Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J. Kassl on 11th August 2013
first published in Englihs on August 13, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

Report I:

It’s Sunday. I’m going to one of the many newspaper stands of the city to purchase a daily newspaper. When I drop the coin in the little cashbox I hear a hollow echo and I notice that except of my coin there is hardly any money in it, although the newspapers are almost “sold out”. Immediately I get idea: “Wanting it all – but not giving anything for it.“ (End of report)

Loved Ones,

This realization leads us to the state of this world, leads us directly to the upheavals of the society, to the immaturity and to the realization that now the worlds detach from each other. A lot of the people in the “civilized” world believe they can acquire or are allowed to take anything without providing the necessary compensation. The financial system based on debt where almost any man can very easily acquire any amount of things, forms the basis for this unreflective behavior.

And this behavior has reached the “spiritual scene” long since. On the one hand people believe that the gifts of heaven always have to be “free of charge”, on the other hand these beings who bring these gifts of heaven among the people are often going astray when it comes to pricing these gifts and lose all common sense by charging excessive amounts of money.

A natural and conscious energy balance is seldom the rule and it is here pointed out.

“What costs nothing has no value,” many humans say. This is only part of the truth. Because this expression refers to the energy balance in terms of money and not necessarily on the many other ways which could take place to achieve such an energy balance.

The truth is, when a person self-evidently expects a service without providing any compensation, an imbalance is arising thus the world has therefore gotten off track. On one hand people take for granted that things are „free of charge“ without providing any compensation and on the other hand they pay massively exaggerated prices, where they feel at the mercy of somebody, which is both totally inappropriate.

Here it is important to be very aware of this because the debt money system of the dark forces has confused the people and degraded them into slaves. This system does not exist on 5D, but remains at the levels of 4D earth depending on the vibrational hologram.

That is, the higher the vibration of a civilization, the closer it comes to a monetary system – before it overcomes any kind of money system – which is a fair and correct transfer of money and goods, which enables every being to participate in the abundance of Mother Earth.

Yes, love the money and rid yourself from negative thought patterns, so you may attract wealth and abundance also on this level. Be aware, however, of how complex it is to deal with it and how exploitative and sick the current monetary system is in that matrix, that still serves as your source of experience. Therefore, it must be now that the worlds separate and dissolve. And it is already dissolving: the events are in progress.

The more primitive a civilization is, the more injustice is in the monetary means, the goods and the gifts distributed that Mother Earth holds in store for every being.

If you look around, you realize that you have been living in a absolutely primitive “civilization” up to now and I say to you: You have come to change this by rising above that civilization which is happening these days.

Report II:

I also remember a situation some years ago. I was on the biggest shopping street in Vienna in front of a large department store as I heard a young lad of hardly 17 years: “Shit, there is not even an ATM here and now I have to go over there! “(On this street there is an ATM every 50 meters and the guy only had to cross the street). His friends nodded in agreement about this “insolence“. (Report End)

Yes, it shows that these people are no longer willing to apply energy, will and force in order to receive something. Everything should free of charge and of course naturally flow to them, so that any kind of effort can be avoided.

Become lazy and sluggish through this system – which makes immediately everything possible because the debt money system invites people to indebt further and further, which urges them directly into slavery – they behave this way.

Additionally, the manipulations through the media suggest to people that they need to do nothing to get everything. Fatal mission statements and role models are thereby created and the people lose orientation.

The misguided people behave like thieves. They lie and swindle to become owners of things which they do not deserve, because for sure they are not willing to devote any effort to provide an energy compensation. And this is quite as wanted. Make debt is made easy because a person with debt is externally determined and such a person is absorbed by this system.

For the esoteric scene this means that the divine gifts that people offer may well require an energy balance and it should also be that way. The other way round people getting these divine gifts from others should respond in a natural way and provide this energy balance.

For the exploitation of the citizens by the State this means: Defend yourselves! For the tax burden that most “civilized states” impose on the people is a capital crime against humanity and the divine order of a world proclaiming that every person is provided for the needs of his body and soul.

“Render unto Caesar the things, that are Caesar’s.“

This presupposes that the king is in his right mind and has a sense of justice and Caesar knows that he is the first servant of his people and not the greatest oppressor of people.

Do your “kings” in order to maintain their offices request from the people their reasonable, just and small share or is the contribution they get rather sprawling and milked off the enslaved people?

The answer is obvious and it’s all told.

Therefore deprive the State from your money wherever you can, because it is inappropriate, how much you are exploited by the state, the economy and politics and being kept alive with a minimum.

The misinterpretation of my above mentioned Bible words only cause you to stay in debt and that you shall remain their slaves. In summary, the following shows:

1) The people are being exploited and get their right back where it is inappropriate – see „the newspaper robbery“ on Sunday.

2) The people serve the system by indebting themselves as they quite easily and effortlessly can acquire things – the world as a leasing company.

3) The people therefore have lost the feeling for a adequate energy compensation. On one hand they believe that everything is free of charge available to them and on the other hand that they may invoice excessive prices for their work.

4) The large crowd of people in the spiritual scene still largely miss the abundance, since
one hand they demonize the money and on the other hand are dependent on it as they live in a permanent state of lack.

5) The new gurus of the spiritual scene are very often presumptuous as they demand for their services an energy compensation that is inappropriate, or by demanding nothing, which is equally out of place. This is mainly caused by a misconception of give and take and an unfree access to the idea of money.

6) The solution is to look at the matter thoroughly and to open up deliberately to the subject of money and to be quite aware that for what you give, you may also receive and for what you get, an adequate compensation has to be provided.

Loved Ones,

Most important is to understand that this human society is in chaos and the observations of Jahn show this clearly. It is wrong to believe that everything may be obtained without effort, as if everything may be acquired without the necessary energy compensation.

Just as it is wrong to believe that one must subject to the system, that is all right to be exploited and to accept debt slavery as a natural law. Search these matters in order to find the solution for yourself, and discover your own midst. What means that give and take are balanced. Keep being diligent and conscious workers in the vineyard of the Lord who are fully aware of the wealth of their interaction and where this balance becomes a natural feeling of life.

One thing is certain: This monetary and economic system does not exist in the higher realms and can only be sustained in worlds, where the dark powers exercise their diabolic control over a society.

For those who ascend, the time of the debt money is over. For those who continue to remain in the play of time, there are models of new and fair – without any interest – money systems according to the respective holograms of the 4D-worlds, until these too will dissolve.

At the lower levels of these worlds a monetary system shall remain which resembles the one that you know and only slowly this will be overcome because many money bubbles will have to burst, before the people of the those time lines may reach a higher understanding.

Disasters occur and create a new world where the vibrationally appropriate conditions exist. Disasters occur and hardly change the way of a world, where the people have consented to new loops of dramatic experiences.

So change now your relation to money.

By appreciating and loving it, so bring it into your life and realize that the money ultimately loses any right to exist, so you have overcome this level of exploitation and so you ascend to be self-conscious creator gods.

I am the love and the life – Create the abundance for yourself and be ready for give everything for it, without allowing this system to exploit or to enslave you. Give the Caesar what is appropriate and not what he may demand in his hubris.

Stand up and defend yourselves!

The last days of humanity require your awareness in this matter. Nothing is redeemed by itself: through you and in you all things shall be redeemed themselves.

I am the love and life

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