Energy Update – August 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Carla,

there is a massive energy surge at this very moment that first knocked me down and I was away for an hour or so and it is still ongoing, but it is not the usual cc-wave but a real surge to higher dimensions. I am very dizzy and not really here. My skin is burning and the body dissolving in the vibrations.

It is impossible that you have not felt this same surge at around 12.00 am your Pacific time (August 8). If it goes on like this we must be off very soon.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I felt a very strong wave at approximately the same time, specifically at 12:10 pm as I was driving at 120 kph and it hit so hard I drifted into another lane.

It has stayed with me but has abated somewhat. I find this wave very harmonious and is having the effect of lifting my spirits up beyond the Earthly plain and into the ethers.

There are many light Beings, including the Elohim with me right now. I’m just going home to hold and integrate some soul fragments that have come in since last night.

With love and light

Dear Carla,

I had a cc-wave the whole night and there was another huge shift upwards. I have just received the latest message from April that confirms the harmonic convergence and also the imminent detonation of the PAT supernova before the MPR which we shall not experience. I will publish it today.

There is a fantastic report from Jerry which I will also publish but the miracles have definitely already commenced. Sleep well, hopefully better than I did.

With love and light

Dear George!

After I have read your new post “The Elohim: The Third and Final Convergence …” I have received the following information from the spiritual world:

1. For us, the ascension process will be fluent.

2. The ascending humans to the 5th dimension will experience no big chaos.

3. You are absolutely right: everyone makes the step through his ascension individually, as soon as he is ready for it.

4. It could be that we shall notice very gently the pole shift (MPR) and not in its extreme.

5. Many of us are already enshrined in the 5D.

6. Some people will recognize the transition, others only when they have arrived in the 5D. Ascension will come like the “thief in the night”.

In the last sentence I had to think about the separation of the worlds (3D/4D). The unconscious people will not even realize that there has been ascension.


Lieber Georg!

Ich habe, nachdem ich Deinen neuen Beitrag “The Elohim: The Third and Final Convergence…” gelesen habe, folgende Informationen erhalten aus der geistigen Welt:

1. Für uns wird der Aufstiegsprozess fliessend sein.

2. Grosses Chaos werden die Aufsteigenden zur 5D nicht mehr erleben.

3. Du hast völlig Recht: Jeder macht den Schritt zu seinem Aufstieg ganz
individuell, sobald er dafür bereit ist.

4. Es könnte sein, dass wir den Polsprung (MPR) sehr sanft bemerken und nicht extrem.

5. Viele von uns sind bereits in der 5D verankert.

6. Einige Menschen werden den Übergang erkennen, andere erst wenn sie in der 5D angekommen sind. Der Aufstieg kommt wie der “Dieb in der Nacht”.

Bei dem letzten Satz musste ich an die Trennung der Welten denken (3D/4D). Die unbewussten Menschen werden gar nicht erkennen, dass es den Aufstieg gab.

Liebe Grüße!

Dear Joon

your information is absolutely correct and I thank you that you have informed me. I have just received another message from April, which also confirmed this one more time and explained it further. I will publish the message in the next few hours.

The second half of the Lion’s portal may be the time when all this will happen. The PAT will definitely ascend /detonate the PAT supernova before the MPR, and we shall get none of it. But also all ascended masters of the first wave will be on the safe side, as they are already above the disaster level.

Keep it up and if you get new information, please let me know.

Lieber Joon,

deine Information ist absolut korrekt und ich danke dir, dass du mich darüber informiert hast. Ich habe soeben eine weitere Botschaft von April erhalten, die dies auch  noch mal bestätigt und weiter erläutert. Ich werde diese Botschaft in den nächsten Stunden publizieren.

Die zweite Hälfte des Löwens Portals wird möglicherweise dies auch bewerkstelligen. das PAT wird definitiv vor dem MPR aufsteigen /die PAT Supernova detonieren und nichts davon mit bekommen. Aber auch alle aufsteigenden Meister der ersten Welle werden drüber sein, sind bereits über der Katastrophenebene.

Mach weiter so und wenn du neue Information erhältst, lass mich bitte wissen

Liebe Grüße


I  have just gotten up and read the post that I sent last night. I wasn’t sure if it made sense because I wrote it just as soon as it was over. I am still ecstatic and on cloud 9. I feel a little less fatigued so far today and my ears are ringing loudly but I don’t feel it matters anymore. I don’t think my post conveyed how wonderful this experience was. I was a little unsure and had to steady myself as I crossed over but it was not unpleasant at all.

