The Halls of Agartha

The Elohim
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 8, 2103
first published in English on August 10, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Peace that is eternal light, where all creatures are in search of enlightenment and love that encompasses everyone and everything. This is the situation after ascension and the catastrophic events that are now reaching this time- and space-line are being fulfilled.

Loved ones, you who are children of God and thus the eternal heirs of all creations that have emerged from the primal source of all Being. The importance of these days can be grasped in the light of the great cosmic arc. Any deviating consideration is just a scene that allows no conclusions on the Whole.

We are THE ELOHIM and we talk to you, our human siblings who have achieved now ascension and the return to the realms of light. Be not anxious for a single moment, because the moment of change of this world, is a moment of God’s grace, and he, who is now willing to die, will experienced his rebirth (resurrection) and he, who now clings on life, shall lose his life – as a player, who sets all his bets on one card and always goes out as a loser from a fake game.

It’s time to scrutinize the time after this time. It’s time to give you a report about what you should expect, as soon as the drudgery of these levels is overcome:

1) Peace that is eternal.

2) Unlimited freedom at all levels of your being. Whether in thoughts, that manifest immediately, whether in images that become alive immediately, whether in creationary intentions that immediately acquire gestalt for the benefit of all worlds.

3) People who are self-sufficient and get everything that promotes their realization; avatars that are aware of their self at every moment and who, as soon as they are called by the Creator, depart in order to bring the light in other associated with them worlds and to sow love.

4) The world is a mirror image of God, and every living being vibrates in harmony with the primordial vibration of the source, which means that in order to maintain “order” no committees, governments or high councils are needed because everything is arranged out of itself, that is to say, by the Self.

5) Hierarchies serve only to ensure that the people remain recognizable by their responsibilities to society, and are never used for self-interest or self-affirmation – in the here described epochs, the self of the people no longer requires confirmation, since it has recognized itself.

6) Mulitidimensionality is everyday life. You will live in many worlds at the same time and you will be fully aware at all levels.

7) Return to the primary source of all Being is for many the stated goal, for many of you, children of men, have completed the last of all great circles through your ascension in the light (this applies to the PAT, comment George).

These seven lines of orientation bring you certainty and joy and we bless you, who were prepared to accept this earthly fate through many lives, to shape it and to illuminate it. And we bless you, who now walk into the hallowed halls of enlightenment – now that the worlds go asunder and the pathways of the people are waning out of sight for eons.

We have the duty to provide humanity with light until it is able to redeem itself from the drama of all times and this point in space-time has been now reached.

The HOLY HALLS OF AGARTHA are awaiting you, we are lined up like we did once when you left of to begin with this adventure, today, when you return to us.

We are

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