A Chronicle of the Ascension Events from August 12 to September 12, 2013 – Part II

by Georgi Stankov, September 12, 2013


August 22, 2013

This day was marked by another massive energy surge /descent of source energy which paved the way for all subsequent  events that will be the topic of this second part of our chronicle:

The Peak In Energy Intensity Points Out to The Final Countdown of Ascension

“After I was hit by another huge ascension wave two hours ago, I had to take a nap, during which I not only dreamt all the time that I have ascended, but I also felt physically as if my body is completely dissolving and I may indeed ascend any moment.

This energy surge was reasserted by GaiaPortal the same day:

Progress on all dimensional levels has been made during the recent moments and allows substantial High Energetic Upgrades in all Gaia inhabitants, Hue-Being and human“.

and further down:

Potential for “Whole Planet Ascension” has now reached critical mass point, so such is assured.

During this night of August 22nd Jahn channels a message from AA Michael that announces the importance of this day when a key decision was made by the Source to “Cut the Gordian Knot” and accelerate the separation process of the worlds. This decision is equivalent to the final incremental detonation of the PAT supernova in stages, exactly as described by myself in my article from September 6th:

The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension

It is very important to keep this physical model of ascension in mind while reading this chronicle as the events presented here resemble very much the ignition of the stages /fuel tanks of a rocket after its launching. In his message AA Michael announces this big shift of Gaia and humanity into the light on that day, which has, as all energetic processes I describe here, commenced much earlier. We are dealing with continuous processes which flow from one distinct event  into another when the necessary threshold is reached:

“Paths open and the light permeates every state in this now waning world. Cures to all the members of this society, which is supported and heaved by a mighty wave of ascension, are underway. Currently big shifts are occurring with the “soul fragments” of the dark forces that do not want to leave the upper 4D-earths (8th to 12th levels, comment George).

The separation of the dark entities from the upper 4D  levels (9th to 12th) is underway as they impede the ascension process of these timelines:

“All options and all means will be implemented now, so that the “stranglehold of the lightless ones” ends. On the upper levels of 4D (8th to 12th) the dark forces that have stranded here still cling firm onto the ascending humans, and they do not want to let them go. All versions of liberation (from this condition) are considered and are being implemented at present, so that this perseverance ends and the people, who have chosen the fifth dimension, can finally ascend.

Which means in plain words that all options are now on the table and that the Source has made the final decision to cut the Gordian Knot of this prolonged ascension of the earth and mankind and to come to a forceful conclusion of this human drama:

“The celestial powers exert their decisions in accordance with their (divine) might and they will now cut through the Gordian knot, knotted in eons of time- and space-fragments that has bound the people at the mercy of each other. The heavenly powers will eliminate with “force” the unwilling, so that the ascending entities can begin unhindered their journey back home. So that justice is done and everyone reaps what he has sown.”

As we shall see later on, this strategy includes the creation of a myriad of 4D karmic loops at the higher 4D levels, which will harbour individuals at various levels of awakening after the MPR and the ID split. These entities have not qualified for ascension to the 5D and still need a specific dreadful experience in order to dissolve their fears and blockages and open their hearts and minds to the transcendental dimension of ascension.

August 23, 2013

The massive descent of source energy which  began the day before peaked on this day as I write to Carla in the article:  “The Exodus Has Begun“:

There is a massive descent of source energy as a monster cc-wave with a severe headache since early morning, at this moment peaking with an unbearable headache, dizziness and coordination disturbances. This is the most intensive ascension test run I have had for the last three weeks – precisely since the monster wave on July 29th as recorded by myself. This is a significant event and may be the onset of my ascension…. After all, on August 11th you visited 7th 4D earth when the MPR took place and on August 13th you ascended.”

This elaboration of the energetic situation with Carla continues the next day, August 24th when she receives a message from the Elohim what has actually happened in the last two days,August 22/23:

“Christed light now floods all hidden corners of every aspect of your world, your reality, your thoughts, your dreams and your Souls. We are speaking to you, your dual soul, your first wave brethren, and, indeed, all of Humanity….Inparticular, your dual soul agreed to a succinct excursion and preparation of the fifth dimension, up to and including level 5 of the fifth dimension. This preparation at the 5th level  [actually I am getting up to and including the 5th level, Georgi] of the fifth dimension, is part of his sacred commitment to Gaia as well as Humanity in these final times of the old age. We note that this energetic work completed in this realm was not done through a process of transfiguration at this time, although your dual soul has reached this objective recently during a sustained high level energetic event..”