I want to assure everyone that if you let go of your concerns, it will not be happen quickly. My only concern as I was leaving was for the welfare of my pets. Anita laughed when I told her that so it must not be an issue. Before I crossed it was kind of like steadying yourself when you are getting on a boat from the dock. You are kind of shaky and wobbly at first. It seems to happen from the head down as the head starts a odd spin but only lasts for seconds. The coming back is harder but more gradual as the realities bleed into each other. It is not a sudden wham and back in your body like a near death experience. I guess this is the difference in traveling while still in your body.

I still wish that I could convey the experience but I cant but I don’t need to. We will all know soon. I am trying not to get caught up in any timetables now. The events that take place are not always apparent to us because we move ahead of them but we can feel them if we are attuned.


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for this additional background explanation. It has come just on time for me to publish it in the today’s report.

Enjoy now your recent memory and keep it alive till final ascension. It can’t be much longer now.


Dear George,

I think Jerry’s message today explains also why he and Anita were separated in their 3D lives before the Ascension date, since he is now in a unique position to provide us with such a miraculous insight of what we are approaching.

On a different note, I have just seen this video about a large HAARP ring out of Canada on 08.08.2013. There is no commentary to the images being shown but there is some information about what is happening just below the video. (The video is posted by Dutchsinse).

Looks like PTW are trying to replicate their deeds on the lower 4D timelines.

With Love and Light,
Henry Bizon

Dear Henry,

this video is a very important confirmation that the dark ones have started their last heinous action, most probably to induce a similar mega-earthquake on the upper 7th 4D earth. Only today April’s HS has confirmed in her latest message  that the cabal have started with this last ditch action to use the energies of the Lion’s portal :

“The Dark Ones have already made their final moves as they too did their best to take advantage of this grand opening – but alas, you rose above the worst of the experience of this.”

With love and light


Such good news, loved the latest report. I am ecstatic for Jerry! What a wonderful experience.

Bring on the miracles!

Yesterday the energies were the strongest I have felt so far; even my husband was knocked out by them and that is unusual. I have been feeling the build up for the last week and I knew something was on the horizon.

L & L,

Dear Sheryl,

This is great news indeed and I share your enthusiasm.

I can confirm a huge wave yesterday evening and this night leading to another shift /leap to a higher dimension. This wave has been felt by most PAT members. We have now entered the last most auspicious phase when ascension can happen any moment. Read also the latest April’s message

With love and light

Hello Georgi

So! Turns out I’m writing to you anyway after all, though I said I wouldn’t anytime soon! However, just wanted to report two things.

1. Last night, Pacific Daylight time (SF), shortly after midnight –  that’s today, 8th of August, Thursday –  I was startled by an extremely strange smell, of a character which I’ve never experienced before, indescribable, inexpressible. There is nothing in my experience to which I can compare it just for description. It was strong, and persistent. By daylight this morning, the character of the smell had changed somewhat, taking on a sweetish kind of odor. (Sweet of flavor and smell is a signal of inter- and higher-dimensions and the spiritual realms therein, and characteristic of intense pineal activity. The odor /aroma is in the head, not in the environment.)  As I write, it is getting on toward 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and the sweetish smell is still there.

2.  Last night also, in the 2 o’clock hour of the morning (August 8th), I noticed that it had rained, for the streets were wet. By daylight this morning, in the 7 o’clock hour, the streets were still showing wet. That is raining all night, and extremely unusual, as both the long-range and immediate days’ weather reports showed only 10% precipitation (a few days of 20%, but no higher than that) and cloudy days. Summer in San Francisco is normally without any rain at all. Now it is bright and sunny with clear skies in my part of town, seeming to indicate that a crisis point had passed.  I have had the strongest sense for the past 2 and 3 weeks that the persistent overcast was heralding major and significant perhaps extreme weather phenomena, and knew somehow that if it was part of the MPR to happen, perhaps I would be not experiencing it, or only witnessing a dim echo. And so it seems to be. So far.

The upshot is that smell is very frequently one of a repertoire of tip-offs for me, that something from the subtle dimensions is occurring and affecting the physical timelines. And with last night’s unusual rain, I knew quite surely that either the MPR or its ancillary effects were happening, and that perhaps it was even the MPR itself. Now I see your today post about the Latest and Last Harmonic Convergence Today August 8th.  I haven’t read it yet, but can’t wait to get to it . . .

Good energy
dianna cm

Dear Dianna,

thank you for this latest energy update .I smelt a lot of stench about two weeks ago for several days in a row without any external source but mentally when the lower six 4D earths suffered from their huge catastrophes caused by the dark cabal, especially in the night when I even woke up several times due to the intensity of the stench and could not figure out where it came from.

Now yesterday evening and this night there was another very powerful ascension test run with a massive cc-wave and energy descent from the source which may point out to the beginning of the MPR and another incremental shift /leap to higher dimensions. This energy surge was confirmed by Carla at the Pacific coast in Vancouver. Hence your experience is another validation of this shift.

