Why do the USA and UK not Care About Facts and Are so Eager to Bomb Syria?

by Georgi Stankov, August 29, 2013


The answer to this key question that now torments the world politics lies in the following quotation from the latest “blue star speaks” report on the earth:

Only the Spirit of the true human Being can and will withstand the upcoming time following the Equinox. The dark energies are livid right now because they have been made aware that God had a plan up His collective sleeve. This plan is a fulcrum; one which will function as a means to alleviate much damage planned by the dark ones. This strategy of God’s will further instill great Spiritual fortitude to the true Light Workers here, resulting in the possibility that Earth will continue to HAVE more Equinoxes! “

I do not need to make any extensive explanation why this quotation is actually addressing the PAT and the detonation of our Supernova, to which a green light has been given this night of August 29th.  We shall trigger not only the MPR and a huge deluge that will wipe out the old Orion matrix and its infrastructure, but we shall also make all dark plans of the ruling cabal obsolete within the blink of an eye.

Hence it does not matter anymore what the American and British cabal will do in the coming days and hours, they will go under, while the surge of darkness they will unleash will only fuel the PAT Supernova and the ID shift, so that Gaia can finally ascend to the 5th dimension. Unfortunately very few humans will ascend with us in the first wave as confirmed by Asama Mahatari two days ago:

It is finished! The rotten fruit is separated from the healthy ones – forever. “Reset”, which means that everything is realigned and the fifth dimension is the heritage of the Light Warriors, who have overcome their human conditioning. But there are only a few, to whom this description applies. We are talking about a few million, who will now accomplish full ascension, all other children of men will remain in the waiting, experience- and ascension-loops of the myriad holograms that were created to offer all people an adequate home.”

The light warriors, the PAT and the first ascension wave, will be the only ones that will not experience any of the impending catastrophes in September and later on in the fall as they will ascend before that. It is our decision not to participate in these dramatic events that have the purpose to fully open the eyes and minds of the still slumbering ascension candidates and also to eradicate the soulless, empty holographic images that comprise the rest of the human population (ca. 90%) on the upper 8th to 12th 4D levels; the latter will either die or will be simply dissolved and their soul fragments transferred to the lower 4D earths.

This future development is also reaffirmed by the channel “blue star speaks“:

Timing here is crucial! You ones who have awaited a spatial gridline intersection which allows you to demonstrate not only to yourselves but to ALL worlds, ALL Universes that you have what it takes to BE the difference, shall indeed surprise even yourselves ESPECIALLY as Autumn LEAVES this year. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride between September 22 and the final week of Autumn. This Equinox is more than a calendar date; it is an unstoppable force linked to a parallel dimension which clearly divides the peoples of this world into the destinations they have each chosen for themselves through the CHOICES they have made in life.

Please observe that this statement is addressing the vast majority of the light workers and the ascending portion of humanity who will not make it in the first ascension wave that has been triggered today, but will have to go through the numerous karmic loops in the higher 4D levels and experience much pain and destruction before they fully awaken and qualify for ascension in the indefinite future as Asama Mahatari informs us above.

The statement “The timing here is crucial” is the answer to our initial question in the title. This is known both to the Higher Realms and the dark cabal who are informed about our intention to detonate the PAT supernova at the onset of their planned massive crimes on humanity at the End Time. They only need to read our website, what they do very closely, I can assure you.

However, they also know that they have absolutely no time left to even begin with their heinous plans to install the NWO on these upper 4D levels and that their chances of success are altogether very slim. This is due to the fact that here we have the entire group of souls that have qualified for ascension and these are the actual bearers of light. On the lower 4D earths, the dark cabal was able to install the NWO and also to trigger a huge HAARP-induced catastrophe as they are populated by only young, unripe souls with a very low light quotient. None of this will be allowed on the upper 8th to 12th 4D levels. But the disasters will be huge nonetheless and will paralyze humanity for a while after our ascension.

This energetic background explains why the UK and US ruling criminals are now desperate to start a war against Syria this week, especially after we officially triggered the PAT Supernova today. This war can never be won and they know this very well. The criminals in Washington and London – the Obamas and the Camerons, “the apes that handle with bombs” as a Russian politician defined them yesterday –  are now adamant to declare martial law and to establish a military dictatorship in these two citadels of the Orion /Reptilian empire on the earth as to save their lives after the MPR and the detonation of the PAT supernova.

Based on such military juntas, they intend to conquer the rest of the world after the MPR and the ID shift, which are already in their final stage. And they know this as good as we do. This is also the reason why they now engage in an unrestricted confrontation with Russia and China, but also with Iran, Syria and other smaller independent countries, which have until now escaped by and large the disastrous influence of the Western Orion cabal.

These cracks in the political facade now become evident to all people as the energies are so huge and relentless that they extricate all hidden dark patterns which now surge on the surface, at the political and societal level, and must explode before they can be processed. The “huge confrontation” between light and darkness is now happening and it can only be manifested through a global military conflict that will show to the masses the madness of any military solution to all human problems, as this has been the case until now in the bellicose history of this most voracious and cruel species – the “earthizans”.

From that point of view, it does not matter at all that Assad is not responsible for the chemical attacks on innocent citizens in Damascus as all evidence now indicates and why the USA and UK are determined to begin with their long planned punitive strikes on Syria without having absolutely any hard proofs that Assad is guilty. They will surely kill more civilians with their bombardment than people have died in these alleged chemical attacks in the outskirts of  Damascus. This is simply their desperate final ditch effort to survive somehow the new energies and behave now as a deadly wounded scorpion that in his final throes can still insert his poisonous sting in the healthy limb of humanity.

The impending Syrian war will become a worldwide conflagration and will not solve a single human problem. It will only serve to separate the dark part of humanity from that of the light through massive painful events and experiences. Given the current inertia among the Western population, these people do need this kind of experience before they can awaken and leave their current comfort zone based of old Orion habits and lack of any moral values.

The “confrontation“, about which ApriL’s HS  speaks will not take place between the PAT and the dark archons as we have expelled them from all 4D earths last year. It will not even be between the most dark human entities and the incarnated star seeds, as the former have moved to the catastrophic 3D dogs’ earth and to the lower 4D earths several months ago. It will be among the ascending portion of humanity itself.

These entities will be presented with a mirror image of their still unprocessed problems in order to realize fully at the conscious level that they still need a lot of karmic lessons before they qualify for ascension. This is by the way a leitmotif in all Jahn’s messages in the last months  and also recently brilliantly confirmed by Cameron Day‘s essay:  “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

The astral perspective of the End Time scenario encompasses much more than the one-dimensional view of the current MSM and its alternative counterpart. Hence it does not make any sense to delve into details and extricate all the lies involved in this senseless dispute that is now inundating humanity and only contributes to its already huge confusion.

But it is necessary for us to still keep a vigilant eye on the current events, not only as to determine the optimal timing for the detonation of the PAT Supernova – do not forget that we are the most important observers and experts for All-That Is  on the ground – but also to form the new way of thinking by discerning all the lies and thus streamlining the new collective mindset that will really unfold after our ascension. But this process begins now. This is how I have operated in the last 20 years when ascension was an alien word and now our success is beyond any doubt –  we are already ascending and taking Gaia with us to the 5th dimension.

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