For Each Eventuality

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 29, 2013
first published in English on August 30, 2013 in

Further Details on Carla’s Mission on the Revelation and Elimination of the Synthetic 4D Worlds of the Dark Archon With Which They Want to Prevent Our Ascension
by Georgi Stankov, August 30, 2013

Dear Jahn,

I would like to report an auspicious case that happened yesterday (August 28) and ask you if you can obtain confidentially any information from your sources on this issue.

Early yesterday morning Carla, my dual soul from Vancouver,,was urged by Archangel Michael, the Elohim and other light beings to make again an ascension journey into 5D. She was there for more than an hour and when she came back, she could not remember anything in contrast to her first trip. When she came back, she was surrounded by AA Michael and many beings of light who showed great concern. She could not figure out, but knew that something bad has happened. She told me about this incident immediately. Since she was very busy all that day, she could not receive any information from the Elohim, whom she is otherwise channeling on a regular basis.

I spoke this morning ( August 29 ) with her on Skype (midnight in Vancouver ) and she told me that she had telepathically received information yesterday that her new ascension test run had failed. Obviously, the dark forces had prevented it. They have supposedly created synthetic, parallel worlds that are able to trap human ascending entities and hinder them to ascend to the 5D. This is just a guess on her part and so may not necessarily be true.

At the same time yesterday, I was first withdrawn from this earth after I was actually not on the earth all day long. I had a very deep sleep in the early afternoon, after I got very tired all of a sudden (I was retrieved from this reality and went to the higher dimensions). When I woke up, I felt a deep perplexity, which, however, started since early morning. I know this situation very well from previous thwarted ascension test runs and knew immediately that something was wrong. I repeatedly asked my HS what was going on, but got no immediate answer as usual in such cases. The only thing I perceived was the inkling to wait and that I would be given a response in due time, which has always been the case in the past.

Therefore, at first I was not overly worried. My questions were about the current situation, namely, why the West has such a hurry to start this week at any price a war against Syria, where it has nothing to gain, and not wait a few more days for the results of UN Commission of experts on the site. Then I knew that the dark cabal in the West are under hellish pressure and want to start this war only as a diversion in order to implement their future plans for the establishment of the NWO because the water already “stands as high as their lower lip top of ” (a German saying), as my deceased father-in-law used to say, and he knew what he was saying, after all he was a sailor and had been sunk five times with his submarine (U-boot) in World War II and was saved by a miracle each time.

Anyway ! Then this night (August 29th), I got a key message from my soul. I received the message that ascension (the detonation of  the  PAT Supernova) has started tonight and will manifest in about ten days. I was explicitly given the dates the 7th and 8th of September. Also, I was informed that these dates are after the new moon. Of course, I did not know in that lucid dream state when the next new moon was. The message was repeated more than 100 times and energetically illustrated by abstract images, sending me energetic threshold values and potentials that I can not describe in words now. But the whole perception was very, very strong and unequivocal physically, visually and, of course,verbally and encompassed my whole being.

This was a key message which I always get in this form when important decisions or events have taken place in the past. I have to mention also that I continued dreaming that I transmit this message to my wife and repeated it at least a hundred times, so that she could get it. Even if she does not believe in ascension, she is part of my monad and fully involved in the ascension process .

Then I woke up at 05.00 am to reflect on the message and looked at the calendar when the next new moon was – on the 5th of September, Thursday. So the message in the dream was correct. Then I went back to sleep for another hour and still dreamed of that message about the begin of our ascension. It was very powerful and haunting and I could not get rid of it .

This morning before I talked to Carla on Skype, I decided to publish this message after I got the green light from my soul.

After talking with Carla and having learned some more details about her thwarted ascension test run yesterday, I came to the conclusion that, after her ascension test run had failed, the higher realms have decided to immediately begin with the ascension process, no matter what it may come and no longer wait for the cabal on the earth (This was a wrong conclusion at that time as I did not know that this ascension test run performed by Carla was a planned mission of the Source in order to begin with the elimination of these synthetic parallel realities before our actual ascension)..

Carla will, as soon as she can, ask the Elohim what has actually happened to her and I am sure that they will give her an answer in order to soothe her at least, as she is understandably pretty depressed now.

