Liberation and Ascension – Part I

Archangel Jophiel
channeled by Jahn J. Kassl on July 25, 2013
first published in English on August 5, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt


In my short relaxation sleep after sauna I saw in a dream a thick wallet, in which the money is fanned out in a very messy way, then I hear repeatedly the phrase, “The Last Battle.”

Subsequently, I wake up. When I stride to the locker area, an obnoxious stench is spreading from one of the several people as if involved in sporting activities; this smell is very, very strong. (End of report)

Loved ones,

before the beauty of the new life in God is revealed to you, you will be the witness of a unique spectacle, in which the corruption of this world will be exposed. Alone this knowledge and the sight of it will prepare the ground for many to take the last steps into the light, for there are still many among you which are full of doubts when it comes to clearly describing the machinations of the fraud and the intentions of those powers, which have already taken possession of the lower 4D holograms.

Through participation in the epochal events, those people, which are basically ready for Ascension, yet are lost in the “light and love lost illusion”, will be awakening.

I am ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL and I am amidst you and with me are the Ascended Masters as an impenetrable ring of light around the earth and all Archangels are with me forming an impenetrable circle, which can only be passed by forces vibrating in the frequency of love and light. It is taken care of, so do not worry.

The picture described by Jahn shows that the curtain opens for the last act. It is the act that leads directly to the Ascension of the people. Take a look at the Capitol Hill in Washington and at the hills of Rome. What is beginning there, will transform the whole world and will lead to the detachment of the worlds for good.

Let us have a look at the eve of the last spectacle of this world at the areas which are still unresolved within your Self, so you can bridge the ”waiting period” appropriately.

For as long as you are waiting for an event, you still have not understood that it is up to yourself to draw this events actively by recognizing into the reality. So let us dedicate ourselves to the liberation of humanity.

Active and clear knowledge of things as they are, that is now on the agenda and each and any moment may be used to eliminate the last shadows of whitewashing and the last doubt within you.

And one of the largest and most important ambiguities in the human hearts, which are currently on the path into the light, is the illusion of false understood love. Love is this, love is that. Images of love abound, and so the formless and imageless Love cannot be understood.

Why formless or imageless?

“Do not make an image of God,” it says in the writings. Which means: Do not make an image of love!

And so people get lost because they attribute to love a specific behavior, and all which does not comply is not love, they say. And this certain behavior does not admit love to be neither clarity in words, deeds and works, nor the rebuking and sharp analysis of a situation. In a slurry of “We all love each other“, love goes down and rather than by the truth and by the force of the expression of the indwelling spirit, you are afraid to do someone wrong. As you are clearly defined and guided by your innermost spirit, you are presenting neither the left, nor the right cheek, then you say ‘no’ and this in a decided, determined manner with all vehemence.

All the people, who want to obtain power and energy from you, are building on this indecision and untidiness within you. And in such a way that is inappropriate because they do not declare their intentions – they are deceitful and abuse your naivety.

Never before in the history of time the abusive energy was so pronounced as it is today and never before the misunderstanding among the light messengers of good will about love was greater than now. People who are unwilling to change themselves abuse you and use your “good faith”, which is based on the wrong conditioning, still active within you in order to gain access to you. By any means. And very often are those, which are creeping in with loving words, the ones with the heaviest luggage, which in return they want to load on your back – and they will do so at the first opportunity, if you let them.

Yes, you sons of men, the Beauty of God, the truth of God, God’s omnipresence is your gift, but only then when you are ready to receive this gift, what is tantamount to getting rid of any concept what this gift might be like.

As long as the concept of love retrieves within you false images, so long you remain prisoners of time. This is an unshakable truth presented to humanity, which is ready to step out of the infant shoes from the “we are all love esoteric illusion” and put on the shoes which are really made-to-measure for you.

This phenomenon was already pointed out to you and it is necessary to do this again, and it is necessary to refresh this knowledge because the people who now enter into the light, shall inherit the actual “All-Is-God”- reality without this human conditionings.

