Energy Update of the PAT – August 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor


I just read Carla’s message and I could feel her frustration in trying to explain the experience. I feel that she did a better job than I did, but still you have to really experience this to understand. She is right about all the senses being alive. In the past I had lucid dreams etc. but not like this time – the senses are so heightened even more so than in this reality. You can also feel yourself crossing over but coming back is more of a bleed in, but as she said a very protected feeling.

One thing she will find out that her life will change forever. Even more than before. Now barely a connection to this one. I thought I was separated before from this world, but after my experience it is much more so. There is an increased weariness being in the body now. It is needing to expand and become alive. Just can’t explain it she will know.


Dear Jerry,

thank you for your comments on Carla’s experience as an expert now. I have forwarded your email to her. I can imagine that after such an event it is almost impossible to live in this reality.

Carla ascended on June 3rd when she was in my home and I brought her back at that time from the astral plane because she has a mission to complete. After that she was really down for a long time. She had consciously arrived at the higher realms as it was her date to ascend, but we needed her still on the ground.


Dear George and Carla,

As of this morning, I’m up to date with your August 11th reports. I love you both beyond words and knew from the beginning you were dual souls. But thank you anyway for the public announcement.

Thank you from the bottom of my being for continuing until the last moment to respond to your mission to catalyze the final stages of the ascension plan. I thank the higher realms that We PAT heard the calling and found you. Here we are so close to the MPR and ascension. And now your lucid dream, Carla.

I must say something in me surrendered deeply some time ago. When I read your articles, George, and when I read the Elohim reports, Carla, I read them aloud. In that way the frequencies that flow through the written words as well as the frequencies of my own voice resonate deeply throughout my field and keep me lifted and high. In fact many times life feels hilarious at this point.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for your kind words. I too feel a particular connection to you Marilyn, one that has been with me from the very beginning of first seeing your entry into the forum.

You are a true Ascended Master as you recognized the value of the spoken word and spoke these messages from the Elohim out loud.

Thank you for fully reinforcing the work I do with the Elohim and for your continual, open and transparent exchange within the group.

You are so loved.

Dear Marilyn,

“The cat had to come out of the bag” as a German saying says in such cases. We knew that at certain point we must make this announcement, but that this should be linked to the ascension of the PAT and its final mobilisation.

Now it seems that we have indeed reached this point and that from now on ascension can commence any moment. As far as I gather it – and I will publish more news today – it seems as if the MPR has really started on the 7th level and that we must see its repercussions on our higher levels this week.

We have made it now and should rejoice about what will come without any preconceived expectations as it will be beyond any imagination.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I raced to your website as usual this morning and was absolutely thrilled to hear the most heartwarming news that you are indeed dual souls!

Words are hardly adequate to testify to the fact that you are both such a perfect match in every way – your daily perseverance over decades of time and throughout your embodiments, mutually overcoming all odds and remaining undaunted, your never-ending, selfless striving for the next level of consciousness in spite of the extremely debilitating and exhausting effects of the LBP, sacrificing all else and enduring your burden of loneliness for the sake of the victory of your extraordinarily difficult Mission.

This recent vicious archon attack upon you will of course be reversed back upon them a thousand-fold and hasten your ascension. Your Light only shines all the more brightly by the attacks of your dark enemies, who cannot stand your Love, your Light, your selfless devotion and service to God, and the fact that they have LOST the battle for the enslavement of this planet and humanity due to your masterful abilities as the Leaders of the Light Warriors that you are. Please know that I will step up my protection calls to Archangel Michael for both of you and for all of the PAT in these final hours/days as we near the threshold of our Home in the Light at long last.

As the dual soul Leaders of the Light Warriors on this planet, you would of course be the primary target of the dark Orion forces, and yet you have both had the awesome courage to place yourselves openly on the front lines of the battlefield, regardless of this risk and without the comfort of each other’s physical proximity. As I know you are already aware, Archangel Michael and his Light Warriors work silently for the protection of all humanity, but he and his legions of Light are the most staunch protectors and intercessors of embodied Light Warriors, who selflessly put their very lives on the line for the victory of God’s Light on this planet.

Well  – now the archons have had their pathetic final attempt to derail your dual soul Mission, the Mission of the Will of God, and they have LOST, now and forevermore! These incredibly arrogant idiots have instead hastened your ascensions and the PAT supernova!

Here’s to your imminent ascension, to your forthcoming Mission to serve together as Elohim for Gaia, and to the exhilarating knowledge that you will be eternally together so very, very soon. God VICTORY!!

With eternal and deepest gratitude, respect, and love, dearest Georgi and Carla — what a team!!


Dear Alice,

This is so lovely!

Thank you so very much for your beautiful wishes!

I have deep heartfelt gratitude for Georgi and for each and every member of the PAT.

It is hard to believe that I have created my mission in life when not three years ago I was suffering under the horrendous effects of the light body process and not knowing what the real life was all about in the first place.

I’m so glad I woke up out of the dream!

I once asked Archangel Michael WHY I had even come back to this place. He stated very simply “Because you KNEW you could escape the Matrix and hold the light for All the others.”

There is no other place I’d rather be than beside Georgi, you and the PAT, on this incredible mission.

With infinite love,

Dear Alice,

I am overwhelmed by this elegy and I have of course immediately forwarded your email to Carla.

