Visits to 5D – Crystal City of Love

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 16, 2013
first published in English on August 17, 2013 in

AA Michael: Carla’s Ascension on 13 August 2013 Is “the First Ascension of a Human Being in Body, Soul and Spirit Into the Light” – in the 5th Dimension.
Georgi Stankov and Jahn J Kassl, August 17, 2013

translated by Georgi Stankov

August 14, 2013

Dear Jahn,

A very succinct breaking news: My dual soul Carla has ascended yesterday (August 13, 2013) in full body on the new 5D Earth and has then returned back. She is the first person who has completed this phase transition from the physical, biological body into crystalline light body and vice versa. This was a premiere in the entire universe, since this is a new technology that was developed for the first time by us (earth souls) and applied here on the earth.

I have just talked with her on Skype. I will soon publish her report. I have now decided, at the urging of my soul, to close the website and not to answer any more to emails. Only in an emergency case, I’ll make an announcement or publish important information. I shall prepare myself from now for my personal ascension.

According to my information several other people will accomplish in the next few days this personal ascension mode to test the method. If you have time and inclination, please can you get some more information on this process. It has begun!


Dear George,

This message triggers in me great joy that this indeed is a momentous milestone in the evolution of all life.

It is absolutely correct in my opinion that you are no longer answering any emails and will only in “emergency” case publish announcements.

The events are unfolding their power – we are in the middle of it.

So I’m supporting you with love –


PS:. Sincerely thanks for the many emails and links on this event – because I am not online since yesterday.


Dear Jahn,

this is the latest German translation of today.


Dear George,

after I wrote my message today, I read this joyful message (transformation of the PAT and the ascension of CARLA)! We have reached a point in our transformation that now makes everything easier, faster and more peaceful.

The deep valleys seem to have been overcome, the lightful heights spread out before our eyes. With love and gratitude to be able to experience this moment and many more moments of impending God’s grace, I stay until late in the evening / night (then I shall send you the message that deals with how the people can recognize their own ascension and what is important for them to take care of (


Dear George,

Heartfelt thanks for ALL your references and emails – I would very much like to forward you the most recent messages to the events –

Yes, the people miss in masses the train into the light and are now about to become more aggressive and subversive than ever – and this (behaviour) touches us less than ever. Also, a full-fledged mystery. The louder it gets, the calmer we become inwardly – at least,this is so for me.

With these words, and these messages –

Love and blessings to you

Dear Jahn,

I am deeply impressed by the convincing confirmation of the scope of the first ascension of Carla to the 5th dimension by AA Michael. There cannot be a more convincing proof than this one. Just yesterday I published an article accompanied by a message from the Elohim on the physical background of Carla’s ascension because some misunderstanding had already crept into our group concerning the interpretation of this process:

What has impressed me personally is that AA Michael particularly emphasizes the fact that we were object of massive attacks from the dark forces in the last days. In particular, Carla was hit very hard just before her ascension. The dark forces knew what was at stake and wanted to impede this first ascension in full body to the 5. dimension, which a human being has ever made, by all means possible. I was previously targeted by their attacks, but when they failed, they focused on Carla. I have supported her all the time energetically in a very intensive way.

Now this unique breakthrough has been achieved for all of humanity and, as AA Michael has confirmed, and also by myself, the energies feel since then, much more pleasant and friendly. The dark forces are gone and one can breathe easier and enjoy the world, even if it is still inhabited by empty, holographic human sleeves.

The next cataclysmic event will be the detonation of the PAT Supernova and then the first big wave of ascension will take place and the separation of the ascending humans to 4D and 5D from the lower holograms 8th to 12 on the 7th level will be completed, as also confirmed by these latest messages.

We are now all very confident that the waiting is over and that we can begin with the long-awaited homecoming.


AA Michael’s message

Loved ones,

Virtually unnoticed by the world and humanity, a new state in the process of ascension has been established in these days. After the first time in human history and in the history of this world, a single human being (Carla) could slide in spirit, soul and body over to the fifth dimensional level of Being, the new ascension scenarios can be defined as follows:

1) An increase in visitations by people in body, soul and spirit to 5D, which will deepen the confidence and knowledge in this reality and in the proximity to this reality – End of the doubts!

2) An increase of spiritual strength and power in all those light warriors, who will endure on the upper 4D levels until the very end as to keep the energy, so that the ascending humans could accomplish without any detriment their journey to the 5D and back to the upper realms of the 4D levels.

3) An increase in self-awareness in all the people who will ascend, as this unique event – the first ascension of a human being as a human incarnated entity into the light – has enriched the collective consciousness of the ascension candidates with new knowledge. Thus, the processes at this level are seen in a completely new light and experienced with a new serenity, as the ascending ones henceforth know what it is and not only suspect, or – albeit justified – just accept it.

