What is Real and What is Illusion?

PAT Comments – Part I, August 8, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

I was overwhelmed and very much thrilled by your numerous and prompt comments on the fundamental gnostic question:

What is Real and What is Illusion in Our Lives?

as first discussed by Petra Margolis and her source the Sphinx. Your elaborations and very insightful comments are all so valid and all-encompassing that they have made my analysis on this topic obsolete. You have very clearly highlighted the key blunder in Petra’s message, which is the dualistic, very human 3D-approach to this question, which is also inherent to the theological perception of the world by all organized religions on earth.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your magnificent responses to this fundamental question, thus proving that you are ready long time ago for our new, exciting existence as Creator Gods in the multidimensional higher dimensions of Creation. Due to the many contributions, I will publish them in two parts in the course of the day.



There’s a lot going on in this essay: TRUTH vs untruth, REAL vs unreal, and GOOD vs bad.

It mentions nothing about ascension and moving forward with your soul’s evolution. All of the questions, he has raised, are subjective and colored by each soul’s experience.

As far as growth and ascension are concerned, I don’t believe it is imperative for souls to recognize what is “reality” in order to move forward. Growth is not dependent on a soul’s grasp of dimensions, ETs, physics and spiritual hierarchy. Real maturity is a soul that objectifies purity of heart, sincerity and perseverance.

A soul on the ascension path is driven. There is an internal urgency to complete their mission and to return home. It reminds me of a homing pigeon returning to the roost; once he finds his bearings, the path may vary, but all paths lead Home.

Every soul has free choice; he can find a shorter route or one that takes more time. And just like the homing pigeon, the soul has an innate map – a map that defines truth. That same internal map will bring him home.

There are souls from many walks of life who are unaware of the “big picture”, but they walk the walk and live a purposeful life. They teach by example; living in an honorable manner. We as souls do not have limited choices (real vs unreal etc); there are infinite possibilities. Limitation is three-dimensional and a human convention; it keeps souls from recognizing their own divinity.

I believe, when ascension arrives, the souls still standing will not be those new age gurus, who pontificate about reality and their own version of truth. It will be the guy who gave his seat to the old woman on the bus. The construction worker who fed the pigeons bread from his lunch box and the child who stood up to the bully. These good hearted souls, in my eyes, are daily LIVING their TRUTH, their actions are REAL and it is GOOD.

Love and Light, Sheryl

Dear George,

I just wanted to write something about your new post.

“When you are awakening it becomes more difficult to decide between real
and not real.

Quite wrong. The more enlightened I am, the more I know how to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Sleeping man (unconscious) = 3D reality
Higher dimensions = nonsense or no interest

Awakened person (conscious / ascension)  = 3D is illusion
Higher dimensions = knowledge of the reality and existence of higher dimensions

I write this from my perspective, since I had a foretaste how ascension feels (activating my Merkaba, and Kundalini, merging with the cosmos).

Lieber Georg,

ich wollte nur kurz etwas schreiben zu Deinem neuen Posting.

“When you are awakening it becomes more difficult to decide between real
and not real.

Ziemlich falsch. Je erwachter ich bin, desto mehr weiss ich zu unterscheiden zwischen Realität und Illusion.

Schlafender Mensch (unbewusst) = 3D ist Realität
Höhere Dimensionen = Quatsch oder kein Interesse

Erwachter Mensch (bewusst/Aufstieg) 3D ist eine Illusion.
Höhere Dimensionen = Wissen um die Realität und Existenz höherer Dimensionen

Ich schreibe das aus meiner Perspektive, da ich einen Vorgeschmack darauf bekommen habe wie sich Aufstieg anfühlen kann (Aktivierung meiner Kundalini und Merkaba, Verschmelzung mit dem Kosmos).

Liebe Grüße!


There is neither good or bad, there is only our perception of things and our perception has been shaped and is reinforced daily to get us to see things the way that the PTW want us to see them.

This is an experience, in which there are great opportunities and pitfalls.

How society has been shaped to appear is the illusion both good and bad.

I feel like I am submitting an brief essay to be marked – ha ha.  I pondered about it all night for the few lines above.