(Just now a man passes me and I again have this pungent unpleasant body odor in my nose)

– to which is to say the following: These odors show the synchronicity of this message, since it is about disposing of the foul odor, which is being spread by misunderstood love. And it shows that the worlds are detaching from each other and that a bad smell spreads because the great events that already caught the 4D lower levels are now rising to the upper 4D holograms and transform also these worlds.

There is hardly any time to make the last homework.

And so I give you here and now a very practical guide to get rid immediately of the inner images of misunderstood love, which are being held upright within your being.

If you are afflicted by thoughts like: “I need to remain within love”, “I need to respond to this or that imposition in a loving manner“, then ask yourself “how do I feel about that – what would I really want to do now?” Then do it. You have to, in order to find real inner peace. The unspoken “No’s”, the yet unvoiced “Stop, till here and no further”, the “Shut up and get lost!” messages need to be expressed and learned – you have to get the inner security without any remorse: that requires exercise.

Only then can you find true peace. Before love may flow quite naturally within you, you have to shout rampantly out about what bothers you, preoccupies you and hurts you and what you do not want!

Leave the state of control and be out of control just for this holy moment of liberation – It is a tremendous experience that allows you incredible steps of awareness.

“Being lovable”, because you believe it is appropriate for a light messenger to behave in this way, is something quite different than making the arrival in the realm of peace. And to understand exactly this is what you are prompted to do today. I therefore call on everyone in the “Light and Love Illusion of life” to abstain from controlled love.

There is not much time to learn this lesson. Seize the occasion and accomplish this last homework in the completion as you have accomplished all your previous homework.

In summary, I may give the recommendation:

Do, what you feel like doing. Say NO, and do not try to find formulation, which may be more gentle. Say STOPP, and refrain from formulating around through the verbiage to readjust the stop sign, until it is no longer recognizable.

Only then it’s time that you may consider yourself rightfully as ascension candidates, for the greatest of all illusions is the image that a Being is making of its Creator, who is the love and the light.

Beloved humans, today the task I was given is to address these clear words to you: Many of you know me because in the ubiquity of my being I step to each one who expects me full of love. Healing and love, truth and courage, perseverance, inspiration and spirit of research are being supplied with fresh impulses through my presence and most important of all, it is the way of love which is being prepared, so that it will be able to prevail on all levels.

In times of incredible – and in this dimension unique – abuse of energy towards the light warriors of the first hour, it is necessary for you to open your eyes. For as long as the worst stench of abuse is covered with perfume, it will prevail and only be spreading further.

Please understand one thing: Not all things are as they may appear and before the ability to love may be acquired, you have to recognize and avoid the pitfalls hindering your progress.

Before entering the big global and universal contexts of upcoming events, this is needed to be pointed out. Liberation comes before Ascension, it can never be the other way round.

Be unmitigated, stop controlling love, stop controlling your Self. Be rampant, be excessive, so you can free yourself. On the way from control to rampant behavior, true piece is right in the middle of it.

You have to get there before you enter the next level: Departure and Ascension, as you have freed yourselves from the slavery of the conditioned images.

ME: I just think that these incredibly clear and incisive words would rather be assigned to a ascended masters such as El MORYA or Master SERAPIS BEY. From ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL people hardly expect such words?

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: Yes, and also these images may go now, put them aside. We all are a great entity, a unified being and acting consciousness – and we are passing on for each time quality the appropriate potential of awareness which is to be understood and to be implemented.

Here we move way beyond our actual tasks. This needs to be understood. Detach yourselves from these images that you have from us Masters. How does a Master has to behave, what is an appropriate appearance of an Archangel. This is nonsense and you just block yourself, for you close your heart to the unorthodox knowledge. This way you limit your understanding and therefore you limit us who we are limitless.

