When the Shit Will Hit the Fan in September

by Georgi Stankov, August 26, 2013


Everything points out to a quick culmination of a series of devastating wars, military dictatorship in the USA and elsewhere and a number of major natural catastrophes and other calamities, on top of a worldwide financial crash, that will hit humanity in the next few days. The build-up is gargantuan and one must be deaf and blind as not to sense it. I do feel this surge of human darkness in a very painful manner.

And I even get angry in a very human way, although I should now rejoice at these long expected developments, as they will propel us to the higher dimensions. What I sense is a huge emotional build-up of the deepest and darkest human despicability and nastiness that will end up with a bloody war in Syria and the Middle East and this will be just the beginning of the end of this debased Orion civilisation.

Obviously the End Time scenario will be worse than planned even for the 8th to 12th levels of 4D and thus will follow the negative tradition set by the lower seven 4D earths, which are now completely destroyed and under the NWO. This scenario will unfold in a somewhat mitigated form on the upper 8th to 12th 4D levels. But make no mistake – it will still surpass all your worst nightmares and will throw the whole humanity in a profound shock, even though most of them are soulless, empty holographic images.

I will publish tomorrow the latest Jahn’s message from today that goes in this same direction. The facts are too obvious to be neglected now, even though they do not concern us, who will ascend before the shit will hit the fan in September and throughout the whole autumn of 2013.

Below is another very powerful message from “Blue Star speaks” that you must read as it also confirms my assessment – how dire the situation on the earth and with humanity really is. From what I gather, the final assessment of the state-of-the-art of the ascending portion of humanity has been made in these last few days, just on time with the end of the Lion’s Gate today, August 26th, and the bottom line is that the harvest is even more meager that originally feared.

According to this source, the calamities will commence in September and then will go on throughout the whole fall for all those, who will stay on the upper 4D earth and this will be the vast majority of potentially selected for ascension human entities. I now must assume that this will even apply to my whole family, which I considered to be old souls, what they definitely are, but very much mired by this Orion reality.

Only a month ago the perspective was much more rosy. This source paints indeed a very dire picture of this world and humanity and, as I must admit, this is also what I feel very strongly these last days. That is why I am so depressed, although according to Asama Mahatari’s latest message (will be published tomorrow) we, the light warriors from the PAT,  should not succumb to this negative mood as it is no longer our responsibility what will happen with these souls.

But there is no doubt now that the vast majority will not ascend and will go first through a series of terrible experiences of huge catastrophes and total collapse of the Orion matrix as only a few millions will ultimately ascend to the 5th dimension with us in the first ascension wave, which may as well come this month, now that the ballast has been so radically reduced.

The rest will be fed in the numerous karmic loops at the higher 4D levels and will stay there as long as they learn their ascension lessons. From what I gather, most of the initially “firm” considered ascension candidates have changed their mind in the very last minute and have not responded to God’s call for ascension. They will now have to drink the cup of karmic poison to its bitter, empty end, before they can qualify for ascension in the indefinite future. This is no good news, but that is how the situation is crystallizing now in front of our very eyes.


Peoples’ Toys, Worldly Disarray, and When AUTUMN leaves

Blue Star speaks, August 25, 2013


Well Planetizens and Earthizens (our Earth cousins,) here we are yet again, still digging through the muck and mayhem that has been so prevalent on the Earth Star planet. When I and my group of selected Star Keepers from other planets began this sojourn here, out hearts were heavy. It was so because from our vantage points in other dimensions, it was so easy to see that the voluntary changes we had all wished humanity to Create here, were nowhere to be found. There were many, many mind-thoughts seeking changes, good changes that is, but the sheer numbers of peoples here who could care less were outnumbering by a very large margin the minds of those who knew change was needed and did want them to occur. Peacefully. Now however as we continued on with the further searching for intelligent life, our hearts grew even more heavy as we bore witness to the extended malfeasance of Spirit here. Entering the Netherlands for example should have at least been a joyous occasion. It was not! This country’s peoples too, with very few exceptions, are mesmerized by all peoples, places and things of lesser value.