When I checked my diary where I note all waves and other energetic events succinctly, I came to the conclusion I have had my ascension through transfiguration most probably on August 18th during a deep nap in the afternoon when I experienced another very intensive ascension test run.

But this is not of great relevance now as in the meantime the entire PAT and many first ascension candidates have already ascended through transfiguration following Carla’s example. We are only kept in physical bodies to the very last minute as to observe the onset of the last dark crimes of the ruling cabal and process the energetic dross of this huge darkness as a fuel for the ascension for Gaia and humanity (see propulsion multistage rocket model above) before they will be wiped out by the final detonation of the PAT Supernova and the MPR, as this has been the case on all lower 4D earths (1 to 10).

Upon this background, it is much more easy to comprehend my light work in this last stage of the ascension process at the 5th dimension, as the Elohim explain to Carla in their message from August 24th:

“The action of your dual Soul within the fifth dimension is to prepare the energetic conditions needed by the ascending masses of Humanity into the lower levels of this dimension. This top-down phase of preparation is necessary to imprint the levels 1 through 5 of 5D with the newly downloaded codes he received recently. The template is now set in place in order for the connections to be achieved upon arrival on an energetic level.

These anchored codes then act as a magnetic attractor field for the codes sent and received by the first wave candidates as well as by the rest of ascending Humanity recently, to ensure their successful complementary insertion into the ascending reality. (This is the same magnetic process of attraction whichJahn’s sources describe as “sealed” earths/timelines). 

We recognize this effort as once again being of monumental importance to the on-going ascension process.  There are light workers of the first wave, who shall now follow this path to further reinforce this initial opening of the fifth dimension and even though they may not be consciously aware of their efforts to reinforce this new pathway, they must know that their work is of critical importance to this expansionary event.”

Finally the Elohim give us a sound advice:

“This means that efforts to control or affect the outcome of social, political, economical solutions do not directly assist the evolutionary expansion of the ascension process.”

which I of course did not follow as a sovereign creator for one simple reason: I have fully detached from this reality years ago and can observe, contemplate and analyse the ongoing situation on the ground without any personal, emotional involvement, but with a precise intellectual clarity, as this has been demonstrated in my political articles and overviews in the coming days.

August 24, 2013

The massive energy surge /descent of source energy on August 22/23 is confirmed by April’s HS and is identified as the onset of the final stage of our ascension (please do not forget that we are dealing with continuous energetic processes that extend over years of linear time):

Higher Self Confirms the Beginning of Ascension: “The Time of Final Action Has Arrived!”

“You know of this alignment as being the second grand sextile/ merkabah alignment (August 25th), the bookend alignment (configuration), so to speak, of the opening July 29 alignment. And an even more potent configuration this one shall be, for centered within it is a grand square T cross, serving as the “open” sign for entrance into the halls of resurrection and transfiguration for the first wave ascension candidates… This is the final division (MPR), the final thrust (PAT detonation) that will propel all into a new ordering of space-time – multi-dimensional experience.”

This information can be fully appreciated only retrospectively, knowing that the next days have brought the MPR on the higher 4D levels 8th to 12th, beginning with this event at the end of August on the 8th 4D level as we can now trace this back from the available data. At that time we were still unsure as to when the MPR occurred on this upper level, while the allocation of the MPR on the levels 9th and 10th was done by myself immediately  (see below).

April’s HS specifies on the actual procedure of the detonation of the PAT Supernova and what role the key players will have in it. Thus she confirms one more time the previous information given by the Elohim to Carla on this issue:

“Shortly after this mitigated form of confrontation (revelation) begins to manifest on these final levels, the PAT will soon after be detonated (activated) into supernova sequence by Source via this collective groups Captain, Georgi. Carla and Jerry served to finalize the actual transfiguration process for the group, Carla opened, activated the gateway via her transfiguration and return, and now Georgi will initiate the moment of detonation from the 5th level of 5D as Source WILLS it.”

