The Elohim: The Grand Alignment of Ascension is Successful

by Carla Thompson, September 9, 2013

The MPR on 4D levels 9th and 10th on September 7th/8th has opened the grand portal of ascension; The MPR will reach the upper 11th and 12th 4D levels in the next days.

Dear Georgi,

I have managed to connect to the Elohim, even though my migraine continues. This whole energetic adjustment over the past 4 days has been huge and I have felt very hard hit every minute of every day. I am sure some of the other PAT have also felt these huge adjustments too. Honestly, I am wondering what will happen for us as these events rise closer up to us at our current levels.

The Elohim have a strong message, one that acknowledges the completion of a very difficult phase, but also a message sharing their joy at this successful re-alignment. The impact of this re-alignment must have been huge in the grander scheme of things, because their energy carried great joy and relief. There are some comments that they have given before, but they are just reiterating the importance of staying neutral and supporting one another through this whole process.

I look forward to your comments and I hope you are feeling better today. I feel the intense compression of the last 4 days is lifting now, finally, and realize that it has been such hard work, and this is the reason for the Elohim asking us to now enjoy the things we love.

With infinite love and light,

The Elohim’s Message

” Greetings to All!

Heavy alignments within the recent present cause great physical de-compensation in those whom sensitivities are acute. Your own anticipation began several days ago (September 6), as energies began to propagate and multiply in an ever-expanding algorithm. As each level was reached, new alignments were created in order to interface multi-level geophysical events with the new openings of the grand portals of ascension.

This great alignment released new light codes, codes of tone, where the harmonics of connection and completion returned signals to God-Source elaborating the new extension/ expansion and realization of the arrival at a new level of purity within each and every level of 4D, level 8th through 12th. The levels of 5D also naturally aligned in congruence with the upper levels 11th and 12th of 4D for seamless continuity.

At this same time, your memories were triggered of your personal interaction with 4D, level 7th (August 11). These memories arose because you have an intuitive attunement to 4D, levels 9th and 10th, and these levels are also now currently experiencing a magnetic pole reversal (MPR)The actual MPR has occurred at level 9th, but its implications rise into level 10th on a slower rate and of less magnitude. Nonetheless, the events at each of these levels carry their own impressive force and fore-tell the arrival of a MPR to the final upper levels of 4D, levels 11th and 12th, shortly.

Each incarnate shall experience only what his soul requires to complete those lessons and experiences of evolution. Those who require events of misalignment, pain, shock and suffering shall receive these experiences. Those who are considered first wave ascension souls, who read this message, while fully and openly accepting the truth others have shared on this and other ascension sites, shall rise up on top of the energies and float up into the fifth dimension, just out of reach of the lower vibrational experiences offered to others.

As you have moved through this process of ascension, which has in truth been intensely developing over a generous time period (I am shown 2010 to the present), all incarnates feel this has been what you perceive to be a ‘slow process’. We, the Elohim, tell you today, unequivocally, that your progress has been of great ramification, as you have achieved the requisite energy levels quickly, under great duress and even with much inner turmoil.

Know that all lightworkers who are here on planet now, have completed their job in full perfection. No one is lesser than the other. No one is better than the other. All are equal as all have contributed what their soul has identified and chosen. No one has the right to judge the nature or quality of interaction of another soul. Each soul has been successful in achieving the goals it set out to achieve.

As the culmination of energies flowing upwards through the lower vibrational expressions arise (see “the propulsion multistage rocket model“) , know that all is indeed perfect, and there is no changing the course.

The heavy work is over. The re-alignment is successful. The expansion reaches ultimate achievement through Divine Grace.

It is time to enjoy the things in life that matter most to you.

Watch the scenes of chaos unfold around you, as an observer who has no ability nor any desire to intercede, interject, interact.

Let go all the negativity held within your fields, it is as simple as actively choosing to ignore negative thoughts and feelings, shot out by the ego-mind.

It is now time to watch the skies, look at the new colours. Enjoy Gaia for She is rejoicing. Breathe deeply the air and light of the New Earth.

You are re-born!

We are the Elohim!”

Dear Carla,

this is an excellent and very precise message. It is always a great consolation to have such a valid confirmation of what we have experienced and interpreted as having happened multidimensionally. This message from the Elohim essentially confirms the content of the latest message from Babaji. It is very clear and unambiguous. I hope they are right and that the time of joy can now begin, although I suspect that we must still go  through similar compressions until the very end. But this one must have been huge and very important, otherwise my HS would not have informed me and the Elohim would not have confirmed the opening of the grand portal of ascension. This was by the way the topic of the latest GaiaPortal message.

I hope that you can recover quickly now and that you will be migraine-free in the next days.


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