What makes me most to rejoice is the fact that the Elohim would have never come forward with this personal information, unless they are pretty sure that the detonation of the PAT Supernova is imminent and can happen any moment from now on. They simply wanted to give one last important background information to the PAT, so that we now know how this event will unfold. And also to booster our morale.

The dark attacks were so weak compared to the their past onslaught in 2011 and 2012 at the height of our cleansing of Gaia that they were even less than pathetic. But one must be vigilant and I do resort to AA Michael’s help and that of his legions of angels several times a day as soon as I register any turbulence in my field, even if it may not be necessarily due to a dark archon attack.

We must now simply wait for the beginning of the MPR on the 7th level of the 4D earth and then we are gone like fireworks – the whole first ascension wave, which may indeed comprise up to 50 millions of ascendees.

This is the most auspicious time in the history of mankind and Gaia and I feel pity for every human being, who is unaware of this grand finale, of this greatest cosmic drama of all times.

With love and light

Dear George,

Last night (August 11) I could not sleep (like most other nights) so I stayed awake the whole night, and watched the sunrise. Then there were lots of harmonious energies, I think my body vibrated on a very high level for a while. I heard that this is it, and things will start for real now. Then eventually I went to bed and slept. In my dream, I definitely visited a higher earth, but it was a bit blurry because I was tired. I was with some people I went to school with, and it was like the new school year began. This was interesting because I have not gone to school for a bit more than a year, since I completed it.

But it felt like something different. This feeling about school was just a way to tell the others, who are awake enough to ascend but not awake enough to understand much of the process, that life continues. There was a business as usual feeling, except that the usual business had been changed completely, but not everyone fully knew this. Obviously, this is the (partial) amnesia the people will have, so they can transition to the new way of life much more easily.

I think these were the results of heaving people upwards, this dream showed me them living in their new spaces.

The afternoon I went to visit family, mostly older people. They collectively made some weird comments about how I should get a job. I calmly told them they have no idea what they are talking about, and that they should consider the nature of money and think about things instead of repeating dumb ideas all the time. They could do nothing more than either agree with me, or tell me they are open to something else if I show them the alternative. They didn’t dare to bring up this topic again except silently in a joking or inquisitive manner.

The days feel short, but mostly empty as I have no people around me to really talk about anything of relevance. There are either soulless bodies, or people who are busy enough with their own issues, to prepare for their future 4D and/or 5D life. My HS still didn’t help me meet someone to spend the days with, but maybe I was naive to expect anything else. I have the feeling tomorrow will be a pivotal day, one of the strongest peaks of the lion’s gate – or maybe this peak has commenced today already, like Carla describes in the latest post.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

To begin with your last question. From the information I have from Carla that I will publish today, the MPR has commenced yesterday on the 7th level. But I must admit that I do not have this foreboding in terms of peril, so I cannot confirm this personally. But it maybe because I have moved so high in my vibrations that this event has no impact on my thoughts and emotional field anymore.

But it is definitely true that our ascension can happen any moment from now on and that it does not make any sense to expect anything more from this reality as it will cease to exist.

Hence one can only rejoice without any preconceived expectations at what will come after our ascension. And it will surely be beyond our wildest imagination.


Dear Georgi,

I just read your last message and want from my Deepest Heart Felicitate and Thank You, Carla, and all the PAT members for all you did and are still doing for the ascending humanity, with so much sacrifice and unconditional Love.

As you know, I wasn’t aware of your existence nor of your activities before beginning of July of this year and I am so grateful that life permitted me to “accompany” you during this very end of time of this world.

I don`t read any other esoteric pages anymore, as they just piss me off, neither am I watching much about world news as I feel detached from them, I just don’t bother anymore because I am conscious that everything changes all the time as we are sailing from one level to another. I connect and resonate with all what is said in your web page and that is enough to me.

I was smiling when I read that you ascended with your physical body on March 18th, as it is my birthday date (year 1976).

Yesterday I felt all day as if I had smoke marijuana joints, everything was unreal, it was so funny, I am enjoying very much these last days.

So, I don’t know exactly in which level/dimension I will land, but I am looking forward to meet with you all at the other side of the veil when everything is achieved.

With all my Love,

Dear Betty,

thank you for your good wishes. We have indeed entered the last days of this cosmic drama and it is beginning to get very exciting. Inter-dimensional experiences abound as the one I have just published with Carla who has most probably seen the MPR on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth.

March 18th is also the birthday of my daughter and I only realized this fact after you mentioned it.

Let us see what the next week will bring.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just rolled out of bed, had a horrible night. Was anyone else hit with anything?  Woke up to pain in heart chakra, then huge wave of terror punched me in the stomach, which didn’t last for long, but then my body shuddered and shook for about 2 hours till I finally fell asleep. Am totally exhausted.


Dear Vicki,

there was another shift (August 11) this night, probably associated with the decision to commence with the MPR, but I still need a confirmation. I dreamt also very strenuously and woke up very tired. Today (August 11) there is another cc-wave but with only a moderate headache in my case. However this is another huge shift in frequency.


Dear Georgi,

I’ve been involved in some massive energy work, with excruciating symptoms, since 7PM today (August 10). It began at the same time as the onset of tonight’s summer storm, with thunder, lightning and rainbow phenomena. I also encountered the number sequence 999 tonight, which always signified the completion of heavy energy work in the past. This experience was more intense than anything I had in the past weeks, and I feel it’s significance at the core. Thank you and April for the update on the events, the further assortment of ascension candidates, with respect to the intensity of catalysts needed, makes perfect sense.

Yours truly,

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