The Threshold of Ascension: Multidimensional Thinking Versus Linear Thinking

by Georgi Stankov, August 4, 2013

Hallo George,

what is meant by: “It is a done deal that for the majority of the 7 billion people on this earth nothing will change, even if the whole world is turned upside down and vice versa.“?

I thought everything is going to change.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

this is a very good question and I have also pondered on this statement, but as I have no contact to Jahn at present because he is off line, I could not ask him.

My personal interpretation is the following and, as this aspect is of key importance for a proper multi-dimensional understanding of the coming events we now discuss, I am very happy that you have raised this question.

The majority of the “walking” (and not thinking and feeling with their soul and mind) human beings currently on this upper 4D earth, or about 5.2 billion people (out of six billion to my estimate and not seven as officially announced), are soulless, empty holographic images. They are reproductions of the original incarnated personalities on the old 3D earth, which no longer exists, since it has been fully separated from the seven 4D earths on May 24th/25th.

Their destiny has already been sealed on the lower six 4D timelines or on the 3D earth, where the huge catastrophes due to the MPR and HAARP-induced Mega-earthquakes by the dark cabal have taken place as announced on our website in previous messages by Jahn, the Elohim and myself (HS).

When these empty holographic images are retrieved from our timeline during the impending and announced MPR, during which most of them will die or simply disappear through dematerialisation in an invisible manner and thus will be considered as lost/missing, their corresponding soul fragments on the lower six 4D earths, or on the 3D earth, will have no memory of this upper 4D earth as they were actually not here. These images were only projections of their souls. Now this is very important to keep in mind for a proper understanding of the multidmensionality of the unfolding events.

Instead, these incarnated personalities will believe that the have always lived on one of the lower 4D timelines, to which they pertain as a soul fragment, according to their personal vibration pattern as reaffirmed by Asana Mahatari in this same message:

“18) Every man will experience the events according to his vibration pattern.”

These people will experience the catastrophes on one of the 4D earths in a linear manner, just as we have experienced our past reality on the old 3D earth or on the upper 4D earth after the 3D earth was severed from our current timeline end of May, when also seven new parallel 4D earths were created from a scratch and the incarnated souls were distributed according to their level of awakening on one of these timelines.

All humans now, even the PAT most of the time when they forget the concept of multidimensionality, are fully subjected to this illusion of ongoing linearity, although it was broken into several parallel earths, as they have no idea of multidmensionality and experience the illusory linearity of this holographic timeline as their only true and persistent reality.

This is for instance what I have failed so far to make my wife understand, although I have tried many different didactic examples to explain the concept of multidimensionality to her. Hence I have currently no common basis to lead any meaningful discussion with her about what is ongoing on this planet at the End Time. The same holds true for the rest of the family.

This is a very profound gnostic problem of human cognition that cannot be easily overcome. This is the actual threshold of awareness between ascension and staying on a lower level of evolution. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, and you may guess how many LW will belong to the wheat that will be harvested by heaven very soon.

This is precisely the topic of the latest message of GaiaPortal that tries to convey the imminent importance of a new, immaculate multidimensional thinking:

“Standardized responses” to all situations on all dimensional planes are neutralized as Gaia nodes are requesting Ascended Collaboration. All attempts to utilize commonly-used measures (of linearity, George) will fail to bring in higher frequencies to the planet.

Higher Self knows.

Gaia assists all who are intending to Ascend with Gaia.

All others will be moved to alternate ascension pathways.

Repeat: all standardized response techniques (of linearity) are currently neutralized, and will fail to bring intended results.

This is what is now happening with respect to the lower catastrophic six 4D earths, as their soul fragments were anchored on one of these timelines immediately after the first split of the 3D earth and the creation of the seven 4D earths. That is to say, their primarily focus of attention in life was a priori set by their souls with regard to their level of awakening on one of these lower timelines, which they continue to experience as a prolongation of the old 3D earth.

Hence this statement by Asama Mahatari is formally and practically correct from a higher vantage point of view and also from the limited subjective point of view of a human being, who will, or has already experienced, the coming catastrophic events on one of the lower six 4D earths. This interpretation is reinforced by this previous statement in this message:

“6) The impression that all of this happens on a world, which you previously knew, remains unaltered, and the one people do not know of the other and how different the levels are, at which they live.

Now this statement does not apply to the few PAT members, who are in the absolute minority. Most of us have experienced these catastrophes very consciously on the lower six 4D earths, where we have incarnated parallel soul fragments. This has led to huge depressions and dreadful nightmares in many PAT members, as many of us have reported on our website in the last two months since the seven 4d earths scenario was implemented.