To be so besotted by the “royal families” and the addiction the everyday peoples in that country seem to have with fancy houses, coffee klatches, and the must have new styles is a far cry from what this country and ALL countries should be symbolic of. We walked the land, studied the peoples and gave only a few a thumbs-up for the work they do. The insanity which is almost parasitic in so many minds is true cause for the concern we had when we first arrived on this planet. We decided to simply do a quick flyover of the rest of the countries which had been on our itinerary. As we passed over polluted rice paddies, mutating insects, innocent good peoples ruthlessly slaughtered for the fun of it by marauding drug-addicted mindless LARGE groups of like-minded peoples and seeing dead bodies barely hidden from view and the smoke and screams of innocent peoples dying because of the heinous wars being waged in their homelands, we all agreed that the Luminescent of this world, God, made all the correct decisions in sending us here. Peoples are NEEDLESSLY starving here! Animals are too and the land she is churning at a faster and faster pace.

Now, you ones need to arrive at a better understanding of how we let all the other Luminescents of all other Universes know of the deadly conditions we are witnessing here. The Luminescent of this Universe shares a type of silverish energy cord with all the other Luminescents. It is in this manner that they can all SIMULTANEOUSLY be privy to all that we see and all that we hear while they are still maintaining their own guardianship over all their worlds. So it is that we would transmit our recommendations to them about each person, place and thing. All energy streamers which have accompanied me and my brethren on this Earth Star walk stretch out and extend themselves so they can effectively connect with the benevolent energy streamers which are already here. Also, you ones need to be aware that the Universe which this planet is part of is constantly sending more of these types of streamers to Earth in a combined effort to combat the dark streamers which have been descending here for so long. It is in this contiguous manner that we have been able to stop many things from happening here which would have caused massive destruction to peoples and all other living beings.

I was just at the point of notifying God through transmissions to Him that I could not see anything else that caused me to feel the least bit of hope for the masses here. Unexpectedly at that nanosecond God spoke with me and asked me how I felt about the “principles of conduct” overall which I witnessed everywhere. In what you ones would consider to be a mere few minutes, Earth time that is, I was able to convey to Him through imagings the lack of control peoples exhibit over themselves, the intentional lack of personal responsibility and the irreparable damage to others and to Terra I saw committed by the actions the majority of peoples indulge in here! I showed Him in a very dispassionate manner the excitement which borders on frenzy of how Earthizens and far too many Planetizens are driven almost by a lustful energy to have the automobiles, boats, ships, excessive and immodest attire and a deep almost insatiable thirst to be in adoration of those in the various entertainment fields. Then of course I showed Him the deplorable state of mind of so many young adults and even younger children. Now, although God and the other Luminescents were aware of all this, it was deemed essential by the Creator that full reports be sent to all by me in order for the Akashic Records to be complete about the Earth Star planet … before that book is closed!

Planetizens, I implore you one and all to look deep into the recesses of your minds; then FEEL the sentience of your hearts and come to terms with what REALLY causes you happiness and how you can cope with those around you ones who are mired in the quicksand of the finite human being. You as Soul, already KNOWS how you ones must each handle this inglorious situation which is part of the practical world madness. However, knowing this and learning to better cope with it MAY be two different things for many of you ones.

All right now, as all the Luminescents together with their MANY Ambassadors of each Universe “read” my report, the God of this Universe along with all the other Gods and Goddesses, (these are the Luminescents of all other Universes,) accompanied by the very DEEP sonic vibration of the Creator, arrived at their own collective decisions. I have been called home.

However, I and of course the other Star Keepers, some of the Masters and many of the Angelic Realm also here with me, have been asked to perform one final deed. It is not a pleasant one; it is one which we had so dearly wanted to never have to perform, but as God said, “It is what it is, it is what must be, for nothing that has taken place here by so many of the Children of all races and ALL planets can be undone.”

Well, Planetizens and to those Earthizens who have suddenly been realizing that something is seriously wrong here and YES there actually are some who do, I need to first explain the final deed, my last procedure to you ones. Many centuries ago there was a diabolically contrived black plague which had been unleashed on Earth. It was indeed part of a horrendous experiment to not only perfect a mutated virus which had actually been conceived in an off-world laboratory by the dark demons, it was to be the birthing place to discover more newer ways to create even darker ways to cause death and to instill genetic diseases for the FUTURE times of the human races overall. Now, although humanity will never be permitted to learn of the true sheer numbers of deaths which took place then, I can tell you ones that there were literally millions of more deaths that you do not know about. Yet again the control factor was even more firmly ensconced here and the dark continued to stir the cauldron intentionally causing even more fear and more reckless behavior to occur among peoples here as a result of the fear itself. Because so many peoples kept dying day and night, the hardworking good folks had of necessity to find out which houses had been plague infested and how many people who may have appeared to still be untouched were really infected.

