God’s Cut

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 2, 2013

first published in English on September 7, 2013

translated by Björn Kurt

I have come so that you may be supported in your decisions, feel guided on your way and be encouraged in your intentions to commit fully to God.

A man who choses the path to God is no longer satisfied with half-baked solutions. With “yes-but-concepts” neither, because half-truths or falsehood are an abomination to him. Him, who loves this world and these people but has overcome all attachments to this world and the people, he is ready. Him, who has used time and space for himself and for his experience and does not want to spend a second longer in this game, he is ready. Him, who has devoted himself totally to me, which means to have full trust in me, to belong to me completely, to be absorbed by me, will be given wings which are unknown to this earthly worlds and he is indeed ready.

Willing and called to a higher level, nominated for the fifth dimensional level of existence.

Him, whose heart is full of devotion yearning for God, who has dropped the hesitating and negotiating, the wailing and crying due to lack of knowledge, he is ready.

“Ignore” – him, who ignores the events for his own sake, yet is closer to them than those who experienced them immediately, he is ready.

“Ignore” – him, who is devoted to his way to God, to his arrival in heaven and to his return to his cosmic family and has focus his whole earthly existence into this certainty, he is ready and a sublime welcome awaits him.

“Ignore” – him, who ignores his own ascension for he lives constantly in the certainty of having arrived there a long time ago, he is ready.

An infinite stream of love and light currently flows on earth and reaches the hearts of mankind. This stream changes humanity and transforms this planet. Therefore the worlds will be freed from this tight encirlement and people will be able to take leave and to let go of all. People have made their choice, so there is no more choosing, only the acceptance of the consequences of their decisions.

That the Grace of God will be working to the very last moment is a fact, but a fact is also that only very few will allow to be touched by the Grace of God. So today we can see: it happened that the people on the superordinated levels of the soul and the spirit as well as on the subordinated levels of the mind and the emotions of their being have taken their full decisions about their further presence within creation.

This completes a very long and slow continuous process. And not only that these decisions have been made, so the decisions of heaven have been made concerning the sequence of events and the further modus operandi concerning the Ascension process. Deviations are only minor and quite possible even to the last moment.

This means in plain text: with „God’s Cut“ the worlds are being separated and the people are about to face the new or the old world. With a cut from God happens what has been building up for a long time up to the point of becoming unbearable for many people.

So do not weep for those who fail to ascend, but weep for your Self, so you find yourself on a level that you thought to be overcome. You, that you have prostituted your talents and wasted the tools given to you by God to fabricate unnecessary things.

An ocean of tears from the people accompanies this time because now it is being fulfilled that the blind people see what they did not wanted to see.

And so I came, so I have focused my omnipresent consciousness on this earth so I can help you to endure the fate chosen by yourself, that you neither despond nor give up yet, but cheerfully get to work at once and bring yourself into the position to be ready for ascension at the appropriate time.

And I have also come to keep the balance of the worlds now, at the time of the final separation. For this magnetic process is of incomparable and infinite complexity and before the balance might get out of control I will intervene, so the course to the new world can be kept and new life may be created.

It is always me, whom you hear as an inner voice within you. Those you follow me in an unconditional way shall be blessed with eternal life. So, listen carefully and recognize the voice of God which is manifest within you as you need guidance and await bliss.

I call on you, so listen well, for your life starts right now in this moment.
PHURO – let yourself be inspired by the love of God.

I am

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