Message From AA Michael: Carla’s Journey on August 28th to the False Synthetic 4D Worlds Created by the Dark Lords to Trap Ascension Candidates has Paved the Way for the Detonation of the PAT and Our Full Ascension.

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, August 30, 2013

August 29, 2013

Dear Carla,

I have just received a confirmation of your experience and information of the existence of such parallel synthetic worlds. However from what I gather, your being lost there was planned by the higher realms, so that they now have the right to eliminate rapidly these parallel worlds which the HR have already started to do.

The whole ascension scenario seems to be much more complicated than one assumes. You have done another pivotal job /service for All-That-Is and I was obviously fully involved in this action as a back-up, which made me so consternated and lost yesterday (August 28). Then came the decision to ignite the PAT supernova last night.

I have just received a very comprehensive message from April which confirms all my information – that the PAT Supernova has been officially ignited and will reach its peak in 7-10 days from now on when we shall ascend.

I will publish it tomorrow and also the message from Jahn with your story as this is an important information that must be disseminated among the PAT. Your negative experience on behalf of mankind has been deleted from your field and has left no negative impact at all.

Hence there is no need to be worried about it anymore. It was an important move on the cosmic chestboard made by the forces of light as to win the game and checkmate the dark ones, what we have obviously succeeded with your planned incursion into these false synthetic worlds.


Dear Georgi,

Thankyou for your message. This seems to fit with the experience I had yesterday morning, as well as the knowledge that I have of synthetic dimensions that I have been accumulated over the past several years.


Dear Georgi,

I received a message from Archangel Michael this afternoon.  The Elohim were not disposed to speak of what happened to me on my journey and left this aspect of the discussion up to AA Michael. Here is his message.

I got a message from the Elohim tonight and I will send it under a separate message.

I am still very tired from everything. I hope you had a peaceful sleep this night.

With love,

AA Michael’s Message – August 30, 2013

“I am Archangel Michael and I come to you to explain the journey taken together, yesterday (August 28th, 6:30 am PST) into the ‘other worlds’.

You were accompanied by me, to the new bastions within the Higher Realms. This journey was planned by the Higher Realms, and the great Beings of Light, who create worlds upon worlds of new light, of new expression.

Theirs was a question of confidence.

As Humanity now seals it’s fate as it climbs the shores of the Ascension to new dimensions, it is a compelling necessity to inquire how Humanity has managed recently, to edit its’ Souls preparations for onward evolution.

Look! It was necessary to see the effect, the success, of journeying into newly created folds of reality. Well, they were not really true creations, but rather those of false persuasion.  Nevertheless, their beauty is present, although hidden, concealed as it is not of a natural order. Did you ascend through the quagmire of this maze?  No!

Is has left you feeling dreary indeed! However, this event, this false world, is not a concern of ours as now we have identified the critical opposition to even Creation!

How is this possible, to desire full imposition of detrimental effects upon all ascending expressions of God Source?

This is a great curiosity to the Higher Realms, who see this event in even greater clarity than you can well imagine, I can assure you!

It was your role to expose the machinations for what they were; Those of deceit, of treachery, of fundamental hatred.

It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your vital role in this mission. You perhaps shall not know the impact, nor the scope of the impact this study has had upon the value of your group, the lightworkers of the first order.

Rest now, loved one, you are spent from such demanding and all-encompassing energies. Your systems are in energetic overload with the surging energies sent to purge this world. Re-build your vessel, rest and breathe deeply [then I fell asleep].”

Dear Carla,

before I read this message from AA Michael I wrote to April the following explanation with regard to your weird experience in the synthetic worlds of the dark lords, which I will publish in the next hour or so. I will forward my email separately,

I will discuss Carla’s experience on August 28, separately in more detail. I have received an important explanation from AA Michael channelled by Jahn yesterday. It  confirms fully what Carla and I knew about this event, which actually paved the ignition of the PAT supernova. It reveals the abysmal darkness and evilness of the archons and all other dark entities that have exploited and devastated this planet and humanity for eons of time to the brink of total annihilation.

Here is a short summary in advance. Essentially, the dark forces have created numerous synthetic parallel worlds at the astral 4D planes as to trap ascension candidates and to prevent their proper ascension. Until now these parallel worlds existed as an artificial creation which did not participated actively in the hindrance of our ascension process. These traps were meant to be activated in the last phase of the ascension process  For this reason the Source and the forces of light were not allowed to intervene in this creation and demolish it, which they could, of course, very easily do.

For this purpose the Source needed a precedent. Carla voted to take this responsibility on her own. On August 28th she ascended one more time with the help of AA Michael, the Elohim and numerous angelic forces that supported and protected her in this adventure. Then she deliberately got trapped in these synthetic worlds, but could return unharmed back to the earth with the help of all angelic forces and her soul.

This event created a precedent case and now the Source and the HR are permitted to eliminate these artificial constructions of the dark forces rapidly as a prerequisite for the first ascension wave. Carla’s negative experience of being trapped in such synthetic, parallel 4D worlds has been extinguished from her energy field and has left no impact on her. Her advantage was that she knew at the conscious level about the existence of these worlds, which made her to be the optimal candidate for this risky operation. Now the pathways for ascension to the 5D are free and the detonation of the PAT supernova could take place in the night of August 28th/29th.

I myself did the energetic back-up for Carla’s risky operation and was myself very much consternated on that particular day as I knew that something weird had happened, for which I had no explanation at that time. But my HS told me that very soon I will learn the details as this is now the case.”


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