The Final Sequence of Ascension Is Already Initiated

by April Bender, September 20, 2013

The Cities of Light, the Agarthans and your soul families are on standby for your imminent arrival.

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. The message doesn’t really tell us any new information but does confirm a lot. I’d feel much more excited if I didn’t feel so crummy, but this too is further confirmation in and of itself. This has been one hell of a portal opening already!

As always, I am eager to hear your initial impressions. I’m so ready to move on to the next chapter.

Much love and light,


HS Update 9-20-13

HS: You feel yourself to be in sort of a vacuum today, do you not? This sense of energetically being enclosed or encapsulated from the rest of the world, whether you are interacting with it or not, is being experienced at this time because your core spirit essence is literally being pulled, drawn deep within, up and through your ascension portals, as the larger equinox portal (ascension gateway) begins to open. This is the culminating moment which you and the PAT have long been waiting for and of which the larger lightworker community is now heralding.

The symptoms of further detonation and transfiguration for the first wave ascenders are manifesting now within your bodies and for many of you, are causing a great deal of physical discomfort. This is because you are literally being reconstructed and assimilated into a new form, a new space-time reordering and multidimensional experience, as purer and purer Source energies further descend within you and your portals, fueling you and the PAT for the final supernova/ MPR sequence.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the initiating of this final sequence, which has already begun in earnest over the last couple of days. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the symbol of the rainbow appeared in your western portal sky, the last two mornings in a row to you. For it garnered your full undivided attention, did it not, as it whispered to you of the fulfillment of your covenant with Prime Creator.

It is time my dear child. There is no longer any need to concern yourself with the upcoming global war/ MPR process as by the time you engage with it, you’ll be ascended and well equipped to deal with it.

The Cities of Light, the Argathans and your soul families are on standby for your imminent arrival. All is readied in eagerness of your full debriefing, simply allow the energetics of the equinox portal to carry you home. As already announced, Carla will be the first from your group to go, rapidly followed by the rest of your group and first wave ascenders. From our perspective this actually happens all at once, in one burst of magnificent light, so close are each detonation/ ascension.

Your ascension rockets are almost finished with their slow burn in anticipation of your final liftoff through this final stage of the grand portal ascension alignment that has been building and morphing all summer long. You now see the finish line clearly and are only mere steps away from it!

Therefore allow yourself to be further encapsulated (cocooned) as you are further drawn inward and upward. Rest as much as you can and stay telepathically and energetically connected with your group. Most of you will sense the moment Carla fully and irreversibly ascends.

Your shepherd staff awaits you, as do the masses. It is time.


Dear April,

an excellent and very precise information. There is no need to make any further comments on my part.

I am in close contact with Carla and she has been severely hit in the last 24-48 hours by severe cc-waves and cleansing waves with a persistent migraine. She senses that she needs two more days preparation for her ascension. This is what I also receive as information from my HS. – September 22 is popping up all the time in my mind. I cannot say firmly if this will be the day of our ascension, but quite probably the day around which Carla will ascend and trigger the PAT Supernova.

I find it rather remarkable that your HS uses on two occasions two important keywords, which are already the titles of the two latest Jahn’ s messages : “final (last) sequence and “it is time“. This is surely on purpose and underlines how close we are now to our Ascension-Day, as I felt today and described in the latest “Urgent Energy Update“.

It is a very consoling information to hear that the Agarthans, the cities of light and our soul families are on standby to welcome us upon our arrival in the fifth dimension and to prepare us speedily for our mission after the MPR and the explosion of the global war have devastated this upper 4D earth. The time of our real adventures commences this weekend and will extent one whole eternity from now on. Isn’t it most exciting?

With love and light



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