Pardon and Forgive

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 20, 2013
first published in English on August 22, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

The grand time has arrived, the realization of your spiritual nature takes place and you go into light. For the ascending humans it is of utmost importance now:

1) to accept unconditionally all fine-tuned energetic adjustments  that need be made;

2) to be ready to seek unconditionally guidance from the masters, archangels and the self-confident inner guidance;

3) to be able to leave this world from one day to the next one;

4) to gain certainty that ascension is now imminent for YOU, the time of waiting is over;

5) practise forgiveness, be forgiveness, live forgiveness.

Loved ones,

I am the creative force that coordinates the ascension of humanity – I am Sananda. Leave this world in profound peace, leave this plane of existence by forgiving all men and by being grateful to all the events that made you become stronger, clearer, more courageous, clarified and loving. Leave this world in gratitude, forgive all the people for what they have allegedly done to you.

You have completed the training, you have tasted life, you have passed through the deepest valleys. Now it is time to climb the greatest heights and this without any luggage, because no one shall go with old baggage into the light. The last exercise of all exercises for all, who now are facing imminent ascension, should be:


Ask that you should be forgiven, and forgive all the people, then you have attained the master’s examination, then you have achieved everything at this level of Being. For transformation always means to switch from one state to another, and spiritual transformation means to move from one unhealthy state into a healthy one, from ignorance into knowledge.

Loved ones,

The upper 4D Earth holograms will be haunted by the events of the lower 4D holograms. This means that even before the energies of destruction will be discharged – albeit in a limited manner – you shall ascend and shall be sure that you have arrived to the fifth dimension of being.

Your new home is ready. Now look again upon your life. Where are there “construction sites” – still, where is there something to do and especially where is there to forgive, where forgiveness has been practiced in a deficient manner and where have you not yet asked for forgiveness?

The last lessons before your ascension are the lessons that have been underestimated so far and, as they are dealt, they will bring knowledge and freedom. And only a free man can walk to where his God’s determined flights will carry him – into the light.  For verily: YOU ARE WELCOME AND AWAITED IN ENDLESS LOVE.

I am
Jesus Sananda

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