How the Light Warriors Won the Last Epic Battle for Humanity Against the Dark Archons

by Georgi Stankov and Daniel Akkerman, September 30, 2013

Dear George,

The “cosmic pause” (let’s just call it what it is, a delay) Babaji spoke about must be the same as the “temporal adjustments” Gaiaportal speak of on Sept 27.

The statement that more than 90% of humans are possessed by foreign energies… was this not the case for a long time, and is this not the case most with those whose destinies are sealed on the lower earths, and also for the soulless bodies? So why should this matter for us?

It is what the dark ones did that troubles me. How were they even allowed to postpone our ascension? How did the forces of light not stop them? How were they even strong enough to do this? I feel like our ascension was used as bait by the HR to draw the dark ones out of their holes. The HR knew it was a possibility, perhaps even knew it was highly likely this would happen and it did – we then proceeded to fight the dark ones once again, to create more favorable conditions for humanity… once again. History is repeating itself.

Now, the HR want us to blame the dark ones for the delay in our ascension, but they knew the dark ones would do all they can to stop us. But they in the HR failed to stop the dark or to warn us about this possibility. They pretended like our ascension would happen for sure during this portal. Now, they might want us to perform even more work, giving us vague excuses when we ask questions and stalling constantly, while they fail to take any responsibility at all for their abuse towards us.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

I am afraid that your suspicion is correct. This is what I also think, but we differ in our interpretation of the recent energetic events during the fall equinox portal.

Of course, the Source and the HR knew exactly what the dark ones are planning. They know it always and can never be surprised. Being surprised is a limited human experience that does not exist in the higher realms with an unlimited consciousness.

Insofar, if the HR arranged this ascension test run during the equinox portal, their primary strategic goal was indeed to lure the archons out of their dark recesses, to expose themselves into the light as to hinder our ascension and thus to eliminate them. This is a logical and simple war strategy.

This explains why Carla was officially informed by Adama that her ascension and that of the PAT is imminent, so that the dark ones can get it. After all, the forces of light use our website very effectively as a bait to test the dark ones and give them false information as they also do to us. This is a legitimate strategy when one has to deal with such rascals. Or do you expect that our real ascension will be first announced by our HS? It will come like the thief in the night.

The fact that Carla ascended twice, but had to return both times, also indicates that the HR tried to make this ascension as realistic as possible as to mire the dark ones in the wrong impression that the forces of light have tried hard and have failed due to their intervention. During these two ascension test runs, the archons had to step up on the plate and show what they can and they were pitilessly eliminated without any pardon by the light warriors of the first hour, who are essentially members of the PAT. There is no other way to cope with these dark ones. It has always been so. In order to reach the ultimate levels of truth in the higher dimensions, one has to cheat the dark ones at the lower levels as to overcome them.

Of course there was always the possibility that the dark ones keep silent and stay passive to this ascension test run and then our ascension could have easily happened. This is always a potential probability in such an endeavour. This is the dialectical nature of All-That-Is.

Both outcomes were planned by the Source and the forces of light as is always the case during such ascension test runs, and it was designed to be a full success either way.

Now as far as this figure of 90% of humanity being possessed by demons and foreign energies is concerned, here is my explanation. It is true that only about 10% of the incarnated six billion human souls that lived on the old earth before the new seven 4D earths scenario was implemented in May, now live on the 12th 4D level, which is roughly 600 to maximal 800 million souls. Most of them were considered potential ascension candidates when the splitting of the worlds began in May, as we were told by the Elohim at that time.

The rest 90% are indeed already on the lower 3D and 4D earths and live in hell.

Now, as I understand this latest figure of 90% used by Babaji in his message “The Last Fogs“, it is given in the context of the 12th 4D level. This would say that from the 600-800 million soul fragments on this timeline (the others are soulless empty holographic images), only about 10% are fully clear of foreign energies and entities, that is to say, they are sufficiently advanced in their LBP and are ready to ascend. This amounts to roughly 6 -8 million people.

As you must remember, Babaji told us recently that only a few million human beings are now ready to ascend and will ascend and that is why the ascension scenario on the upper 4D earth will be worse than expected. This number was found to be too low and all the channellings from Jahn in the last two months dealt with this deplorable fact in the hope to increase the harvest.

The reason for this worst possible outcome was that most of the ascension candidates turned away from the light in the very last moment when they were confronted with the powerful energies from the Source, which the PAT is actually transmitting to Gaia and humanity. This negative trend was not expected even by the HR, which have an all-encompassing overview on the energetic situation on the earth.

This is the hazard of any planetary ascension that also involves incarnated souls on the ground – they have their free will to decide for or against the light to the very last minute. This is the actual adventure of ascension. Otherwise it would have been a very dull and predictable affair. This is also the stuff of all cosmic myths. And the PAT is already the biggest myth of all.

