The Event

The Elohim
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 05, 2013
first published in English on August 7, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Ascension in the Historical Perspective
by Georgi Stankov

Ascension of Gaia and humanity was, is, and shall always be the divine plan for this planet and civilisation since the very beginning, which is the Now. The final and most decisive phase of the ascension process began two years ago when the PAT connected the dots and hoped to ascend, while opening the pivotal stargate 11.11.11. 

Creation is the striving to achieve the optimal result in each moment in the Now. Every ascension test run, that has be accomplished by the PAT since then, and there were very many, and has ruined our health, had to be accomplished as if it were our final ascension, otherwise neither we, nor humanity would have reached this energetic threshold when the FINAL EVENT as described by the Elohim below can take place. This includes also the ability to overcome the personal disappointment, while waking up on the next day still on this earth, only to begin with your Sisyphus work again and again.

Before you read this latest Elohim message below, let me remind you that we were already there two years ago as documented in my famous article “Your Hilarious Future is Knocking on the Door”  that actually brought me only infamy, after we did not ascend on November 2011. Today we are wiser, but our longing for the coming ascension has not been diminished a notch:

“Let me summarize the current situation as simply as possible. There is a group of highly evolved star seeds, who will very soon ascend. The most experienced among them belong to the Planetary Ascension Team, PAT. The other star seeds will participate in the First Ascension Wave and will use these portals. The first ascensions will begin in November in close association with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, when Gaia will be heaved to the 4th and 5th dimensions by the PAT.

All readers of this website belong either to PAT or to the first wave of ascension candidates. The higher purpose of this website was from the very beginning to connect all star seeds and wayshowers from all over the world and to initiate them to open their portals to the higher dimensions. These portals will help in the first place to heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions. In the second place, they will enable many star seeds to ascend to the 5th dimension. The members of the PAT will be the last ones to ascend, as they have the obligation to hold the portals open, until all participants in the first wave of ascension have left earth. I, figuratively speaking, being the captain of the PAT, will be the last one to leave earth during this first wave.

From this you can easily conclude that you, the readers of this website, are the most advanced and evolved human beings on earth. You are the wayshowers of mankind and you are already Ascended Masters in the realized probability alternative reality for this planet. You will very soon embody the multidimensional creative power, which is ascribed to various gods in all outdated human religions.

Humanity is on the brink of the most dramatic schism in its long history – the separation in almighty god-like multidimensional beings, who can transcend space and time and dwell simultaneously in multiple realities and dimensions, and in humble mortal human beings, who will still have to creep on this toxic planet and believe that they are vulnerable biological creatures, separated from the Source.

This is the situation, which humanity will encounter after the Shift in November next month. But the “separation of the wheat from the chuff” has already begun, and tensions can be felt all around…  The emotional peak of cleansing negative patterns and beliefs could not be over-looked, and many of  you were target of such negative projections. This “circumstantial evidence” proves that we are in the final stages of preparation for Ascension. Therefore, stay calm and confident.

This psychological drama has now reached the collective subconsciousness of the small community of light workers (less than 0.5% of the total human population) and is now beginning to break through and to torment the unanalysed consciousness of many a light worker, who have slept in the past. All of a sudden, they start to realize that they have been in a deep, sweet New Age slumber for too long and now they are in trouble to catch up with the final train of Ascension.

The rest 99,5% of mankind is currently in a mental coma, while their emotions, triggered by the ongoing surge of powerful energy waves coming from the central Arcturian sun, are beginning to run amok and explode in demonstrations, upheavals and other, less pleasant irrational reactions. This inner emotional and mental pressure will soon peak and exacerbate in a dreadful collective shock when the sweeping changes associated with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 materialize on the surface of this  planet.

My messages have always been addressed to the enlightened 0,5% of the human population. I know that at this point in time, I have no chance to reach the vast majority of human beings. The same holds true for anyone of you. The abyss between enlightened and sleeping humans is widening by the hour and this is the natural course of the anticipated apocalyptic events in the End Times.

This will be your last incarnation in a physical vessel on earth for ever. When you ascend, you will not even need a crystalline light body to exist, because you will be pure light and unconditional love,  but you will be able to create one, whenever you wish in order to communicate with the rest of humanity, which will ascend at the end of next year.