Finally April’s HS de facto announces the onset of the catastrophes and the MPR on the 8th level which we somehow missed in real-time and were only made aware by Jahn’s vision and message in early September (see below):

“Time is now up. This final merkabah alignment now marks the entrance (commencement) into the living breathing reality of 5D and above! The next few days, August 25 – 27 promise to be highly charged with a lot of rapid movement,upliftment and higher energetic bombardment in support of your ascension and detonation process, as well as providing more fuel for the collective “confrontation” experience that will play out in the days to come.”

It is extremely important to closely scrutinize this ongoing information on our website retrospectively after the facts are known as to appreciate the seamless information flow we have received from our HS and the HR on all major events that have occurred or were about to unfold in the immediate future. Hence if one starts to complain that he has not been properly informed, he does not know what he is talking about.

Here we have a unique chronicle of all the major cosmic and energetic events that concern our ascension and that ofGaia. There is no better source of information worldwide. This must become clear at the latest after reading this chronicle with an understanding, while assessing in a parallel manner one’s personal experience during this same period of time. This is the only way how to appreciate the quality of this information.

That this day was indeed auspicious, reveals the message of Asana Mahatari  “Reset: 5D Uploaded” channelled by Jahn on the same day and published three days later. He announces that I have accomplished my light work on 5D as described by the Elohim above and that now this level has been reset and uploaded for ascension:

” It is finished! The rotten fruit is separated from the healthy ones – forever. “Reset”, which means that everything is realigned and the fifth dimension is the heritage of the Light Warriors, who have overcome their human conditioning. .. In these days, the level of the fifth dimension is being “uploaded” (see “The Exodus Has Begun“, comment George). This means that the separations at all levels will continue to unfold in even more radical and uncompromising manner.”

However the ramifications of this new final stage in the ascension process are huge and of paramount importance for humanity. The number of participants in the first ascension wave has been radically cut to only a few millions, while the others will have to go first through individual karma-loops at the higher 4D levels before they can qualify for ascension as we shall learn later on many occasions:

“But there are only a few, to whom this description applies. We are talking about a few million, who will now accomplish full ascension, all other children of men will remain in the waiting, experience- and ascension-loops of the myriad holograms that were created to offer all people an adequate home.”

Asana Mahatari then presents a long list of all those who have not made it and will not ascend with us in the first wave (see Reset: 5D Uploaded). This is a most sobering and frank account of how worse the ascension scenarios will now unfold even on the higher 4D levels 8th to 12th, which were initially supposed to be spared from huge catastrophes.

August 25, 2013

It is a time of reflection and processing the fallout from this most auspicious yesterday. I am urged by my HS to make a summary of what we have learnt and experienced so far these last days and to put it in the right perspective. The result is very sobering:

When the Shit Will Hit the Fan in September

This article triggers another peak in the visitors’ numbers. Obviously fear is a hit nowadays and understanding of the underlying imperative of ascension is a no-burner. Most of the newcomers are first-time-visitors. This article is based on the latest channeling from “Blue Star speaks”, August 25, 2013:


Here are the essentials of my dire prognostics:

“Only a month ago the perspective was much more rosy….But there is no doubt now that the vast majority will not ascend and will go first through a series of terrible experiences of huge catastrophes and total collapse of the Orion matrix as only a few millions will ultimately ascend to the 5th dimension with us in the first ascension wave,which may as well come this month, now that the ballast has been so radically reduced.

The rest will be fed in the numerous karmic loops at the higher 4D levels and will stay there as long as they learn their ascension lessons. From what I gather, most of the initially “firm” considered ascension candidates have changed their mind in the very last minute and have not responded to God’s call for ascension. They will now have to drink the cup of karmic poison to its bitter, empty end, before they can qualify for ascension in the indefinite future. This is no good news, but that is how the situation is crystallizing now in front of our very eyes.”

This negative evaluation of the current ascension scenarios on all 4D timelines will become a leitmotif in the coming days.

