The Elohim: Not Every Astral Journey is Ascension Through Transfiguration of the Entire Physical Body at the Subatomic, Quantum Level

by Carla Thompson, Jerry R James and Georgi Stankov, August 16, 2013

One Last Elaboration on the Physical Background of Ascension
by Georgi Stankov

Real ascension is a complete transfiguration of the present physical, biological body into crystalline light body and vice verse according to the first thermodynamic law of conservation of energy. This transfiguration takes place at the subatomic, quantum level and leads to a profound change of all the energetic particles and subatomic structures that build the 3D-physical body.

The correct term that is used in physics is “phase transition” from one aggregate state into another and vice verse. This can be illustrated by water as a fluid, which can evaporate when heated. Please observe that the transfiguration of Carla’s body was also associated with heat waves (however heat waves themselves are no proof for transfiguration). If you go back to my numerous articles on the LBP, which I have written in the last several years and also read my gnostic books since 2000, you will find this technical term as the only correct description of human ascension. All other interpretations are bluntly wrong and are based on a complete lack of any physical understanding what is happening during the ascension process with our bodies energetically at the quantum level.

Below, the Elohim have confirmed one more time the physical background of human ascension through transfiguration as first performed by Carla upon a question raised by Jerry. We must now strictly avoid the old human competitive thinking who is the first to ascend. Please, bear in mind that this is a collective affair and that the first ones to ascend can only do this if others have taken the responsibility to stay on the ground and keep the portals open. The whole ascension process is the most complex and fine-tuned energetic process in the whole universe and it has never happened before in this way.

Carla was, for instance, chosen to go through the transfiguration process as the first human being for the simple reason that the level of her LBP is representative for the entire PAT. There are some members of the PAT who are more advanced in their LBP than herself, including myself, and there are some who are a little bit less advanced, but are now catching up very quickly in the last few days. This first ascension test run through transfiguration of the whole human body had the purpose to check how the average human body will respond to this unique process of quantum transfiguration as the Elohim have explicitly stated in their message to Carla.

Carla was in this sense the perfect candidate, also due to the fact that we have met as dual souls physically and had already merged our personal fields, which is a unique phenomenon among incarnated dual souls in one timeline. I am the nexus to the source for the unity field of the PAT since many years. In addition due to my concentrated work on this website I am fully anchored in this reality, although I have detached from it many years ago. Hence I am able to bridge these dimensions better than anybody else and thus to help Carla return to this earth after her transfiguration.

One must also consider the fact that her soul was allowed to leave her body several months ago and Carla did indeed left this earth on June 3, while she was in my home and then I returned her to this reality from the astral plane as her mission was not yet accomplished and her departure would have been detrimental (suboptimal) to the mission of the PAT and to our mission as dual souls in the propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law on 4D and 5D.

As you see, there is a plethora of factors that play a decisive role in the decisions of the HR who shall ascend when. I, myself, being the captain of the group will leave the ship as the last one when the PAT Supernova will be detonated as to keep all portals open on the ground to the very last minute and help as much first ascension candidates to go through the portals as possible, as this has been discussed on many occasions since our preparation for the opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

Therefore please stop thinking about who will ascend when and just have faith in the perfect order of All-That-Is. In this way you only lower your frequencies and can jeopardize your own ascension process. Just relax and enjoy the miracles that have already commenced in this reality.



Just read your report on Carla’s experience. I would like for you to clarify that hers was the first successful visit and return. I understand that hers might have been for a longer time period, but what was the difference in your opinion than mine last week. It may not fit the model that you had envisioned, but I can assure you that mine was just as real. Was I sent first as a canary to test the waters. Maybe your later reports will explain this better.


Dear Jerry,

This is the information Carla has received from the Elohim and other sources – that hers was the first real ascension in a physical body as I described it. She was also on August 11th to the 7th level when the MPR took place there, but this was still out-of-body experience which may be also very similar to this one.

I am only reporting what she has been told. I cannot comment on the quality of your experience – this you have to find out yourself with Anita and your HS.


Thanks,  Everything is moving so quickly. I am just trying to understand how it all fits. I guess it doesn’t matter. I will let you know if anything else unusual occurs as if everyday is not unusual.



I have just read what George posted concerning the Elohim has announced that you are the first to visit 5th dimension and return. I respect what they are telling you, but I would like clarification on what I experienced. It was more than out-of-body experience. I guess it does not matter in the scheme of things, but I know my experience was real and I am very much feeling the effects of it. Could you ask them what the difference in our experiences were and why yours is now called the first? I am feeling like a hangover again and my gastro-intestinal tract is beginning to act again. I don’t remember any conscious travel last night but it was very busy.


Dear Jerry,

I have received a loving message from the Elohim regarding this discussion. I have also copied Georgi, in case he wishes to share this discussion with others.

I really hope you are feeling better today, although the energies have been off the scale.

With much love and light,

The Elohim’s Message

” Greetings, we are the Elohim.

With regard to the question concerning your fellow PAT member, there is a difference in what each vessel has achieved, in each of these very beautifully divine moments.

Your experience, as set up by your Soul, coupled with your clear desires, was what is called “Transfiguration”.  This is the description of a process defined exclusively by the Changing of the physical vessel, from one nature, into another nature – another of completely differing qualities, in terms of molecular structure, energy source and function.

What has happened to your friend is a completely unrelated, and an incomparable event, where this One has travelled to a different dimension, within a dimension.  This is a highly complex event and it took place in an “inner plane”, so to speak. A temple of grace, upon an inner plane. Indeed, this instance also makes note of the divine nature of the gift of this individual to his own inner process, by showing all is possible. The ability for him to achieve this kind of connection, to such a place of beauty, was borne of sheer love for his twin flame and his deeply heartfelt desires to re-connect, although he has never “lost” this connection.

There is only one thing we wish to impart with regard to this discussion. Each element to his own element. There is no specialness, no qualification, no rendering of higher or lower order than the other. Every one’s experience is unique, perfect and has no need of comparison to another. In fact, comparison in itself is the diminishment that pulls one back into density by it’s own action.

Within all dimensional expressions in and above the Fifth Dimension, there is no action. Action and reaction are density constructs and simply do not apply. Each experience is beautiful, joyous and loving as it is, by itself. Honour and accept each reflection, as it is shared.

You are loved dearly, each and all.

We are the Elohim.”

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