Read also the latest message form April which I have just published. There is a lot of information there.

With love and light

Good morning Georgi,

I just got to work and read your postings, they are fantastic. Although I read the site every single day, sometimes I have to think about  things, then they make sense later. I have had a headache for the past three days, and last night both my daughter who is an Indigo and myself slept very badly. We both normally have no problems sleeping. We both commented that we couldn’t fall asleep, seemed like interference of a sort, and that when sleeping it was restless and light. We both have headaches again today.

I feel like this is the energy changing, and I want to thank you for posting what you do so that we can make sense of everything that is happening to us.  And strangely, I have noticed that complete strangers are looking at me and saying hello for absolutely no reason, it seems as if people are drawn to me and my energy which is a weird feeling as I do not like being the center of anyone’s attention. Once again, I want to thank you for everything, you have opened my eyes and I will forever be grateful.

Much love and a hug,

Dear George,

on the 7th of August I had a powerful vision during meditation. My inner organs were removed and I was completely empty, feeling so light and joyful. Then a “brain” just consisting of white strands (not very dense and almost not consisting of matter) was inserted into my head. I could see light impulses forwarding information. Now comes the more interesting part: A wisdom keeper I have visited before during meditation state told me that the time is ripe. I asked ripe for what? Didn’t get an immediate answer, but then another vision enfolded:

I saw a globe, almost like our planet, but it looked different. There was some sort of net surrounding the globe, but there were holes in this grid. Then I approached the globe, spread my arms and just merged into this grid, completely dissolving. I saw that others were doing the same and then the grid closed and the whole globe was surrounded [for me this shows that we will merge with the crystalline grid of Gaia which we already “feed” and sustain and that the time is ripe to complete this process (through the PAT supernova?)].

This was a very clear and powerful vision and I felt that on that day the MPR might have taken place on the 7th 4D earth. I agree with you that we might not even experience this since we are on the higher planes of 4D or 5D.

Yesterday (8th of August) I felt a strong wave which almost knocked me out during daytime. Disorientation and a short period of severe LBP-symptoms indicated this as well. I was sure that something big was going on. I meditated again and got a vision I had before where I was helping people on different ladder steps to get on the next step. This golden ladder reached up to some whitish cloudy looking realms. During my vision yesterday the whole ladder was pulled upwards, people clinging to there steps so that they would not fall off. The bottom of the latter reached the whitish cloudy realm. When I moved to the top of the ladder there was another whitish cloudy realm. [This represents the shift to the higher dimensions / ascension to me and  I sensed that the incoming wave enables us to do the final shift]. I felt really peaceful afterwards. Returning home I checked your site and read the message of the Elohim – confirming this vision.

Thanks to you and Carla and all members of the PAT! Joyful times are lying ahead of us!
My deepest feeling of gratitude!

love and light
Sandra, Munich

Dear Sandra,

your powerful vision indicate indeed the PAT supernova and our ascension and merging with the Gaia grid.

I also confirm a huge cc-wave due to another powerful ascension test run yesterday evening and during this night which points out to another shift /leap to higher dimension. This must have been the beginning of the MPR in the higher realms or even on the 7th level of the 4D earth. It is difficult to know now. We will most probably not experience any of this as you can read in the latest message from April which I have just published.

The events will now stipulate.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

After spending the last 4 or 5 days reflecting on how ‘I had lost my mind,’ it became clear that I was in the same dream that you had last night, but with a group of the PAT who had thought that they had ‘lost their minds’, too, but farther back from the main group, who were with you.  It was hilarious because some members of the HR took me aside and said that we could stay in one group of buildings and that the rent would be 71 Units of Convergence and the families could say in the building for 381 Units of Convergence!  It was then that I awoke in 3D, just as goofy as ever.  After reading about the Harmonic Convergence I became aware of what was happening.

Just to explain how unraveled I had become, I had started loosing all memories, even of foreign languages that I had studied, Chinese, French, Greek, Latin, German, Russian (though I still retain memories of the Cyrillic alphabet, some basic Chinese characters and phrases).  It was quite numbing!  I had become convinced that I was one of dumbest people on Earth, but the Angels have guided me back and convinced me to read the latest Elohim message.  Everything that Carla had said about gastric disturbances, nausea, etc. was perfect for the last three days.  I am feeling better now, and hope that you are as well.

Love and Light,
Henry (USA)

Dear Henry,

there was a famous saying which I read somewhere when I started with the LBP in 1999: “Dear God, why must I lose the 4% of my brain capacity before I acquire the 100% of my crystalline brain capacity?”

This is what we now experience. But it is worth doing it.

With love and light

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