This led to the latest decision of the councils of light on September 21st, which I and many other members of the PAT attended in the higher dimensions, where we actively participated in this decision: It was decided to first cleanse the astral planes from all archonic parasites that sponge on the incarnated human beings – sometimes more than ten on each incarnated human being, sucking out 90% of the source energy of the incarnated soul and disempowering her. In this way we gave another huge chance to all these infected potential ascenders, who were not able to liberate themselves on their own from these dark entities that possess them in manifold ways, to ascend at some future point in time.

That is why Babaji warned all these failed LW not to attack us, the “Captains of Ascension” as they depend solely on our power as light warriors to liberate them from their dark past and help them ascend. Babaji knew already at this point in time (September 20) when he delivered his message that we will sacrifice our ascension one more time to save their lazy asses.

This was the only logical decision under these circumstances. Just imagine how much we have suffered so far to save humanity from the claws of the dark archons and then end up only with a handful of ascended souls. Our HS would not have allowed this outcome and they intended from the very beginning to use any conceivable chance /bigger portal to increase the harvest.

It is a matter of fact that many of these candidates fall in a deep slumber again in the last days and this necessitated a rapid and profound change in the initial tactics of the forces of light. Hence an urgent solution was badly needed. We were informed by Jahn’s sources that in the last days and weeks many more alternative, parallel 4D timelines were built as to harbour these souls and save them from dropping to lower catastrophic 4D earths. You must re-read one more time Jahn’s messages. They contain a lot of valuable information in the light of the recent dramatic events.

In the first place these messages explain the latest decision: to engage the dark archons in one last deadly, epic battle before our ascension as to eliminate them once and for all. That is to say, to eliminate their influence /energetic attachment to those souls at the astral planes who are potential ascension candidates, but have not been able to progress in their LBP sufficiently as to liberate themselves from these parasites and alien dark energies on their own.

The ascension test run during the fall equinox portal was such a clever move by the HR to lure the dark ones from their hiding positions as to annihilate them once and for all on this timeline. You must remember that Babaji informed us some time ago that these dark spongers do not intend to leave the 12th 4D earth peacefully and have to be eliminated by force. It is all there.

The dark archons had to act as otherwise they would not have survived our swift ascension. This is what the HR were counting on. As you remember, Jahn’s sources told us that the dark archons need at least 500 000 human slaves on each timeline, on whom they can sponge and manipulate as their stooges on power in order to keep the masses under control and establish the NWO.

This is what April’s HS defined as “harmonization of energies through confrontation”. The victory, which we, the light warriors of the first hour, achieved in this last epic battle over the dark archons and which gave me the feeling of total triumph in the night of September 27th also rendered the necessary fuel for our further ascension.

How can this happen? By eliminating all the dark parasites from the many potential ascension candidates, their high frequency energies coming from their souls are now liberated for the first time and can contribute to mass ascension. This is how the motor of ascension is actually fueled as the Elohim confirm in their latest message succinctly:

The worlds upward flow was gifted to you by the dark, as the purging of their musings thrusts you ever higher into the light.

Let us not forget that energy does not get lost (first law of thermodynamics) – all dark energies that are liberated are automatically transformed into higher frequency energies of light that contribute to the ascension process.

I hope that I have given you a comprehensive explanation why ascension did not take place around fall equinox, but that it was a huge historic victory for us, the warriors of light, nonetheless. Considering the massive, full-fledged cc-wave with a severe headache, under which I suffer today since early morning, this is another powerful ascension test run on AA Michael’s day (September 29th) that shows that the dynamics of ascension has not lost its momentum, Quite on the contrary, now it is more powerful than ever, so that ascension is an inevitability which we create each moment in the Now.

Only those who do not actively participate in this process may succumb to doubts about the correctness of the above presentation.


Dear George,

Indeed I agree 100% with this explanation and I don’t have much to add. The 90% number is something I initially had some doubts about, I considered this being the case with those on the 12th 4d earth, but I wasn’t sure. This was the moment of action, and commencing the ascension forced the dark’s hand. They either had to stop us, which allowed us to eliminate them, or if they didn’t stop us, then they would be defeated as well.

My attitude in this last mail was a bit frustrated because I wrote it shortly after waking up and feeling really bad from an energetic experience I had, combined with the latest waves. It is not that I am angry or anything that this tactic was used, just disappointed because we have to spend even more days on earth, and the last ones haven’t been exactly great as I’m sure you know.

After this I went to bed again and I had very strange visions while asleep. First I woke up but everything was somewhat confusing to control, and it was hard to get up as if I had sleep paralysis. Then I figured out I did not wake up, but that this was a dream and I went again to bed. Again I woke up, and went to my desk but things were still a bit strange. All kinds of exotic colors were visible, and my vision seemed to originate from somewhere my eyes were not. Again I was not awake but when I did wake up for real, my computer was turned off. It was on before I went to bed and my vague memories indicate it is possible I was in the light body or in bi-location while I was asleep, and turned off my computer. There was nobody else who could have done it.

The PAT did a great service to humanity once again. Maybe after we’ve ascended, and humanity will learn of all of this, they will be very motivated to continue their development because of all of this, and their development will be better than expected in that phase. I guess now the energies will continue to build, and stipulation of events is still coming rapidly.

Love & Light,

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