Space-Time Pieces

Asana Mahatari
channelled by JJK on August 4, 2013
first published on August 6, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Dream on the 4th August 2013; dreamt of Karl, co-founder of the world of light publishing house and the brother of Jahn.

Scene II walk on a beautiful day on Vienna’s Heldenplatz (Hero’s Square). This historic site in the centre of the capital is a popular destination for many people, especially in the warm summer evenings. So for me in this dream, where I was staying there in a relaxed evening atmosphere. Suddenly I see comets in the sky and  how they fall to the ground – there are many more to come.

Subsequently, there are impacts, flashes of light and meteors can be seen, and big explosions. The impacts are increasing and getting closer. In myself a panic erupts and I want to run home quickly. But then I stay and think to myself, “I’m in the right place at the right time”, and I instantly discard any fear. Just as instantly, the people who are at the Heroes’ Square become invisible to me, they simply disappear. I look at the sky and see a second great sun.

Scene IISuddenly the space begins to move and to bend and an infinitely powerful force / hand of God begins, as with a giant cake knife, to cut large pieces of space-time. This space-time pieces are then moved, removed, taken away and placed in all directions. I notice that every piece of space-time represents a different reality. Here, I see rising up a great wall of water in front of me, laterally from myself impressive mountain ranges are moved, everything somehow in the same space, but absolutely separated from each other.

The surface of the “space-time pie”, as I perceive it, builds the current linear level, it is our present-day understanding of reality and as soon as one looks into the inside of the space-time pie, one gets a fundamentally different and multidimensional insight.

Scene IIIJahn and I are driving in a very rapid speed over mountain ranges, which I have never seen before. We bridge with ease all the cliffs and jump over volcanoes, abysses and gorges that are thousands of kilometres wide. We jump from mountain to mountain in an enormous agility and safety, while our sets of wheels under our feet automatically and perfectly adjust to the particular conditions.

Sometimes these are skis, then snowboards and then we realize that we have strapped jumping skis, so we can overcome everything with effortless ease. We are exploring a previously unknown, new and exciting world. It definitely was not the earth as we know it. It was a new world (I wake up).

Loved ones,

This dream speaks a clear and unambiguous language. This dream is self-explanatory and shows the imminent wonders that humanity now will encounter. Please note especially the fact that it is the fear that must be overcome, and the people that will remain free from fear will be absolutely not affected by the events, which the fearful people will have to experience.

Overcome any fear that ascension and the impending separations of the worlds still unconsciously trigger in you. Right now. It is the time to do so. A fearless entity holds the key to ascension. These dream images show the structure of creation, illustrate the multidimensionality and describe in a wonderful language of images the Now.

Everything happens simultaneously at different, separated from each other levels. It is time to understand the cosmic concept that is behind the space-time structure. This will be comprehended, once you have experienced it. Up to a certain degree, it can be “comprehended” already at present within the limited view of the human cocoon. In this way you shall stay completely relaxed on the A-day and you can – without being thunderstruck – respond to the events, attune yourself to the events and align with them in deep peace. In love and in peace – without fear! This is what sets you apart from most people and what enables you to overcome any limitation in no time.

The miracles, of which we spoke to you, are described in this dream. An important and everything illuminating dream that reflects the new reality of the ascending humanity. In this mirror you can discover yourself and in it you can see all, what will be withheld from those, who are frozen in fear, because a fear-stricken being is exposed at the mercy of the old game of the dark forces.

It is the time of all times, the wonders, about which we have been talking to you, are being fulfilled Now. The old world is broken down into its components and re-created. Like building blocks, which are placed at the right places, for verily: What is built on sand, has no place in the new levels of Being and remains trapped exclusively in the three-dimensional space-time concepts.

God is great. We are approaching the timeline that shall remove all doubts in a single day. In a day and in only a few hours, when the critical mass for this epochal, creative momentum is achieved.

In large cycles the worlds transform and your familiar earth is located in the centre of this universal happening which will change everything, will put it right and will bring it into its original cosmic position.

This dream and the message are given, so that you remain steadfast, that you approach these last days of humanity wisely and with deep trust in God – and that you are motivated to work on yourself, in that you free yourself from each, still deeply seated and hidden fear.

God is with us and we are in Him. Call me, when you seek help, call me, when you want to experience the touch of the purple-golden ray of transformation. Call me and your fear will recede!


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