Gordian Knot

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 21, 2013

first published in English on August 23, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Archangel Michael Announces the Imminent Detonation of the PAT Supernova and the ID Split of the Worlds
by Georgi Stankov

Just yesterday I wrote in my review article on the final stage of the ascension process “Why and How All Light Workers Are Kept Ignorant and Stupid by Their Channeling Sources” that the Source and the higher realms have now decided to impose the final solution – the separation of the worlds – with all might, without caring about the dark elements at the higher levels 8th to 12th – what they intend to do or will do. Their time is irrevocably expired.

Now we have received a brilliant confirmation of this assessment of the current situation from Archangel Michael in his today’s message channelled by Jahn. I think that we have every reason to firmly believe that we are in the very last, crucial preparatory phase, before I will ascend and ignite the PAT Supernova from above, so that we all will unleash the ID split /shift and the first ascension wave. It can’t be better.

August 23, 2013
Dear Jahn,

Thank you very much for this message. I love the “Gordian Knot” solution method. I have translated and published your previous two messages yesterday, although I originally intended to post them today. But then came a new wave and it felt as if it has already started and that we do not have any time left.

I have already discussed this new dynamics in a brief report on the source “GaiaPortal“, which has always been very good and has delivered synchronized messages to our ongoing information and experience:


It writes, among other things, that the:

Potential for “Whole Planet Ascension” has now reached critical mass point, so such is assured.

That is why this latest message from Archangel Michael is a further confirmation of the escalation of the cosmic energies that will lead to the separation of the worlds.

Since I am very telepathic now, I know what is going on around the world at the collective level, because all these negative thoughts and emotional patterns must flow through my energy field before they are cleansed and extinguished. Hence I perceive since several days this desperate clinging of the dark elite to us and their growing frustration in the face of the exponentially augmenting light intensities, which they are no longer able to endure because their venom comes up and exposes their real, unvarnished nature. Before that they could always hide this fact very well from themselves, what made them the perfect monsters – of course, towards other people. Pure self-aggrandisement!

This is a very dynamic, inner-psychic, emotional process that I have described and discussed in detail in numerous articles in the past. It is the main mechanism of the separation of the light from the darkness at the level of human incarnation, which will also determine the dynamics and the course of all social transformation.

What I figured out personally from reading this latest message is that the violent separation of the dark forces / timelines from us, the ascending part of humanity, will be now accomplished by the detonation of the PAT Supernova that will provide the energy thrust for it. This has always been the A-plan of the higher realms for the ID split, and I sense strongly that we are very, very close to it. The ignition of the Supernova runs through my energy field, because I am the nexus to the source for the PAT and the ascending humanity, as this has been recently confirmed by the Elohim one more time.

To this end, I must first ascend to the 5th level of the 5D. Currently I am on the 2nd or 3rd level of 5D, but still in a physical body, and that is why my life is so stressful here, on this earth because my energies are incompatible with those of the environment. I will ascend to the 5th level in light body through transfiguration, like Carla, from where I will be overviewing and coordinating the whole process of ascension, of course, as part of all other light sources. This was communicated to us by the Elohim three days ago and I can fully confirm this course from my personal experience (with the energies):


I am reporting to you today more comprehensively about these details because the German translation of Josephine, which I intended to send you for reading is not available yet, so that you,can consider these energetic facts, which are now fully confirmed by Archangel Michael.



AA Michael’s Message

Loved ones,

Paths open and the light permeates every state in this now waning world. Cures to all the members of this society, which is supported and heaved by a mighty wave of ascension, are underway. Currently big shifts are occurring with the “soul fragments” of the dark forces that do not want to leave the upper-4D earths (8th to 12th levels, comment George).

This means that they are endowed with energies full of light, thus making it easier for them to say “farewell”, so that the grip around the light warriors, who will ascend to 5D, will loosen. Our intention is to avoid the “use of force”, that is to say, the forcible separation of the worlds, until the very end, although this represents the last option to be considered.

And I hear you startle – Archangel Michael speaks of violence and supports this? Peace be with you and know: a good surgeon knows for sure how to lead his sharp scalpel and a good surgeon knows when he can easily do without it.

The means and methods of healing are always manifold and limitless in the divine variety. Therefore, the specific and targeted use of “violence” is sometimes the means that terminates an intolerable condition immediately. The Gordian knot was cut through with a sword, and imperfect human conditions such as ignorance or lack of love could, as long as the reverse has failed until the last “zero hour”,only be severed with God’s lightsaber which I carry.

The use of cosmic force obeys different principles than the arbitrariness of human hardship that spills over into violence, which only stirs up new violence and conjures new disaster. Some diseased states can only be healed with the help of shock therapy and by the powerful intervention of the Light Warriors. As long as the dark forces do not move from the spot, this will trigger a shock in these forces because they have never expected this from you and the beings of light.

Briefly summarized: All options and all means will be implemented now, so that the “stranglehold of the lightless ones” ends. On the upper levels of 4D (8th to 12th) the dark forces that have stranded here still cling firm onto the ascending humans, and they do not want to let them go. All versions of liberation (from this condition) are considered and are being implemented at present, so that this perseverance ends and the people, who have chosen the fifth dimension, can finally ascend.

The celestial powers exert their decisions in accordance with their (divine) might and they will now cut through the Gordian knot, knotted in eons of time- and space-fragments that has bound the people at the mercy of each other. The heavenly powers will eliminate with “force” the unwilling, so that the ascending entities can begin unhindered their journey back home. So that justice is done and everyone reaps what he has sown.

I am the one who guides the lightsaber,
I am that I am ,

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