In love and light
Maria, UK

Dear George,

What I can see, Petra does not understand the difference between soul and her incarnated entity. She, as most of the new agers, does not understand multidimensionality.

Of course that everything, good and bad, is real for the incarnated entity.

From soul’s point of view, this earth is a playground in order to gain unique type of experience.

Therefore, for soul nothing is real, while incarnated entity perceives everything as a reality.

Soul is the one, who is running the show, while her incarnated entity thinks otherwise.

Soul is the one, who is projecting holographic picture of “reality” for her incarnated entity only to experience her experiment of “reality” in her human body.

It is up to humans to realise this interconnection.

With love and light,

Dear Master George,

“What is Illusion and what is reality on this earth?” logical blunder –

The entire passage seems to do loops around the duality of “real or not real” seeming through the eyes of a person who isn’t aware of incarnations and things related to karma. So it seems they are much more focused on what other people are saying, instead of what they’ve come to understand/feel in their own heart and mind.

“This would mean, all the good things, such as love, but also what you experience as a human to be your spiritual existence. After all everything you experience, physically and spiritually is experienced through your human understanding.

This stood out as an assumption on humanity. I’ve experienced manyyyy things that I’m unable to verbally explain or understand, but that doesn’t mean that I’m unable to create it again and again by going within.

I couldn’t really compel myself to read it more than once. It feels as though the author is very narrow minded on the concept of “this or that, nothing else”.

It’s been a great pleasure to continue to frequent this site, and also to be in connection with everyones’ energies. Each day is more peaceful than the last, how beautiful everything is unfolding in front of our eye(s).


Dear Georgi,

I am a little concerned that I will be way off base gnostically, but what the heck!

If this had not been on your site I would have stopped reading Petra’s article before I was half way through.

Inherent in the first sentence of this writing is the dualistic (“real and not real”), black-white perspective, which is the view point that is kept throughout the article. In my experience black/white thinking needs to be transcended before there is much “awakening”.

What is missing in this discussion is the acknowledgement that human experiences exists outside of mental constructs or perceptions. No matter if one has a belief, something is real or an illusion, there still is a “something” that the mind is creating a belief about.

In Oriental Medicine we were trained that the mind is stored in the heart. How can thoughts not in alignment with the heart be balanced (and supporting All-That-Is)?

Also omitted in this discussion is the acknowledgement that no truth can be found without listening to the heart. She can ramble ad nauseum and never find the truth without the heart.

This was fun!

Let us ascend soon.
In love and light, Marian

Dear George,

1. This is a mind still trapped in restricted exclusionary Duality:

“There can only be real or not real. You have to pick one.

All-That-Is is inclusive  – therefore it is BOTH. The illusion creates an experience that is real. All experience is real. And your real experience is supported not only by the illusion that holographic reality is outside the Consciousness, but also through the illusion of movement through time… as illusory time is a shifting from one stop-frame Parallel Reality to another, billions of times per second to create the illusion of seamless continuity. Not only that, the entire illusion is created from Conscious Energy, the fundamental “real” in Source/All-That-Is.

The only way that Source can get close to the experience of that, which does not exist, is to create an illusion (based on real Energy) of separation from itself.

2. This mind is still not aware that all change comes from within:

“The ones that realize that this world, the physical and spiritual is real. They are here to live this world, change this world.

You never change the world you are currently residing in. To change the seemingly external holographic world, you must first change YOURSELF. And when you change yourself, you then shift to a different Parallel Reality world that reflects the change you have made to your energetic frequency, your vibratory state. The world itself never changes…you do.

3. This mind is still promoting unquestioned Belief systems and Duality again, “Good <–> Bad”

Our Earth lesson in becoming a rather unique being of Super Consciousness is to focus on both the Good and the Bad, and integrate all of it into our energy field. We are here to absorb and accept all of Duality, and then observe it all again from a higher perspective by reaching the balance point in the middle — the point of power. Human belief systems about what is considered “bad” can always be changed. “Chaos” and “despair” can be considered “good” if you recognize that they are portents for massive change and growth of awareness.

If Petra is interested in expanding herself, these are some of the very best videos to start with:

Reality is in your Consciousness


Shifting from Moment to Moment




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