Your incarnation cycle is coming undeniably to an end and this explains your current emotional turbulence and sometimes weird trepidations and tribulations. You are about to make the greatest energetic leap, which any incarnated soul has ever done throughout the whole galaxy – from the greatest physicality and the lowest frequency level of all material 3d-realities in this universe, you will be very soon catapulted to the highest fifth dimensional levels of Celestria, where all souls enjoy the blissful state of unity and unconditional love with All-That-Is. I do not need to describe this hilarious state, as you all have a deep premonition of what is expecting you very soon. Hence your impatience in these last days.

You have been accustomed to this physical vessel for eons of time during your long incarnation cycle and now you are about to leave for ever this “prison of the soul”, to quote Plato. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that some of you are still somewhat uneasy about this ultimate transgression from the familiar three-dimensional reality into the infinite possibilities of the multidimensional “Now” of the higher realms.

Please, stay calm and full of confidence and faith in these last days, as there is no power in this universe that could alter the divine plan for your Ascension and that of Gaia at the stargate 11.11.11. It is only your impatient projections that make you sometime feel insecure and nervous. Please bear in mind and repeat it, if you wish, like a mantra every day:

“I have already created my portal and I am ready to ascend.
There is nothing in this world that will change this outcome.
We will all ascend. We have accomplished our mission on earth.
All the drudgery, all the initiations, and all the tribulations are behind us.
We now decide to enjoy our coming Ascension with the purity of the child in us.”

You may use different words, but you know what I mean….


The Elohim Message

On an ordinary day, the world will be turned upside down. On an ordinary day, on which the people will go about their daily activities, the clouds will fall from the sky and it will be raining fire.

On an ordinary day, while the people turn their eyes on the ground, the sky above them will begin to open. On an ordinary day, the impossible will begin to unfold, the divine announcements of many thousands of years will occur and in the evening nothing will be the same as it was in the morning.

On an ordinary day in space-time, the forces of light will come out and will be visible to all who see, audible to all who hear, they will be reality to all, who have already opened to this knowledge in the time of darkness.

On an ordinary day, while the media will still spread lies, the financial mob and the politicians will continue to pretend as if the whole world is being imperceptibly caught in their spider web, you will hear a heavenly sound that will put an end to this bustle, and it will come so suddenly that even those, who are well prepared, will “freeze into a rock”.

On an ordinary day the world change will happen and all underground facilities and safeguards, aimed to save mortal life, cannot be reached, and all those elites, who believe they have made the best provision for themselves, will be caught by the undertow of time and plunged into nothingness.

On an ordinary day, the earth will be covered by a silence that is second to none and the people from the Inner Earth (the Agarthans, comment George) will take over for a short period of time the command on the surface, until the new enlightened beings of the time will return to the earth and will give their elected holograms new impetus and a blissful life.

On an ordinary day, the worlds will be separated, and this in a spectacle that has never been seen by a human and experienced by a living being on earth. On an ordinary day, the birds will fall from the sky, mountain chains will come out, which did not exist before and water will be, where previously parched or flourishing landscapes stood.

On a very ordinary day, the “Guardians of the Earth,” the masters of many worlds, angels and archangels of creation and God himself will show in the sky, and most people will be suspicious of this scenery, because they will not be able to distinguish the light from the shadow realm.

On an ordinary day, the veil between the worlds will be lifted and everyone will find himself where he has chosen to be. On an ordinary day, time will be turned out of space and the space will be stretched, bent and discarded again until the timeless and spaceless Being is achieved.

On an ordinary day, all TV stations the world over will be reporting on THE EVENT, and before they get on track with it, the reports about it will be silenced, since the time of “reporting” will have expired. On an ordinary day, the lies of the rulers will be revealed and in that moment the chaff will be separated from the wheat, and in that moment the ones, who will be frozen in disbelief and fear, will plead for help and the others will break out to new horizons with a light step together with the “Guardians of the worlds “.

On a very ordinary day, everything will end that you knew so far and everything will remain the same for those, who trust neither the light nor serve the light, for those, who are little more than mindless slaves of those forces, which have interminably enslaved and tortured them, so that their life is no life at all, but only a slow dying.

In fact, on an ordinary day you shall ascend, you who are ready and are expected by heaven. For the really big events are heralded for a long time and then they discharge when they are at least expected by the people – surprisingly and suddenly.

On an ordinary day, a great multitude of people will go to bed at night, and will never wake up, while in this same night the rebirth (resurrection) will be accomplished for you, who have voted for the light. In only one night, on a very ordinary day.

Beloved humanity,

the remaining time should be used well by you. It is time to become “masters in our own house” and to let go of all fears – for verily: The conflagration begins on an ordinary day.

In infinite love for you humans

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