (page 116). I have even dedicated an exercise to this phenomenon, also known as “jet propulsion” at the end of this chapter (page 121):

7. Describe jet propulsion, e.g. the thrust of a rocket Fth = uex|dm/dt| within the new axiomatics.”

Propulsion follows all three Newton’s laws of classical mechanics. The most easiest way to understand propulsion is to depart from the definition of the third Newtonian law of “actio et reactio“:

Law 3. Forces always occur in pairs. If object A exerts a force on object B, an equal but opposite force is exerted by object B on object A (actio et reactio).”

When a rocket engine begins to burn and the jet is thrusted in the direction of the earth’s centre, an equal opposite force is created that propels the rocket into space. The power of the thrust, which is released through a coordinated chemical combustion in the rocket engine (in the first stage of the rocket) must be bigger than the total mass of the rocket, so that it can overcome gravitation and ascend.

Now absolutely the same mechanism is physically / energetically applied to the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to the 5th dimension. The detonation of the PAT Supernova fulfils the same function as the jet propulsion of the rocket engines, which operate as a multistage rocket, where each stage is sequentially ignited and, after burning its fuel, is detached from the rocket. This separation of the burnt rocket stage is necessary as to diminish the weight of the rocket and increase the effective coefficient of jet propulsion of the module, where the crew dwell and all the necessary devices for survival are stored.

This follows from the second Newtonian Law on acceleration (see volume II, chapter 3.2. “Newtons’s Laws“, page 105):

Law 2. The acceleration of an object is inversely proportional to its mass and directly proportional to the net external force acting on it:

a = Fnet/m = SP(A)(1d-space-time) f /SP(A) = (1d-space-time) f     (equation 5).

The less the total mass of the rocket, the bigger its acceleration and the higher the rocket can ascend. Please observe that I do not mention the first Newtonian law of inertia because I have rejected this physical law as one of the greatest blunders in conventional physics that has probably caused more harm than all other numerous blunders in physics and science put together. This flawed law has effectively prohibited the application of free photon energy on the earth.

Now the same principle of jet propulsion is observed in the ascension of Gaia and humanity. When the actual final process of ascension began in March and April 2013, it operated from the very beginning as a multistage rocket driven by jet propulsion. The first stage of the ascension rocket was ignited by the PAT during this time. If you have watched the launch of such rockets, after the engines of the first stage are ignited, it takes some time before the thrust, the jet propulsion, reaches a threshold that is able to overcome the static gravitational mass of the rocket and the latter begins to ascend – first slowly and then quickly gaining momentum. This was what we observed in March and April.

Then in May the rocket of ascension had reached sufficient speed, while the fuel of the first stage was completely exhausted in the combustion process. In order for the rocket to continue with its ascension, this first stage was separated from the ascending rocket “Gaia” and began to descend in a free fall to the ground – to the abyss of even greater density and darkness. On May 24/25 we, the PAT, separated the catastrophic 3D earth from the 4D earth, which we had already built since the opening of the portal 12. 21.12. In this sense, the latter date can be considered as the actual launching time of the ascension rocket when the engines were ignited, but it took some time for them to begin to burn at maximal rate and create enough jet propulsion, so that the rocket “Gaia” with its crew could begin with their ascension.

After the separation of the 3D earth end of May, the weight of darkness was diminished in a stroke. The darkness of this very dense 3D earth was used as fuel for the combustion process of ascension that created a huge thrust for Gaia to higher dimensions.

Please, observe that in all these energetic processes of ascension the first thermodynamic law of conservation of energy is rigidly observed. Energy cannot get lost – all the dross, being low frequency energetic patterns of fear and darkness, which we, the PAT, cleansed as the biggest vacuum cleansers on this planet, was automatically transformed into higher frequency energies of ascension. Strictly speaking, we were the actual generator – the motor of combustion of the ascension process. What was thrown away were the containers with the fuel (the 3D earth) after it was fully burnt out in the ascension process

We, Carla and myself, were at that time in Freising and experienced how the town was heaved to the higher 4th and lower 5th dimension and the air was full of angels that celebrated this event. Carla began to channel immediately the Elohim and AA Michael, while I was personally so hardly hit by this propulsion wave that I could barely collect my bearings on this auspicious day, May 25th. But Carla could experience this hilarious feeling of global ascension.