August 26 and 27, 2013

The next two days are dedicated to a thorough analysis of the current political situation around the Syrian crisis that has the potential to explode into global WWIII. I feel very strongly that this scenario will unfold on the upper 4D levels (8th to 12th) and try to mitigate its impact by bringing clarity in the political drama and presenting the truth and the real facts  behind the lies of Obama and its criminal administration of war mongers. But I know too well that this is an upward battle and that my efforts have only a limited impact on the higher levels of 4D and that the decision for a major catastrophic scenario for the vast majority of the incarnated entities with or without a soul fragment has already been made.

August 28, 2013 ( A Pivotal Day in the Ascension Process) 

On this day I receive a most important message from my HS that the final detonation of the PAT Supernova has just commenced and will fully unfold in about ten days and publish it the next day, August 29th:

Breaking Astral News: Message From My HS

“Ascension of humanity and Gaia has commenced today in full force and will manifest in about 10 days on September 7th/8th. Yesterday there was another big shift into higher dimensions and the final separation of the worlds began… When the confrontation begins on the ground we will detonate the PAT Supernova and leave this reality for ever.

This information is immediately confirmed by our PAT member Coleen van der Watt from South Africa:

“Last night I could feel the energy’s soaring. I kept refreshing your site as I knew I would hear from you. It smacked me of my chair when my HS told me “No”, not the Internet. I tried to listen what she was going to say. To my surprise it was you. You told me that you were in 5D and that you needed my help in sending as much light as I could to the 5D and the PAT. I immediately went to lie down this was at 9:00 pm and started sending out my light with the help of HS as you told me. I felt all the angels and light beings around me feeling their love and peace. and if I should ascend, they are there with me. I took your hand and Carla’s and could see all the PAT standing in huge circles holding hands with each shinning their light so bright.”

This pivotal announcement of my HS is also reaffirmed by April’s HS on the next day:

April’s HS: The Ignition of the PAT Supernova Took Place on August 28/29. Full Ascension and MPR /ID Split in 7 to 10 Days

Yes my dear, as you have correctly sensed, the PAT detonation of the supernova sequence has begun in earnest!.. All of the PAT, whether conscious of it or not, played a part in the initiating of this detonation sequence, which became “active” yesterday. Not everyone had the same role of course, but all were present at the onset. This is a large part of what Carla also experienced but she will receive further details/clarity/insight from the Elohim on the matter. It is important to note at this time that there is a seriousness and solemnness permeating the Higher Realms. At this moment there is no turning back or changing plans, the momentum is now in peak motion.”

The MPR and ID split, which the PAT Supernova has begun to trigger in an incremental manner until final ascension can occur, lead to a confrontation of the forces of light and darkness at the societal level according to the “principle of harmony through conflict“. This is the underlying principle that we shall now observe on the highest 11th and 12th 4D levels where we reside. Or as I summarize it in my preface to the latest two messages from Babaji “Descent of Humanity I & II” :

Ascension and descent go hand in hand – only when all stages of the ascension rocket have been burnt and fall off, can the rocket properly ascend to heaven.

April’s HS gives us some very important information in this message that has to be underlined one more time as it may hove not been comprehended to the full extent. In order to reach the final threshold of detonation of the PAT and our ascension, there must be a resolution on all 4D timelines (1 to 12). This is expected to happen around the time of the fall equinox:

But mark my words, some sort of resolution will and must be reached at every level. It is also important to remember that at this time, the other lower timelines are also looping back around, in time to sync up or align in a way with the current upper 4D timelines around the time of the fall equinox. So when the ID split / MPR takes place on the final upper 4D levels, ALL levels will reach their definitive points of resolution/closure soon thereafter, in terms of this overall finalization of mass ascension. To clarify, I speak of mass ascension in terms of the creation of all the parallel worlds/ dimensional sub-levels and the magnetization and later sealing process of individuals to these corresponding timelines/steps of ascent and the incremental “lifting” of each step/timeline.”