The ascension of a human being as incarnated human entity into the light required many preparations and all the efforts of many people who have committed themselves to this process with body and soul (this statement refers to the entire PAT, comment George). Again and again surrounded by sabotage, confusion, misunderstandings and failure, these people did not cease to believe in their “sacred cause” and to live accordingly. In full dedication with their whole being and in the knowledge that even a temporary failure is possible, they (the PAT, comment George) held on and stood the course to the very end. And now this miracle on humans and this world is finally accomplished. It is done! Every doubt is gone, now that the worlds are separating from each other with a new radicality.

The epochal events, whereby the worlds will be separated in a spectacular way, are really tangible to you, now that a deep inner peace has engulfed you, paired with new decisiveness, a deep certainty and a confidence with regard to all the coming events. Gone are the fear and frustration, arousing your desire to leave this world because the situations were almost intolerable to you.

New levels of light are now accessible to you and the visitations to the 5th dimension will truly stipulate, because the way is now paved for the ascending humans. First, you will dream it, then in lucid states, then you will have 5D travels in subtle bodies before you shall glide in body, soul and spirit into the upper dimensions, as a sailing yacht that has reared every sail on a calm sea as to sway in the breeze gently in the ocean.

I would expressly point out here that these journeys are neither astral dreams, nor astral travels! It is what it is: the journey in your subtle light bodies, which are now adapting to the vibrations of the 5D, so that you can safely reach this dimension and can come back again, until you dissolve forever all life lines to the planes of the fourth dimension.

Please do not mess anything in this respect. Astral travels or the discarding of your physical body (death / dying) in order to ascend to 5D are a completely different reality than the one described here. These provide a different model of ascension. represent a different way to enter into the light. Today, I speak to you of the fact that it is possible for you from now on (since Carla has ascended, comment George), to visit with your bodies the “city of love” beyond your imagination, before you will arrive there forever and before you shall slip away from this world forever.

New ascension test runs will be performed, so that this first experience will be confirmed by many sources, so that this knowledge will spread worldwide, so that the people will realize how easy and natural is the transition from one dimension to another. “Fear not”, you were told since long time. And verily: every fear is gone out of you, who now claim with certainty your spiritual inheritance.

This ascension was thwarted by the dark in the past, who still run the game, with all possible means as to keep the people on the ground and firmly in their claws. This time is definitely over. From now on, the dark ones do not have the slightest power over those children of men who now ascend. For those who are still active in dark environments, it is necessary to cleanse themselves daily from the energies as soon as they leave this environment. To achieve this, you do not need to do anything, as it happens automatically, but you should be aware of this process every day – fully aware!

Yes, it happens because truly, and as already announced yesterday: You are absolutely protected! Just as a mosquito net protects the human body from the mosquitoes, so you are protected at the energetic level from unwelcome visitors. To this end your energy bodies were sealed and you are cleansed day by day from the attempted attacks of the dark forces that still want to reach you.

These are mere attempts that only affect you insofar as during the time of your “cleansing” you will feel tired. The time of the sabotage and effective incursions and attacks of the dark forces on the relevant light warriors are an irrevocable past.


I dreamt today that I want to travel to Paris and that every possible hurdle has been placed on my way, so that I cannot catch the plane …

Yes, that’s it. Paris symbolizes the “city of love”, it is the “Crystal City in the fifth dimension.” Thus the previous circumstances, under which you had to work, act, and proclaim your truth  were played out to Jahn one last time. Everything, absolutely everything has been undertaken by the dark powers to thwart this ascension of a human being (Carla) in full human and divine consciousness into the light. These efforts have now wholly failed, the plan of the dark forces is a total failure. From now on they will continue their game of infamy without you, who have inherited heaven.

You are free, because you have freed yourself. Bigger, more powerful and more perfect cannot the victory over evil be. Now a new lightness begins to take hold among the warriors of the light mentioned in this message (the PAT, comment George). Everything that has only the slightest smell of a lack of truthfulness, has no place in your hearts and in the world, in which you now arrive one by one.

Hence I would point out one more time that you can only ascend if you are pure, clear and honest, if you have completed your homework. Neither the frustration about the state-of-the-art of this world, nor the fear of the forces of darkness will bring you to 5D. It is only the longing for the light, the longing for God that leads you to this end, that makes you undertake this journey of no return, to that place, to which your soul pushes you since eons of time.

While the awareness is growing among the travelers into the light, unconsciousness increases in those who have become entangled in the eso- and exoteric irrelevance. The differences between the people now emerge in a new radicality.

The ascension of the first human being in body, soul and spirit into the light, has provided the last prerequisite in the process of ascension of humanity. Honor, life, light and love are given to you. You, who have accomplished what you yearned for to complete in endless cycles and have also demanded for. How much you are loved!

I am

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