The Hades

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 12, 2013
first published in English on September 16, 2013

translated by Björn Kurt


I am employed as a waiter in a Pub. It’s a horrible place, in the middle of the Viennese criminal underworld. Prostitution and crime, violence and brutality, drugs and death lurk at all corners. I feel like in the movie “Back to the Future” – because 27 years ago I worked exactly in such an establishment. At that time I dropped out of college and I had to take on such a job to keep the wolf from the door. An incisive and especially valuable experience for me, which made me understand and experience the complexity of human nature.

As in this dream, I quitted my night job after a couple of months. The place was cramped with a noisy crowd because a semi-finale in the Soccer World Championship was screened when I walked up to the boss, cashed up and left the place for good, never to return again. Even though I had no clue how my life should continue. I had neither a permanent residence nor an income. But I simply couldn’t bear it any longer! And this happened to me in a dream again and I quit again in the same way as before, only this time right at the end of the first day. (End of dream)


Today, people seem to get even more reckless and uncouth as two days ago, when I received the 5D Design Report. I talk primarily about the 20+ generation who behave as if they are alone in this world. (End of report)

This dream concludes those messages which were given in the last days. While in Karl’s dream (5D Design Report) we were shown how it may feel for the ascending humanity, so Jahn’s dream shows where the journey goes for the descending portion of humanity. The awakening in this self-fabricated reality is the heritage of these deplorable beings as they will find themselves amidst the darkness of 3D or the lower realms of 4D.

What Jahn had experienced in his first time in Vienna is suitable to get a depiction of life which is only accessible to very few people. And so happens now as Jahn and Noah had been escorted by two crows into the world of light and tonight Jahn receives an image how things will evolve in the lower worlds of darkness. Thus, the wheel has come full circle – things are all set and now the events may occur.

The observation that there are also many young people concerned is significant because unconsciousness adheres to no age, is gender neutral and obeys only one maxim: the unwillingness to recognize themselves and thus to be absolutely incapable of interpreting the course of this world. Once more you were shown how fundamental this change is, how strictly the worlds are drawn apart and where the respective groups of people finally arrive.

And one thing Jahn’s dream clearly depicts: There must be a threshold of frustration and pain experienced before a man is ready to quit everything regardless of the consequences. In this way working without any safety net and the unconditional trust in God are attained.

How many people are still stuck in a life, family or working environments, in which they debase themselves to do the things they no longer want to do, only to keep up a elusive sense of security. All “free riders of Ascension” have this attribute and there is not one among them who is ready to end what needs to be ended in order to progress.

However, if the pain becomes unbearable a miracle is possible.

As Jahn in his dream and in his life on this space-time-line was able to experience, it now happens to many people, so they may experience that life always goes on, because God takes care of each one of us.

People who have barely tasted life, who have experienced neither sorrow, nor sudden joy and whose frustration results only from the fact that they are not able to taste the most expensive wine from the most exclusive cups. Those people will now take the deepest plunge of all, so they may learn the gratitude which is essential for each being. Gratitude from the bottom of the soul and not as a pun, spawned inflationary, as a cliché at every available opportunity, only to serve collective patterns of expectation.

The web of lies, in which the people are caught, is like a labyrinth from which there is only one escape, if you are aware of your own hopelessness: By burning down the fences which enclose this very labyrinth.

Complex and difficult to perceive at the first glance, the people have chained themselves to their illusions and operate their game without God, without the light, which would bring them instant enlightenment.

We expect the requests for dismissal from those people stranded on the 3D and the lower levels of 4D, the necessary contribution, so this unbearable situations may finally end. Until then time will reign and it will all be different and … however everything will remain unchanged within the structure of The Space-Time-Continuity. – So that the change for those children is no more than a promising fable that never came true.

It is proclaimed to you .

I am neither beginning nor end.

I am

* The Hades (Greek Ἅιδης ) , the underworld of Greek mythology , is dominated by the eponymous god Hades. (Wikipedia)

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