Here we have another verification that numerous karma-loops and timelines have been created at the upper 4D as to harbour all the people who have not ascended, where they will experience their specific catastrophes as to awaken as quickly as possible and proceed with their advancement towards the 5th dimension. These interim timelines and karma-loops  build a seamless continuum from the upper 4D to the lower 5D:

“Once you, the PAT and first wave ascenders, reach the peak of the detonation process which is ascension, the MPR/ final ID split will commence in earnest on levels 8-12. So in essence your detonation is the main energetic impetus of the “confrontation,” which in turn fuels the commencement of the final MPR/ ID split and also your further detonation to supernova and ascension as the MPR/ ID split then moves into its final, catastrophic phase (for those left to experience it). Though still in mitigated form compared to the experiences of this on the lower levels”.

Let me stress one more time that at this moment when I am writing this chronicle, the MPR and the catastrophic events leading to this final confrontation of light and darkness on the 4D levels 11 and 12 have already been triggered yesterday, on September the 11th and will manifest any time from now on. The calmer the atmosphere on the earth, the more suddenly the change will arrive.

Hence we must conclude succinctly that the detonation process of the PAT Supernova has commenced on August 28th and the events that will follow will prove this.

But this is not all that this day has brought to us. On this same day

Carla Made an Astral  Journey to the False Synthetic 4D Worlds Created by the Dark Lords to Trap Ascension Candidates has Paved the Way for the Detonation of the PAT and Our Full Ascension.

as AA Michael told her in a message afterwards.

The dark archons on the astral planes have obviously created such nether-worlds to trap all ascension candidates, so that they cannot rise to the 5th dimension. Hence on this same day, when the detonation of the PAT was initiated and the ascension process entered its final stage, it was mandatory from the point of view of the HR that these synthetic worlds, the existence of which was known long time ago, should be eliminated in due time by the forces of light.

For this purpose the Source needed a precedent to prove that these synthetic worlds of the dark archons  have precisely this function. Before that they were not used as there were no real ascensions except that of Carla. The transfiguration of the first ascension candidates took place on the ground and was not accompanied by an astral journey to the 5th dimension because of the existence of these nether-worlds and the danger of us being trapped there.

Carla voted to be the first soul to allow being trapped in these worlds. She was of course immediately liberated by AA Michael, the Elohim and a myriad other angelic entities as she was fully protected during this adventurous journey, but this negative experience had a huge impact on her psyche for some time. This is what AA Michael has to say about this planned incident:

You were accompanied by me, to the new bastions within the Higher Realms. This journey was planned by the Higher Realms, and the great Beings of Light, who create worlds upon worlds of new light, of new expression. Theirs was a question of confidence. As Humanity now seals it’s fate as it climbs the shores of the Ascension to new dimensions, it is a compelling necessity to inquire how Humanity has managed recently, to edit its’ Souls preparations for onward evolution.

Look! It was necessary to see the effect, the success, of journeying into newly created folds of reality. Well, they were not really true creations, but rather those of false persuasion.  Nevertheless, their beauty is present, although hidden, concealed as it is not of a natural order. Did you ascend through the quagmire of this maze?  No! Is has left you feeling dreary indeed! However, this event, this false world, is not a concern of ours as now we have identified the critical opposition to even Creation!

Then AA Michael makes Carla aware of the importance of this mission to the ascension process of humanity:

It was your role to expose the machinations for what they were; Those of deceit, of treachery, of fundamental hatred. It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your vital role in this mission. You perhaps shall not know the impact, nor the scope of the impact this study has had upon the value of your group, the lightworkers of the first order.”

In the next few days we will receive some more information and confirmation of the existence of such false synthetic words with the aim of trapping ascension candidates and preventing them from reaching the 5th dimension. Carla will make two more astral journeys to these astral nether-worlds. The second time I will rescue her and the third time she is successful in overcoming these astral traps as they have been eradicated in the meantime by the huge energy waves from the central sun that were sent to the earth at the end of August and the beginning of September particularly for this purpose.

Finally, on August 28th the MPR and the final catastrophic scenario was triggered on the 8th 4D level.  It took about a week to fully unfold and reached a peak of devastation on this timeline. Jahn was the first one to have a glimpse on the huge devastations on this earth during a vision and a subsequent message which explained his vision on September the 4th “Rescue Squad on 4D / 8th Level“.

All these events occurred on a single day and illustrated the incredible dynamics of the ascension process, which has already demonstrated its sweeping force on all lower seven 4D earths, even though we could only sense the despair of the people there and not see personally these disasters as Carla was allowed to do on August 11th on the 7th 4D earth.