So the leaders of each town and village, who were vastly overwhelmed by this terrible continuing threat to all peoples, quickly devised a plan with the help of the healthy townspeople. Day and night they toured each part of the towns and villages; homes where all were deceased inside had a terrible stench which only “the black death” could have. The houses were quickly torched with the bodies inside. Homes where there were still people alive but dying from the plague had to be handled differently. Large red “X’s” were painted on the outside front of the homes. People stumbling around town who were clearly infected were gathered together and placed in a “death house together” and quickly died of the illness. Or with the cases wherein people were contaminated …. if the disease had not spread too much with an individual but that person or persons were infected nonetheless, red bands were placed on their ankles or arms. Over time those who succumbed completely to this illness and died and had the bands on, were carefully gathered and their bodies were burned.  Unfortunately thousands upon thousands of people died who lived far from the towns and villages. In many of those cases it was years before the bodies were located. By that time the bodies had infected the land where they laid.

Historians here on this planet know so little about so very much! You see Planetizens, in truth this was indeed the only manner of combating the plague. They could not cure it so they had to COPE with it by doing all they could do, yet not become infected themselves. It did not help that humanity during those years did not believe in bathing.

Now, all this having been explained to you ones, I have been given instructions of what I must do here on the Earth Star planet. I have divided this world into sections; yes this includes all waterways as well. Each member of the contingent accompanying me is assigned a section to protect all those they can while still serving the Universes’ plan of separation of the wheat from the chaff. We are not using red paint to mark the front of homes, automobiles, boats or alleyways where any homeless live. We are however issuing each a certain Light to all things here, all peoples etc., which marks the good and Spiritually sound peoples from those peoples, and things which are not. The Lights themselves are incorruptible. They can NOT be fooled! The Angelic Realm is also adding a certain flower scent or essence into the various Lights as their way of contributing to the Light of all Lights. Over the rest of what is left of your calendar year 2013, many of the Lights and essences we are placing here will change, IF the peoples who bear each type of Light change. All I am doing is setting it into motion; the rest is up to each person. Change is a constant process; I along with my group are almost through marking who, what and where can still be protected and those that can not be. Then it is up to the Universe herself. Now, there remains much you ones all need to be wary about in the political arenas. Egypt is but a combustion key and will bring many other countries down with her. She has long been a designated Mecca for change; one that would have brought so many other neighboring countries’ peoples together to learn the way of peace. However the controllers of that country have deftly overridden her destiny. So, her destiny MUST now be altered!  There are so many, many “behind closed door meetings” taking place as the political leaders of every country are vying to see which of them can control not only Egypt, but can make further inroads into controlling the entire Mid East. They are in quiet collusion with certain MidEastern leaders who have been promised unlimited power and the possibility of bringing all other countries to their knees. Tis an ugly situation to say the least. The bought and paid for instigators in the Mid East and the surrounding countries are joyfully following the plan which had been laid out for them. It is interesting to see that even North Korea’s leaders, the ones who are intelligent that is, are salivating to see what they can gain by the toppling of Egypt.

Then of course there is the weather effect taking place here. Do not doubt for a moment that weather impacts HEAVILY on the emotions and Spiritual nature of peoples! Moods, stages of angst, anger, hatred and gang mentality are all being heavily seduced by the weather. Millions of Spiritual peoples here tend to lose their focus, their center and feel unbalanced. The continued loss of negative ions here is not helping the weather effect either. Ironically, as always during calamitous times, when peoples here find themselves spared from grievous situations induced by hurricanes, floods, tornados etc., they first say, “thank God, I would have died if God had not saved me.” Then in many instances gang mentality sets in and the people say, “I have the worst luck in the world; I have lost everything, I have no interest in life any more.” Churches continue to preach of hell and damnation, sins of the fathers being visited upon the children and of course the old saying of “retribution is here.” It is too bad Planetizens that so few peoples here want to look in a mirror to find out who is at fault.

But of course many innocents are trapped within this world which is still filled with illusions. The peoples are living on this planet; therefore even some of the most wonderful people I have seen are living lives filled with uncertainty. How can it be otherwise; you are living on Earth you know! Now, the very nanomoment a person “gives up” is when that person has truly lost EVERYTHING. This is why millions of peoples around this world have suddenly begun to fight back against their oppressors. THESE are the ones who have NOT given up and refuse to continue lives of bondage. The problems you ones are facing now is that when leaders and groups of peoples who have also gotten what they wanted at any cost, especially those who see other peoples as cattle, do not easily want to capitulate and allow the peoples in their countries to live lives of REAL freedom. Having a free country is an admirable goal; however there is a reality with that goal which almost everyone overlooks.