Only today Jerry wrote to me the following email:


I just read your latest article “Update on Evildoers” and your comment that yesterday was a very bad day for you.  I started to write an email yesterday or last night because I also experienced a very bad day indeed. Yes I had the normal dizziness and fatigue but I have learned to handle those symptoms unless they get too bad, I can still function. I also had severe intestinal clearings and more than usual noisy ears which usually indicate heightened energies.

I have had almost nonstop physical symptoms most of this year, so I have gotten used them somewhat, but starting yesterday, it was more the terrible dread and foreboding which was so heightened. It was similar, but even worst than what I felt before the earthquake in Japan two years ago. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and just knew something horrendous had happened. My dog paced all night and also would not let me sleep very much. I got up and looked at the Internet and nothing was reported except the heightened security at embassies. 

When I awoke this morning the same horrible feeling of impending doom, but still nothing other than the sky here in Arizona looks very odd. It still amazes me how our bodies still continue to function at all in a place where we feel so foreign. I wonder sometimes if I am the empty hologram rather than others, since they seem to go along unscathed. Something new is going on behind the scenes I am sure of that.


And here is what I responded to him:

“Dear Jerry,

exactly. As I wrote in this article, two decisions were made at the same time on August 2. To seal all souls on the lower six 4D earths from our upper 4D earth and thus to ban them from ascension, which was felt at the collective soul level as massive despair, For me this was very similar in dreadfulness to when the MPR on the lowest 4D earth took place on June 8th and billions of people must have died. 

Then the decision to enhance the MPR in our timeline, which will be also associated with massive death toll and the souls know this in the higher realms and were also depressed. This decision will also seal the destiny of many potential candidates for ascension, who now still dwell with their segments on the upper 4D earth and have hoped to stay on the 4D earth or even ascend to the 5D. 

I think that on August 2 the final decision was made how to proceed with the final scenario until ascension of Gaia and the detonation of the PAT supernova will take place.

Now we must reap the results of this decision and patiently await when they will manifest in this reality. There is nothing else we can do anymore.

George “

In our inner psychological, already multidimensional realms, which are much more real than anything else we experience in the current external, waning reality, we (almost exclusively the PAT as all other LW are unaware of this) fully participate in these parallel 4D timelines and experience these dreadful catastrophes, which are non-existent to the vast majority of the current zombies that only carry the holographic images of humans.

This is a leitmotif, not only of Jahn’s messages in the last two months since this seven earth holographic model was first introduced and discussed by myself on June 10th, but also in all my articles and further discussions of the PAT in the daily reports.

Hence, what we already experience currently, is what Asama Mahatari has now discussed in the above statement leading to your question. And it will continue to be so due to the fundamental manipulation of the memory of the incarnated personalities by their souls, without their deep understanding, as they are not that much evolved as we are to perceive this.

How easily one can be trapped into this linear illusion, illustrates the recent experience of my dual soul, who all of a sudden had the fearful notion that I would die very soon and was very depressed for some time before she dared to share this feeling with me. I, of course, dismissed this idea as absurd and suggested that due to her very pronounced mediality she must have entered emotionally and mentally a parallel timeline on a lower catastrophic 4d earth, where an incarnated fragment of my soul might have experienced such a destiny during the MPR that took place on these timelines at that time, or she must have switched on to a past incarnation.

Then, on the same day her HS confirmed to her in a channeling that my interpretation was correct and that there is no reason for her to be depressed.

This example illustrates how difficult it is to keep our multidimensional experience in different timelines clearly separated and not to get lost in the numerous parallel realities, by interpreting them in a linear fashion.

If we, the PAT, who belong to the most evolved souls on this planet, have such difficulties to catch up with the new multidimensional way of life that awaits us after our ascension and which we have already entered in a telepathic manner, what shall we say about the vast majority of incarnated souls, who have not the faintest idea of multidimensionality and will continue to experience subjectively only one linear timeline, even after the ID split and their ascension to the 4th dimension. Those, who will ascend to the 5th dimension, will open much more easily to the existence of multiple realities, as these entities will have fully functioning crystalline brains and will enjoy a vastly expanded awareness.

We have discussed early last year in conjunction with the three-earth scenario that most incarnated human beings, who will move to the balanced, now upper 4D earth, will wake up there after the ID split with a profoundly altered memory, if you may happen to remember this discussion, which we led for some time.