August 29, 2013

The next day the Elohim confirm to Carla one more time that she has indeed made a journey to the synthetic worlds of the dark archons from the 4D astral planes and has tested their sinister function to trap ascending humans and that they will be eradicated before the final ascension of humanity.

The burden of Mankind seems to flow effortlessly away, as new dimensions are opened to his Soul. However, these new dimensions are created in disguise by those who reign. All-That-Is has responded with a clear and unequivocal answer to such blatant deceit: with love, with candor, with purity of expression.  All-That-Is has responded with Light…How can one kind, one expression, called Mankind, be so enthralled with the need to trap, to capture, to oppress?… All there is, is great love and great light. Do not despair! Measures are taken to re-capture lost direction and flow to Source. All Is Well!

On this same day AA Michale gives Jahn

Further Details on Carla’s Mission on the Revelation and Elimination of the Synthetic 4D Worlds of the Dark Archon With Which They Want to Prevent Our Ascension

“The dark forces have created “parallel worlds “, ” parallel holograms “, as to mire the ascending individuals. These worlds are now removed by the spiritual light levels of Being. Before a human being got “lost” there, it was not allowed to eliminate them because the notice and knowledge that this has occurred had to reach you definitely, so that you are prepared FOR EACH EVENTUALITY in the ascension process (This was Carla’s mission on August 28th before the detonation of the PAT Supernova could take place on the same day, note, George) .

With all the violence the dark forces opposed the light on the upper 4D earths, and this will be no longer tolerated. This means that the highly evolved light entity (Carla), who had to experience this, has excelled beyond any measure and any irritation in her emotional or mental body is dissolved, so that the great ascension process can go on.”

After that AA Michael reasserts our imminent ascension but warns to be patient as there will still be new adjustments and postponements to the very last moment, something we have experienced many times in the past:

Yes, it is confirmed as follows: Be ready for the “dates” given to you for your ascension. But do not make them public, keep this knowledge for yourself. Why? Because until the very end there can still be adjustments and postponements and every new appointment that can not be maintained would only cause confusion under the sincere and devoted light warriors. The dates that are given are real potentials, for which you should prepare and for which all humans – according to each individual level of consciousness – should be prepared at the soul level.

August 30 and 31, 2013

These days are dedicated to the processing and incorporation of the dramatic energetic events and shifts that happened between August 22th and August 29th. They can be summarized under the title “The Final Battle Rages“. The Guardiansof the Earth inform us that the scenarios on all earths are ultimately worse than expected and that this trend will continue on the upper 4D earths, on which we now dwell. This sober forecast will be enriched with further details in September:

“Epochal rifts (are coming) before it all unfolds the natural way – either into the light or back into the darkness. It’s time to end with all concerns, with all false precautions and the “holding back” of knowledge, for verily: the grand events which will finally bring about ascension and liberation to the ascending humans, is building up to a dimension (magnitude) that is not expected on the upper 4D levels.

The devastations that have already occurred on the lower 4D earths now penetrate through to the upper 4D levels (8th to 12th). So far we have assumed that these events will occur in a very mitigated form. Today we must say that these events will arrive in a mitigated form only for those who will ascend and for those, who will remain at these levels, they will unfold with a unique force. The reason for this is that these people should take the first opportunity to awaken and prepare for their ascension.

The reason for this worst case scenarios is that only a few light warriors really awaken and fulfilled their mission and many of them turned away from the light in the very last minute, which was not expected to happen in this way:

After all, the fact that so many warriors now turn away from the light path, was neither expected nor predicted. This urgent message that should wake up the people and encourage those who are still hesitant to act is given today, today and on the eve of the impending global catastrophe (MPR and deluge, note George) that will reach all levels of society, and will only spare a few parts of the earth.”

No need to mention that this dire scenario will not affect us in any way:

“Nothing can and will happen to you, who live in God, you, who constantly attune your vibrational frequencies to the divine light, because you will not be heaved from “outside”; to believe this is a gross blunder, because you will raise yourselves above all the events of the dark world, precisely, by your light vibration, by the frequency of truth and the magnetic field of your love.”



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