Unfortunately, the second stage of the rocket – the ascending portion of humanity, which we had already wrapped in our web of light and have been heaving them step by step since the summer of 2012 could not reach the necessary light quotient (threshold) of awakening, so that the effective coefficient of propulsion was not enough to ascend Gaia and part of humanity to the 5th dimension in this second stage.

At that time, end of May, plan B was implemented by the Source. The stages of the ascension rocket were multiplied as to distribute the workload and create sufficient jet propulsion through several new stages. This led to the creation of seven 4D earths. Each 4D earth was now ignited in a sequential manner, beginning with the lowest 4D earth stage. On June 8th the MPR and ID split reached the first lowest 4D earth and caused a huge devastation on this timeline, similar to the one on the catastrophic 3D earth two weeks earlier. These stages of ascension are diligently recorded on our website.

Combustion of darkness is a twofold process. It creates higher frequency energies of light that propel us to higher dimensions and it creates even deeper darkness of much lower frequency patterns that will determine the quality of life on the catastrophic 3D earth of the dogs. This observation is pivotal as it explains the latest information we have received from Babaji two days ago.

When each subsequent 4D earth was finally burnt by the MPR and separated by the ID split from the rocket “Gaia”, the portion of incarnated human beings and soul fragments who experienced these catastrophes died in their overwhelming majority, thus releasing huge amounts of blocked ascension (soul) energy for us to continue with our ascension, while they sunk deeper into the abyss of darkness. Their soul fragments were transferred to the 3D earth, where they will continue with their incarnation cycle for another eons of time, till they will be given a new chance to ascend at the end of the next Kali Yoga cycle of 26 000 years. Only a few of these incarnated souls fragments could move higher to the upper 4D earths and eventually qualify for the new balanced 4D earth.

One can imagine the stages (lower 4D earths) of the rocket “Gaia” as old fashioned locomotives of a train, where slaves throw incessantly wood and coal (as a symbol for the fossil energy as a major source on this earth) in the steam engine, until it fully burns out and is then simply separated from the rocket and falls with the slaves on it in a free fall in the abyss. I few of the slaves may be somewhat cleverer and have moved to the next stage / locomotive (steam engine), where they continue with their Sisyphus work until the same destiny reaches them and so on.

Only the astronauts in the module above the rocket stages do not see or experience any of the tragedies that unfold beneath them  – the futile battle of the slaves in the rockets stages /engines, who work fervently like ants to fuel the engines in the hope that in this way they will possibly survive, while in fact it is exactly the opposite. The more these slaves fuel the Orion system (engine), the deeper they sink in the abyss of another dark incarnation cycle.

This picture is not pretty, but it is an exact image of what is currently happening during the ascension process. We are the privileged astronauts that sit in the secure module and have no direct view as to what tragedies unfold in the rocket stages beneath us. Unless you are Carla and have visited such a catastrophic timeline /stage of the rocket “Gaia” and has witnessed first hand the devastation there, as she did during her visit to the 7th 4D earth on August 11th when the MPR devastated this timeline, you may not believe that such catastrophes are now taking place on all lower earths and that all doom and gloom scenarios are valid and true.

The greatest blunder of the human mind is to depart from his linear experience on the specific timeline, on which he dwells, and to neglect the simultaneity of all events that occur in the multidimensionality of All-That-Is. It is now a privilege and an obligation for each ascending human being to overcome this limited linear weltanschauung and to acquire the multidimensional point of view of the 5th and higher dimensions as to be an active and conscious creator of his destiny and that of the new human civilisations that will emerge after the ID split and the final ascension of Gaia.

Simple physical models of planetary ascension as the multistage rocket presented in this article are adequate pedagogical means to achieve this goal.

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