The reason for this is that their dreadful experiences during the huge catastrophes, associated with the MPR and its deluge, no matter at which 4D timeline, will be a great hindrance (as fearful reminiscences) for their further evolution on this new 4D earth. Hence these dreadful memories will be simply wiped out magnetically from their personal memory.

Please recollect that human memory is entirely magnetically stored in the mind, not in the physiological brain, as I explain extensively in my gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and also in the other four gnostic books. This magnetically induced amnesia will be precisely what the MPR will accomplish at the level of human consciousness, in addition to the many other sub-atomic effects on the energetic structure of Gaia and the human body system (e.g. on the DNA).

Only a few future ascended masters and some evolved incarnated souls will choose to remember these events in their totality as a vehicle for their further growth. We, the PAT, as the first ascended masters beyond the 5th dimension (cosmic ascension to the source), will have a full and direct knowledge of all these catastrophic events, as we will be then directly connected to the Akashic chronics. We will be completely relieved from the fear-based matrix, which will still exist on the new ascended 4D earth in a much more milder form than now.

On the 5D earth, this matrix will no longer exist, but some ascended entities may still harbour residual fear-based patterns and may eventually drop out from this timeline if they cannot sustain its higher 5D vibrations. It will be much easier to ascend to the 5th dimension in the coming days than to stay there. There will be a lot of drop-outs from the 5D earth to the higher levels (8th to 12th) of the upper 4D earth, now defined as the 7th level. There will be a lot of fluctuations of souls between these levels and timelines before the ascended entities can stabilize on one particular timeline and begin to slowly ascend through the 5th dimension, which consists of 49 (7X7) such levels.

Now all these entities, who will remain on the ascended 4D earth after the ID split and the MPR, triggered by the PAT supernova, will not only forget their nightmare experiences during the coming MPR deluge, which has served them as an opener and an energetic prerequisite for their ascension to the higher 4th dimension, but they will also forget on the new 4D earth as a rule their current relatives and families from this timeline (if they do not ascend with them), which as we know is a complete illusion. This will be their preference how to start their new life on the new upper 4D earth after the ID split and the MPR. They will believe that they have always lived on this ascended 4D earth. Difficult to imagine this collective form of amnesia, but this idea has been tackled by us for a long time last year.

These people will have a very limited consciousness compared to the ascended entities on the 5D earth, but still much more advanced and expanded brain and mind than currently. The present-day limitations of human intelligence is set by the physiological brain, which is a very slow and ineffective functioning hardware for processing of information and the human spirit, that is linked to this inefficient biological hardware as a specific software function of the omnipresent cosmic spirit, cannot really prosper and evolve.

On the new 4D earth, after the MPR and the ID split, the human brain will be of a more crystalline nature, although still not as effective as on the 5D earth A. On this timeline also the average life expectancy will be automatically augmented to 200 and more years as most present-day, Orion-created diseases will no longer be existent, which also points to a more effective human body and brain / human mind than currently observed.

It could be that some of these people have opted at the soul level to enter the new ascended 4D earth´with a partial or fully preserved memory and will remember what has happened during the MPR and the huge catastrophes on the current upper 4D earth. But the majority of the people have already opted for a complete or partial amnesia at the soul level. Their souls have decided to wipe out these dreadful memories of the coming MPR in their ascending incarnated personalities magnetically after this event has occurred as to begin on a new level playfield with their almost completely rejuvenated incarnation on the newly ascended upper 4D earth.

This will be a very important psychological prerequisite at the collective level in order for us as ascended masters to be able to introduce very quickly new technologies and just social forms of life without these being obstructed and vitiated by obsolete past, Orion tainted thought and gestalt patterns, as we observe currently in the whole New Age movement (the rest of humanity is still in a deep slumber in this respect).

This all has been discussed by the PAT last year in connection with the three-earth scenario, but you might have forgotten it, which also points to the fact, how weak human memory is. Hence this is another indirect proof for the correctness of my interpretation.

This interpretation is further substantiated by the following statement from Asama Mahatari at the end of this message:

“He, who accepts the multidimensionality of his Being, shall understand now, he, who apprehends the holographic structure of the worlds, will gain insight, he, who dismisses all this as nonsense and otherwise lives an arbitrary life, can neither see nor hear, and he shall remain silent and blind for another eternity.

This is indeed a very complex multidimensional model and one must have the full picture always present in his mind and be able to detach fully from his current linear thinking, which is also underpinning your specific question. There is a basic gnostic truth in the current End Times of ascension: the more our reality changes – the more it acquires its pristine character, which is eternal and immutable.


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