This first part of the message the day before the light reading, and on the eve of the forthcoming major upheavals, is exclusively dedicated to you; you who have to fight in these days with so many unexpected events and incidents. You, to whom that many things in your life have occurred – and are still occurring in your life – have difficulty understanding and these words relate to you, who are expecting Ascension any time.

Remain completely anchored in your Self.

It is done,” was said to you, and in fact, it is done – that is not that you may turn to idly sitting on the couch waiting to be picked up. This fact means that the major decisions have been taken and that the individual decisions were made as well.

Nothing to do” means to refrain from any activity that has nothing to do with your spiritual blueprint. This is where the circle closes and where we are again at the concept of “Love Misunderstood”.

Still you are wanting to help where you are wrong, you are still roaming around building sites, which are none of your business and still you are digging around in the manure of others, while you are just emerging out of your own mud pit. Still your are doing things, which are not compatible with your own Self and your own Being. That needs to be stopped.

Yes, everything is done – so you internalize this.

Now it is time to do just that why you came on this earth. So do it – without thinking.

Do not ask why and how. So something for you feels right, do it without thinking. Don’t think – just do it! For once you consider, you flip back into being controlled and the endless loop of error starts all over, like a string caught in the thick branches of a bush.

This message is put into your heart, who you are awakened and still not conscious about certain things. You, who has climbed the stairs of heaven but now hesitates. You, who is being caught by the yearning for God, but now you are suddenly scared. You, who is around in the last days of mankind to raise your Self and also to raise the other people as you go ahead to lead your siblings.

Now choose the appropriate means by liberating your Self one last time from anything that seemed essential: from the illusion what love is.

We experience our Selfs in the light, now that we bring the light into the darkness of this time and now that we have brought the light into the shadows cast by your love.

Be brave, be steadfast, be sincere avatars of the time, before time will be removed for ever from your consciousness, which you have maintained in this hologram.

I am the light of God and with me are the great Masters of many worlds enlightening the way for mankind. The arrival is near and whereof I will speak to you in the Now of tomorrow’s day.

You are loved, you are being carried, the hours are nearing, which are changing the worlds and raise your lives – truly…

Two hours later …6:40 pm

Beloved Humans,

Let yourself be touched by the divine light. Do not flee, stand still and remain calm as you are confronting the truth.

Allow yourself to be lifted up, let me tell you that the stairs of heaven are being lowered to earth, so you can come step by step closer to paradise.

Arrive! Arrive in the kingdom of the Lord and have the courage to shed all the baggage, to discard the worn out shoes and to shed the old musty garment of old times.

Yet situations are binding you to this world of old, which are not even worth being considered in the light of the Creator, for they would not withstand this light at all.

Still you find situations significant and events exciting, which do not require any attention of yours, because they were create in the realms of evanescence and do not belong to the realms of the  “All-Eternal Everlasting Being”.

Yet you think you need to deal with those people, who have long since given up themselves and have deliberately chosen otherwise. Still you believe persistently to proclaim the light, however you will find no more resonance field as you preach to the stones.

Yet you lay too much emphasis on how people, the environment and the society react to what you say and how you act.

You are still not autonomous, which means to do in absolute self-understanding and self-awareness, just that, which is very often expected the least of you. Yet you think too often of using old tools to build a new world and still you fall for the trick of people, who only want to share your powers, but want to walk their very own way.

You are still vague where you shall stand sure. Yet you make compromise, wheres you have to be in no uncertain terms. Yet you say “Yes” where a “No” is appropriate and “No” where a “Yes” is required.

There is still a misconception and illusion, and that only because you still are not quite gathered in God and you still have not surrendered fully to the transformation of the last things within yourselves.

Yet God has not inhaled your Being – so come, and let the Creator do his work on YOU. In this trust in God and in dedication, which characterizes every aspiring Master, I encourage you today: Surrender your Self to God, so you can fully be immersed in God.

I love you infinitely,
6:54 pm

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