I have also asked April for information.

Because of the importance of this incident, I would ask you to discuss this situation with your sources. I would suggest that we do it confidentially at first because of the explosive nature of this information, and only if we receive an unequivocal confirmation of my message that the ascension process has irrevocably begun, may we decide to publish this message.

But it would be very important if you could discuss one more time the connection between the failed ascension test run of Carla yesterday and the announcement of tonight that the detonation of the PAT Supernova has finally commenced and report about this.

Finally, I will send you separately an email from Coleen from South Africa that has just arrived and confirms that I have appeared to her last night and have announced the detonation of the PAT supernova. I have repeatedly appeared in front of members of the PAT as light gestalt in the past, even though I usually do not remember it or know anything about it.

That’s it for the time being, and I thank you for your efforts in advance.


Dear George,

I thank YOU!

Well, it’s strange. On 26/08/2013, it was Monday, I wrote just before I went to bed the message “The Final Battle Rages”. When I read it for the first time two days later, I thought, it has started seriously, and it seemed to me that the title was somewhat too bellicose, so I let it rest for a while. Today, after I received your email, I realized that it now “comes to the nitty-gritty” (a German saying that the situation is becoming very earnest). Directly to your report and Carla’s experience I have just received the message ” For Each Eventuality” (see pdf). Should there be more to this, which is quite possible during the tomorrow’s light reading, I will send it promptly to you.

Yes, it is as you write in the mail – an enormous pressure builds up on the powers of darkness, Syria is an example, but only an occasion and mirrors the absolute End Time phase, in which we have arrived. ” Lower lip top of” – this is it at all levels, whilst humanity is still stupidly indulging in familiar routines and notices nothing from these upheavals.

Thus, I am sending you love and God’s blessings

AA Michael’s message

Beloved Light Warriors of the first hour, since the existence of this world !

Yes, it is confirmed as follows:

The dark forces have created “parallel worlds “, ” parallel holograms “, as to mire the ascending individuals. These worlds are now removed by the spiritual light levels of Being. Before a human being got “lost” there, it was not allowed to eliminate them because the notice and knowledge that this has occurred had to reach you definitely, so that you are prepared FOR EACH EVENTUALITY in the ascension process (This was Carla’s mission on August 28th before the detonation of the PAT Supernova could take place on the same day, note, George) .

With all the violence the dark forces opposed the light on the upper 4D earths, and this will be no longer tolerated. This means that the highly evolved light entity (Carla), who had to experience this, has excelled beyond any measure and any irritation in her emotional or mental body is dissolved, so that the great ascension process can go on.

Yes, it is confirmed as follows: Be ready for the “dates” given to you for your ascension. But do not make them public, keep this knowledge for yourself. Why? Because until the very end there can still be adjustments and postponements and every new appointment that can not be maintained would only cause confusion under the sincere and devoted light warriors.

The dates that are given are real potentials, for which you should prepare and for which all humans – according to each individual level of consciousness – should be prepared at the soul level. It does not matter whether a person knows this with his daily consciousness, it is essential that you expect the coming of the Lord at the soul level. That much on this for today.

I am with you and it is always amazing how much the forces of darkness, with all their still available power, oppose the light. Be assured: You inherit the light, for you are you rightful heirs of light.

We have won!

I am

Dear Jahn,

I thank you for the prompt reply and the explanation of Archangel Michael to Carla’s mission, with which the synthetic deceptive worlds of the dark lords on the 4D were disavowed and can now be removed. Thus, the pathways to Ascension are free at last. It fully confirms the information that I have received and published in the meantime:

The detonation of the PAT Supernova on the 28th/29th of August, including my information that the first ascension wave and the MPR with the ID split will occur in 10 days at the latest are now fully confirmed.

I also sense the build-up of these energies and the whole PAT is under this enormous tension too. No later than September the 9th, an auspicious date for me as a Bulgarian, when the communists took power and established the red dictatorship in 1944, we shall finally shake up the earth. Progress and harmony through confrontation of energy, as April’s HS says in her message.

I will do my best  to translate and publish these two very important messages today. Thank you for your valuable support.



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