To overthrow a country inevitably causes huge amounts of death to the innocent peoples and has a backlash where the controllers are concerned. ALL countries here, in particular those that still have the ridiculous monarchies, buy and sell not only themselves to other allied countries, but do so with the country’s peoples themselves. When monarchies and all other despots find themselves in dire situations because of the loud grumbling of the masses, it is simplicity itself for them to call in their “markers” and receive assistance from the other corrupted leaders. Pomp and circumstance indeed! It would be closer to the truth to say, “butchery and enslavement;” These peoples in the seats of power are also closely RELATED, too bad you ones did not know this LONG ago! Yet the masses just dote on “royalty” and are mesmerized through the conditioning process of believing that “royal birthright” is a truth. In fact it was and still is a craftily contrived lie. No country that has Presidents etc. is there by “birthright” either. Distorted power always begets distorted power. As I said “these peoples are also RELATED, remember that please!

Now, I have established what I call a Life Watch; if there is anyone who is not aware of the consequences inherent in ignoring the upcoming and uncompromising Autumn Equinox of 2013, then perhaps these ones missed the cosmic sized billboard God set into motion announcing this warning. All of Divinity has spent innumerable time cautioning each of you ones to BE all that you can BE and to always stand in truth. From what I have seen here, obviously much of that message fell upon deaf ears. Earthseeds, Starseeds and even many Walk-ins who have NOT been paying CLOSE attention can not blame others when their own personal worlds come crashing down. An interesting aspect to the ripping away of the veils of illusions is that as this occurs, the reality of all which has been ignored or discarded must be dealt with. Reality can be likened at times to a Cosmic checkerboard; all COLORS are set into place awaiting the checkers to see which COLORS will reign and which must be removed.

Tis like the world of politics where even now Israel and Russia along with the covert activities of secret groups of peoples now located in every country on this planet, are awaiting the word to swiftly perform several surgical strikes and try to overcome the opposition of the good peoples here. Many lives will continue to be lost, yet when all is said and done it will be this upcoming Equinox which will be a LIFE-defining moment for all! All the areas where nuclear power plants are located are in great jeopardy of having UNPLANNED nuclear accidents. I have yet to have seen even one of these plants that I consider to be stable. Please send Light and love to Japan; those peoples and the entire country as well as those adjoining countries are horrible contaminated. The contamination itself is working its ways in ALL directions through the oceans and arriving at OTHER countries at an alarming rate of speed. Much of what happened to Japan was indeed a darkly planned event.

Only the Spirit of the true human Being can and will withstand the upcoming time following the Equinox. The dark energies are livid right now because they have been made aware that God had a plan up His collective sleeve. This plan is a fulcrum; one which will function as a means to alleviate much damage planned by the dark ones. This strategy of God’s will further instill great Spiritual fortitude to the true Light Workers here, resulting in the possibility that Earth will continue to HAVE more Equinoxes! Timing here is crucial! You ones who have awaited a spatial gridline intersection which allows you to demonstrate not only to yourselves but to ALL worlds, ALL Universes that you have what it takes to BE the difference, shall indeed surprise even yourselves ESPECIALLY as Autumn LEAVES this year. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride between September 22 and the final week of Autumn. This Equinox is more than a calendar date; it is an unstoppable force linked to a parallel dimension which clearly divides the peoples of this world into the destinations they have each chosen for themselves through the CHOICES they have made in life.

It is my great pleasure to be an active participant in Project PUSH. Those among you ones who will participate I ask that you be prepared for myriad emotions, the incredible feeling of a new “you” will occur as you rise to a higher vibration of yourself and rush into a new major and I do mean quantum force of yourself, while STILL assisting in pushing back the dark! Planetizens, on a personal note I gladly tell all of you ones that I too have awaited this Equinox since I first became aware of all which it portends. I have watched so many of you ones struggling to hold onto your Spiritual equanimity; I shared your pain through your mind-thoughts and I laughed with you when you finally were able to see the Light come forth and a huge portion of the dark pushed back. I have heard so many of you exclaim in wonderment that somehow this was not a complete surprise, you knew something was coming but you did not know what. Stand fast beloved ones; you can do no wrong. As a parting gift to you each this day, I ask that when you feel uncertain or if you wonder if you are doing enough, or if it is all you should do … just think my name and you will feel my presence. Take pleasure from the thought that you are being your own special Soul Selves and PLEASE be content with that knowledge. I am signing off you now …. I will be with you on September 20thand beyond.  

Salude… Blue Star the Pleiadian










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